Dr Oz: Jimmy Fallon Mole Surgery Prevents Melanoma & Cancer

Dr Oz was on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Show a while back, and after one look at the mole on Fallon’s hand, Doctor Oz said that he had to have it removed.  Apparently the mole was the type that can often become a Melanoma and evolve into Cancer.  So, Dr Oz invited Jimmy Fallon to come on the Dr Oz Show to have his mole surgically removed on air.  This is the first time Dr Oz has done surgery on a celebrity on his television show before!

Dr Oz: Dr Arthur Perry Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz brought onto his show Dr Arthur Perry, a plastic surgeon, to help with Jimmy Fallon’s Mole Removal.  First, Dr Oz placed a defibrillator on Fallon’s back in Dr Oz Jimmy Falloncase his heart stops – better safe than sorry but I would really hope a person’s heart would not stop from a mole removal.  Next, Dr Oz put a pulse machine on Jimmy Fallon’s finger to monitor his pulse throughout the procedure.  No sedation or IV’s were used, but they did use Anesthesia to help numb the hand before making an incision.  Dr Oz made the incision and removed the mole, which they sent to pathology to examine.

Dr Oz: Jimmy Fallon Mole Removal

Jimmy Fallon was hilarious.  One of my favorite lines during the show is when he said “I would punch you if I had feeling in my hand!” which he said while they were giving him the Anesthesia.  After the mole was removed, they used a special glue so that Jimmy would not have to have any stitches removed later on.  Then they asked him if he wanted pink, blue, purple or yellow wound dressing – of which he picked pink.  And Dr Oz even gave him a t-shirt at the very end that said “I had surgery on the Dr Oz Show and all I got was this t-shirt.”


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    While early detection is important…it doesn’t always prevent it from going on to stage 4…I have stage 4 metastatic melanoma and currently NED…there are a lot of us who interact at melanoma.org- I had mine removed when it was just lentigo mealignia and precancerous…it came back and was removed again…9 years later it was found in my right para trachlymph node…6.8 cent…

    Immunotherapy at Moffitt has benefited me!- Good Luck in the future Jimmy!

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