Dr Oz: Is Your Purse Too Heavy? Healthiest Purse For Shoulders

Dr Oz did a segment on one of the biggest reasons for common pain in medicine – your purse!  How is your purse hazardous to your health?  Doctor Oz picked an assistant of the day named Caren from Seat 9, and she had a big purse with scarves and hats tied to it.  She said that she always has a camera, wallet, bottle of water and a massive purse.  Today her purse was lighter than usual, but it was still 8 pounds.    Dr Oz Heavy Purses

Dr Oz: Shoulder Injuries From Heavy Purses

Dr Oz asked the question: why is the purse so important for the health of your shoulder?  If your purse is too heavy or badly positioned, then you could be at a high risk for shoulder injuries.  Your shoulder is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.  You have the upper arm bone, the clavicle or collarbone and the scapula or shoulder blade all meeting at the same point.  However, there is no socket that holds them in place – they just kind of float in air, which is why your shoulder is both the most mobile and unstable joint.

Dr Oz: Shoulder Joint vs Hip Joint

Dr Oz said that if you look at the hip joint, you will see a round part of the bone that goes into a socket, so the hip cannot slip out and you tend to have less problems with your hips.  Everyday activities can stress out your shoulder joint though and cause Tendinitis, which can require injection and even surgery.  And Tendinitis can be caused by purses!

Dr Oz: Healthiest Purse For Your Shoulder

Dr Oz said that the best purse is a satchel style that goes across your body, because this balances you and removes tension from your shoulder.  You can even cris cross two purses across both shoulders if you must carry 2 purses.  You do not want one purse over your shoulder and another on the forearm.  If you must wear two over the shoulder purses, then put one on each of your two shoulders.

Dr Oz: How Much is Too Much For a Purse to Weigh?

Dr Oz said that you do not want your purse to weigh over 10% of your weight.  So, if you weigh 140 pounds, your purse should not be over 14 pounds.

Dr Oz: Best Way To Side Sleep

Dr Oz said that if you want to sleep on your side, do not place your hand under your head because you are putting an extra 10 pounds of weight on your shoulder plus you can block off your blood supply and kink your neck.  Instead, hug someone you love or a pillow.

Dr Oz: Shoulder Exercise

Dr Oz said that a small trick to help with a shoulder ache is to lean forward and place your thumb pointing out.  Rotate your arm slowly in circles, which is an active stretch and much better than the typical shoulder stretch where you reach your arm across the entire front of your body and pull.

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