Dr Oz: John Edward Psychic Medium: Can You Talk To The Dead?


Dr Oz and John Edward did a show called Psychic Mediums: Are They The New Therapists?  Doctor Oz said that he received more requests for people who wanted to be on this show than any of his shows on weight loss, cancer or heart disease.  Do you believe you can talk to the dead?  And if you can, does it help you get over the death of a person?  Dr Oz said that 74% of Americans believe in life after death.

Dr Oz: John Edward Psychic Medium

John Edward has been a Psychic Medium for 25 years.  Could talking to the dead be the best medicine for grief?  Edward Dr Oz John Edward Psychic Mediumsaid that grief is an energetic form of cancer, and it will grow into other aspects of a person’s life.  A session with a Psychic Medium can be very therapeutic.  When they come in for the session, they are closed and powered down, but during the course of the reading, the lights come back o n in their eyes and they are amazed how healing it can be.  They often leave inspired and feel more hopeful about the life they will live.  John Edward said he lost his mother at the age of 19, and he asked her for three signs.  He got all three signs over a span of nine and half years.  In order to really heal though, you have to start the process while the person is still here.

Dr Oz: Psychic Mediums

Dr Oz asked two important questions: can you speak to dead people?  And does it help you get over your grief if you can?  It seems the answer to both of these questions is yes.  Doctor Oz asked Edward when he gets these images and voices in his head, what does it feel like?  John Edward said it is like having a daydream and interpreting them in my own frame of reference.  Dr Oz then asked, how do you get those of us who think it is not real to think it is legitimate?  John Edward said that by raising awareness is the best way.  So by him being on the Dr Oz Show and saying there is a possibility of people connecting to dead people, it helps to open people’s minds.  Who should not use a Psychic Medium?  Edward said that anyone who is in the early stages of grief, especially a parent who lost a child, should not do it.  Going to a Psychic Medium also costs money, so how do people know if it is better to do it than to see a therapist?  John Edward said he always tells people to go see a therapist first.


  1. K Wilkins says

    Oh course we can talk to the dead! The problem is believing that they can communicate with us and in interpreting the signs and information that they send us.

  2. says

    Oh for Pete’s farking sake. It’s sad anyone believes in this total nonsense. Even sadder when someone who has allegedly completed a high degree of scientific education–he should have better critical thinking skills.

    Edward uses a well-worn technique known as cold reading.

  3. Andrew says

    No these people are crackpots, they can get a letter of a first name but they can’t get a full name and birth date, and anything else, under controlled conditions.

  4. FILOMENA says

    Unless you have been there, where you don’t want to go on anymore, your heart hurts so bad, it is the saddest time in anyone’s life, the loss of a loved one. And from experience with a medium, your damn right I believe and will always believe I recommend anyone to read Dr. J. Lerma’s book Into the Light, it should get anyone who reads it, really thinking, all I can say to these skeptics,,,,thats fine you don’t believe, but one day and believe me one day it will be your turn, and you will believe.

  5. Bill says

    I believe in spiritual forces and that some people have psychic abilities, but John Edwards is a joke to me. He used to have his own show on Fox. Then one of the investigative shows, perhaps 20/20 did an analysis of his claims and found that his accuracy was only something like 1 out of 14. Shortly thereafter, his show was canceled. He plays on people’s vulnerability and of course his audience will include those who have lost a loved one and have unresolved issues. When he points to a group of people and ask, “Someone over here has recently lost someone to cancer (or suicide)…” well, duh!

  6. Jennifer says

    John Edwards is very credible.His books inspiring and uplifting.He does have a very high accuracy rate! We are so all consumed with our mundane frantic, busy lives we don’t take time to look at signs,the symbols and dreams. There is nothing evil or deceptive about it.
    Its loving communication from the otherside..we just have to listen. Sometimes we communicate with the deceased without realizing it.

