Dr. Oz: Jamaican Fever Home Remedy – White Rum & Lemon

A guest on Dr. Oz said that in Jamaica, when someone gets a cold, flu or high fever, they make a recipe of white rum, lemon and water.  Then they dip a cloth into the mixture and rub it all over the body (legs, arms, chest, back, forehead) and then cover the nose with the cloth and breathe in.  She swears this gets rid of a fever, flu and cold.  But what did Dr. Oz think?

Dr. Oz said that he loves body rubs to reduce fevers, but he does not like to use alcohol (such as white rum) in body rubs because they make your skin cool too fast, which actually increases your internal temperature.  Instead, Dr. Oz suggests using 90-94 degree water as a body rub!


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