Dr Oz: Joel Osteen- Power Of Prayer & Medical Miracles


Dr Oz: Joel Osteen—Does Prayer Have The Power To Heal?

Do you believe in miracles? On today’s show, Dr Oz introduced Joel Osteen, the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, and his wife, Victoria, whom he has been married to for 24 years.

Joel Osteen is the pastor of his non-denominational church that has a weekly television audience of over 10 million passionate followers. Dr Oz Joel Osteen Joel grew up as a preacher’s kid. His dad started Lakewood church with only 90 people. For seventeen years, Joel worked behind the scenes. His father encouraged him to preach, but Joel wasn’t interested at that time. In fact, Joel didn’t preach until his father fell ill and passed away. Through the darkness of the death of his father, this turned out to be Joel’s brightest hour. Joel’s goal was to make the bible accessible to everyone and have praying to God like talking to one of your friends.



  1. Donna Jenkins says

    Regretted missing Pastor Joel on TV but was glad that I could find it on Dr. Oz’s web site. Everyone should take the time to read the post on the web site.

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