  7. Michelle says

    JE said what we can do at home to increase out intuition is 1) journal to passed over one; 2) meditate/pray, 3) be quiet

  8. Bari says

    Once, I thought that talking to the dead wasn’t real. Then they started reaching me. It is very difficult to know what to do with the information when people have lost a loved one. I thank John Edward for educating me and as many as possible. He has helped those who are longing to know that those who have crossed over are okay and he has helped us to be carefully communicating for those on the other side. It is okay if someone doesn’t believe because they are assisted from the spirit side, anyway.

  9. Dr. Ken S. says

    John Edwards gift of mediumship is absolutely real. The chances of him guessing and consistently getting accurate info is 1 in Trillions. Mediumship is a real phenomenon and one of the greatest gifts to humankind. Anyone who does not accept the reality of this has not done any homework whatsoever. Just google ‘survival after death’ and do a little reading and then you will know for sure. You can’t find truth if you don’t look for it! Survival after ‘death’ is the greatest discovery in the history of the human race! READ! INVESTIGATE! Go by evidence, not by beliefs!

  10. Ron says

    Yeah I spoke to a dead person and she spoke back to me and said ” I can’t hear you, I’m dead”.

  11. Ron says

    The dead know nothing until their judgment; the born again in Christ that are dead are with Christ in spirit form until their judgment. We/humans do not have the power of resurrection only Christ has this power. These humans/mediums are deceived by Satan and are communicating with demons, Satan wants only to destroy humans, he will use any way possible. We are to trust God and HIS HOLY SPIRIT for guidance. Talking to dead spirits is an abomination to the Lord. Humans open themselves to demonic spirits when they play with Satan. Satan can be very beautiful and definitely luring, why would he not? And something else to make you mad…Mary the mother of Jesus Christ is dead, she is with Christ in spirit form, she does not speak to the living nor does she hear them. God wants adults to put away childish behavior and to seek him and believe on his Son Jesus for salvation. Oh and my cat is a Christian kitty…she told me that…ha ha ha ha heeee ah…

  12. says

    My sister and I went to see John Edwards in Toronto about 7 years ago, after the sudden and tragic death of her husband. There were hundreds of people at Roy Thompson Hall and he honed in on us. He was bang on in his comments and we both came away slightly freaked out but believing that her husband had been in touch, as well as other people who were related to others in the audience. Either he’s really, really good at what he does if he’s faking, or he’s just really really good at what he does. I’d pay to see him again, and would love to have a one on one with him, not sure if he does those anymore.

  13. Marcy says

    I believe that their are spriits of the dead among us. We bought a home and had to sell it again because to many strange things started happening. and I couldnt deal with it. when we moved one of the neighbors let us know that the owner of the home had killed him self in the home. I never felt comfortable in the home from the start always felt like I was being watched. And I do believe John Edwards has psychic abilities. Some people may have this abilities more then others.

  14. peggy sue says

    Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God. Leviticus 19:31
    And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people. Leviticus 20:6

  15. James Baker-taylor says

    I am appalled that Dr.Oz had this show. He allowed this farce to gain credit. As a doctor he should not condone this behaviour. People look up to doctors, and being on television makes this a greater responsibility. John Edwards has been debunked multiple times. Even if there is a real psychic phenomenon such as communicating with the dead; Edwards has been shown to be a joke via investigative journalists. Dr. Oz has failed has a scientist and as a physician by giving credence to this practise and to John Edwards.

  16. Janice Alexiou says

    I understand the skeptics & believe me I was the biggest until I actually had experiences communicating wih some dearly depated. After trying to undestand my first experience I starting researching, discovered John Edward, began reading his mateial & was astounded how closely my experience patterned his descriptions. He says “of course one would be skeptical.” Don’t knock it until you’ve experienced it.

  17. Believer says

    As in the law of consevation of energy … “energy can neither be created or destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another. The only thing that can happen to energy in a closed system is that it can change form: for instance chemical energy can become kinetic.” This leads me to believe in life after death. In the full scheme of things … this leads me to believe that John Edwards truly has this ability/gift.

