Dr Oz & Jamie Oliver’s Recipes & Healthy Cooking Tips

Dr Oz did an excellent show where he brought on Jamie Oliver, author of Jamie’s America, to talk about great solutions to common diet mistakes.  For example, he gave Doctor Oz diet recipes called Jamie Oliver’s Yogurt Salad Dressing, Jamie Oliver’s Fish Tacos and Jamie Oliver’s Stir-Fry.

Dr Oz: 4 Things Jamie Wants In Your Kitchen

Dr Oz asked Jamie Oliver what Dr Oz & Jamie Oliver's Recipesare Americans doing right and wrong?  Jamie said that America is a big country with lots of resorts and we are good at making things easy, but we need to put a few ingredients together to cook healthier meals for our families.  Here are the four things Jamie Oliver said that we should change in our kitchens.

Dr Oz & Jamie Oliver: Make Your Own Dressing

Jamie Oliver said that you can make your own dressing just out of lemon, olive oil and salt even.  When food is in your gut, if it is in the presence of oil and vinegar, then you can absorb more of the vitamins.

Jamie Oliver: How To Dry Salad

Jamie Oliver said that you can of course use a salad spinner to get your salad and lettuce dry, but if you do not have a salad spinner, you can do it the old fashioned way by wrapping the salad in a tea towel and spinning it around in your arm like a windmill.  If you do not dry off your salad before putting dressing on it, then the salad dressing can slide right off and you will end up putting on too much.

Jamie Oliver’s 3-to-1 Salad Dressing Rule

Jamie Oliver told Dr Oz that all that you need to make a salad dressing is salt, pepper, seasoning and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.  The 3-to-1 rule comes into play because you should use 3 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil to 1 part Balsamic Vinegar.

Jamie Oliver’s Ranch Dressing Recipe for Diets

Jamie Oliver gave a Healthy Ranch Dressing Recipe that uses plain yogurt, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper.  Jamie’s Yogurt Dressing has 45 calories and 4 grams of fat per serving instead of a regular ranch dressing which has 150 calories and 16 grams of fat per serving.  Click here for the full recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Yogurt Salad Dressing.

Dr Oz & Jamie Oliver: Use Seasonal Vegetables

Jamie Oliver said that using seasonal vegetables is economical and gives you the most tasty ingredients.  Use a Y-Peeler or a Prep Machine to turn boring vegetables into ribbons of beautiful fragrant vegetables full of vitamins.  Another alternative to Seasonal Vegetables is to use Frozen Vegetables, because they lock in the nutrients right after the vegetables are pulled up from the ground.  Sometimes vegetables can sit for weeks before you buy them, and so all of the nutrients are declining during this time.  Hence why flash frozen vegetables are a great option.

Dr Oz & Jamie Oliver: Stir-Fry Instead of Deep Fry

Jamie Oliver told Dr Oz that a Stir-Fry is contemporary and fast – and much healthier than deep fried foods.

Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe:

Jamie Oliver showed how to make a chicken stir fry recipe out of garlic, chili, chicken, sea salt, black pepper, scallions, cilantro, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms and noodles.  This recipe is very quick and fragrant.  What Jamie noticed is that if you give a kid a load of veggies in a stew, they are not interested in it.  But if you add vegetable into a noodle dish, they will eat it!  Click here for the full recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Stir-Fry.

Dr Oz & Jamie Oliver: Have a Healthy Go-To Recipe

Jamie Oliver said that it is important to have a Go-To Recipe that is tasty and good for you.  Fish is something that we all need more of because of the healthy essential oils that help our brain function so well.  Jamie learned a Mackerel Fish Taco Recipe from a gangster in East LA that sounds delicious.  Click here for the full recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Fish Tacos.

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