Dr Oz: Is Your Ankle Broken? Sprained? Strained? Fractured?


Doctor Oz did an episode on how to figure out if your ankle is broken, sprained, strained or fractured.  Women are more prone to injuries than men, and the part of the body that most commonly gets sprained, strained or broken is the ankle!  You have tendons that let your leg move back and forward at the ankle joint.  In the back of your ankle is the Achilles Tendon.  You also have ligaments in your ankle.  To figure out if your broke, sprain or strain your ankle – Dr Oz said it is all about what did you hear? see? and feel?  ankle injuries

Signs of Ankle Strain

With an ankle strain, there will be no sound, it will look normal or like a knot, and you will feel some cramping when you walk.

Signs of Ankle Sprain

With an ankle sprain, there will be a popping sound, it will look red and swollen and you will walk with a limp.

Signs of Ankle Fracture

With an ankle fracture, you will hear a grinding sound, it will look lumpy and you will be able to take 4 steps at most.

RICE Acronym for Ankle Injury

R – Rest



  1. Josh says

    Great tips and ideas on how to properly treat a sprained ankle. Rehabilitation is certainly the best and most effective way. It always yields the best results.

  2. renee says

    I think i broke my ankle because i lost my balance and fell and when i did i heard something pop and snap i had intensively sharp thobbing pain i cant even no kind of pressure its black and purple mx toes are swollen too.

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