  18. Believer says

    Congrats to Dr. Oz for exploring all avenues in his broadcast endevors, with an open mind and the logic that just because he and others may not have the same interests or views, he is still open to the exploration.

  19. says

    I am a total believer in John Edwards ability to help ones who have passed over to communicate to their loved ones. The problem is these days is many people
    scoff at his ability and they have no proof that he is not what he is. I miss his
    show and he has helped me through many days when I have been made fun of to keep
    my belief’s to myself. Thank you John and Dr. Oz for these shows. I was unfortunately
    unable to see this show as I was gone but I hope it will be repeated soon.

  20. Euprax says

    There is PLENTY of proof that Edward is “not what he is”. His technique is called cold reading, Look up “Cold reading” in Wikipedia (I write this knowing in advance that the believers here never will look it up, because it might disturb their warm, comforting delusions – gosh, what a psychic I am!). John Edward is an exploitative con man, a life form beneath my contempt.

  21. says

    I am a psychic medium, but I also hold a PhD in Natural Resources Management. What keeps me doing psychic work is consistently receiving information that I could not have known in advance. That’s as important to me as to my clients. In a recent reading, a cousin who died just the day before came through and asked my client to call her (the deceased’s) mother and deliver a specific loving message. She ended with, “And tell her I finally quit smoking!” It turned out she’d died of lung cancer after years of smoking, and her mother had begged her, to the very end, to stop. I do this work for the verifications, the comfort it brings, the utter love–and the loving humor!

  22. Margo O'Neill says

    John Edward is amazing. We all have the ability to connect with the dead if we let them come through. We all get a feeling that someone is with us if we pay attention to the feeling we get. Looking forward to getting John;s new book.

  23. Joan Swit says

    I find it interesting, those who do not believe are very sarcastic and rather mean in the comments they make. If you don’t believe, that is your right, and, if I believe it is my right. There is no reason a dialogue shouldn’t continue with respect to each others right to believe or not.

  24. Elaine says

    I’ve always been skeptical, but I just visited a spirtual psychic for the first time, and I am still in awe. She said I knew a male, my age, who died in a car accident. I said yes, but I thought that is a common scenairo. I finally told her I didn’t know this person, and she said “we’ll move on”. Then she stopped and said, “No, I’m positive you know this person. He says he has his 3 babies with him. Now, do you know who it is?”. I said yes, because the person I knew died with his 3 young sons in the car. I was shocked. She went on to tell me many more accurate statements. I was convinced. I can’t stop thinking about it.

  25. Maryanne Bunyan says

    I am a bit skeptical but I must admit that I truly believe that John Edward does communicate with the dead. I have a great desire to get a reading by John Edward but seeing I live in Malta (a small island in the Mediterranean) I can’t ever see how I can achieve this wish, unless maybe if he can do it over the phone. A few years ago, I did send an email to enquire if John Edward would consider coming over to Malta but was told that it was highly unlikely. I sincerely hope that he might reconsider as I would love to meet this wonderful man. I have watched many of his TV Shows and I have also read a couple of his books and strongly believe that he has a wonderful talent. I would like to thank John for his work and to wish him lots of luck for the future. God Bless

