Dr Oz: Jade Roller, Schizandra Berry, Jujube Seeds & Magnolia Bark

By on May 18, 2011

Dr Oz: Ancient Chinese Medicine

Dr Oz did a segment with Maoshing Ni, a Chinese Medicine doctor who specializes in Alternative Medicine.  He said that Ancient Chinese Medication is more accessible now than it used to be and people are becoming more and more interested in it as the price of medications and drugs increases.  The four Ancient Chinese Remedies that Doctor Oz discussed include  Schizandra Berry, a Jade Roller, Jujube Seeds and Magnolia Bark.  Here is how you use each of these:

Dr Oz: Schizandra Berry Boosts Energy

Dr Oz’s first Ancient Chinese Medication was the Schizandra Berry, which is an herb that has been used in Chinese Medicine for many years.  Maoshing Ni said that Schizandra Berry is an energizer for exhaustion that boosts your energy and is full of antioxidants.  You can eat the Schizandra Berry whole, as long as you spit out the seeds.  Ni said that every time final exams come around, they get completely sold out of Schizandra Berries because they are also great for mental sharpness.  Doctor Oz said you can find Schizandra Berries for around $10.

Dr Oz: Magnolia Bark Eliminates Gas & Bloating

Doctor Oz’s second Ancient Chinese Medication was Magnolia Bark, which is used for bloating and flatulence or gas.  You can make a Magnolia Bark Tea or Dr Oz Schizandra Berrytake it as a Magnolia Bark Extract.  Dr Oz’s helper said that it tastes pretty good!  Maoshing Ni said that the bacteria in our intestines make methane gas which causes flatulence, and that this contributes to global warming, so by getting rid of your gas and bloating, you are actually doing something good for the cause of Global Warming too!  Ni said that you should take Magnolia Bark after you eat to help reduce your gas.  Dr Oz said that Magnolia Bark costs around $15.

Dr Oz: Jade Roller

Dr Oz’s third Ancient Chinese Medication was a Jade Roller, which is a device made out of Jade Stone that you roll around under your eyes and all over your face.  There are bigger jade pieces and smaller jade pieces to be used on different parts of your face.  Maoshing Ni said that this was a secret weapon of the Chinese Empress.  A Jade Roller is very cooling so it closes your pores, increases elasticity in your skin and decreases puffiness.  Ni said that you can find a Jade Roller for $15 – $30 online.

Dr Oz: Jujube Seeds Sleep Aid

Doctor Oz’s final Ancient Chinese Medication is Jujube Seeds which come from Jujube Dates, a Chinese date that is red in color.  Jujube Seeds are used as a sleep aid and are generally taken in a tea form.  You can buy Jujube Seed Powder to make a tea or take Jujube Capsules.  Maoshing Ni said that Jujube Seeds cost around $15 in health food stores or online.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Jade Roller, Schizandra Berry, Jujube Seeds & Magnolia Bark

  1. This is all good information, but where can one get these products. I live in the NW desert.

  2. Lilia, here are some links to the places that I found the items:

    Jade Face Massager Roller

    Jujube Seed

    Here are a couple of Magnolia Bark Products:

    Magnolia Bark Capsules

    Magnolia Bark Extract

    Here are several Schizandra Berry Products:

    Schisandra Berry Extract

    Whole Schisandra Berries

    Schizandra Berry Powder

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