  26. Jerry DeCaire says

    The accusation that John cold reads is unfounded. It may, in fact, be the case, but if it is he’s undoubtedly the best at what he does. But I have seen enough of his abilities to believe this goes beyond “cold reading” and his “technique” in no way resembles that of the professional illusionist. As for the post that insists that anyone who believes this stuff is too lazy to look up cold reading, let me assure you that I have seen the “Derren Brown’s” and a host of other cold readers and I was not impressed. There was no comparison to them and John who would latch onto a single person or group and then rattle off a string of 10-12 hits and then leave those people crying. John Edwards is one of the few mediums who has lent himself to scrutiny at the University of Arizona’s Human Energy System’s Lab under a double and triple blind study and was not found wanting with stats that defied chance. Schwartz has been criticized by the skeptical community and even a well recognized media journalist and he has even responded to a scathing review by Michael Schermer. None of the accusations stuck and it is, in fact, Dr. Schwartz who is now allegedly filing a defamation suit against the aforementioned journalist. This doesn’t sound like a man who is trying to hide. He has even invited The Amazing Randi to come to the university and try to match the performance of his mediums through any trickery he deemed advantagious to his case. Randi never accepted the challenge. These gifts are measured by statistics like many other areas of science. The problem with the Randis of the world is that their demands are unrealistic in regards to performance and they require stupendous results with a one-shot test. No serious scientist would ever do that. As for personal psychic experiences, these come and go like gifts and they come much like a natural disaster in their unpredictability. Skeptics say, “If this is real then show me”, or, “anything that is real is replicable in a lab”. Can you imagine someone saying, “I don’t believe in Tsunamis. Show me one”, or “Replicate a Tsunami for me, otherwise, I won’t believe”. Truth is, we all believe in Tsunamis because of the destruction left behind which is lasting and demonstrable of their empirical reality. Unfortunately, psychic experiense are equally unpredictable but they leave nothing in their wake.

    Until someone explains qualia and how atoms which randomly bump into each other find a way to string themselves together into the near limitless information found in DNA to produce consciousness, or how clumps or colonies of cells are working in concert to produce a singular identity, I am inclined to believe in the spirit of man and our dualistic nature. If you’re a phony John, then shame on you. Personally, I think you are real due to
    A) Your willingness to submit to scientific scrutiny
    B) Your stat performance
    C) The arguments that support the concept of primacy of consciousness which you can read about in Dr. Robert Lanza’s book, “Biocentrism”. This guy is a leading biologist so unless you are yourself a leading and cutting edge scientist, please don’t post telling everyone how unscientific mediumship is.

    My two cents…

  27. Laurie says

    I just came from a group reading with JE. There were 1000 people in the forum- I was
    among the six he honed in on. My father came through- after dying over 40 + years ago.
    Everything he said was spot on- I am changed forever that my dad loves me. Pure and
    simple- Love never dies. Thank you John Edwards. If you are a skeptic- just attend his
    event. I did.

  28. Redbony says

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  29. PK says

    I went to a reading with John Edward which was only for 15 people. I went there to take notes for my friend, completely expecting her to be disappointed and for nothing to happen. They did not have my name, so they couldn’t have researched me. Not to mention I go by another name they would not have found online either… My grandfather came through and shared things John Edward couldn’t possibly know… My friend also was read and the details were too specific for it to be a lie. You really have to experience it yourself to understand… it’s easy to think it’s all a ruse. I always thought it was. For days I was trying to get my logical educated brain around it… but there’s no use… I’ve no doubt John Edward has a gift.

  30. R Cooper says

    You have to be there to understand the atmosphere in which these things come through. It is a very healing, heart felt atmosphere where the love of those trying to communicate something comes through. I was read by JE in Austin, Texas , he gave me details but I could not confirm them at the time. I gave the details of the reading to a member of my husband’s family; this family member who lives in London called me and confirmed the information that had come through and she was blown awayl…..she did not confirm back the words that I said to her but instead what JE had said! How is this possible? She was the most important recipient of this information; I was more like a conduit. However, the experience was very healing for me and my husband because we had lost my husband’s mother, one year and one week before the day of the reading, she was the one who came through.

  31. R Corlett says

    I have just seen JE live in Liverpool because I wanted to make sure for myself that the TV shows were not edited, and check if I thought he was cold reading. I saw that this show was exactly like his TV shows therefore I do not believe they are manipulated by editing and I only noticed 4 comments from JE out of a 2 hour show that could have been interpreted as cold reading. (Nowhere near enough evidence to prove the skeptics right!) The rest of the time he gave proof after proof of accurate information to the people who were read. He appeared very geniune and sincere, and although of course people can fake that, I really don’t think he does. Jerry DeCaire is spot on with – two cents worth above. Well said. I am not sure if JE is actually talking to the dead. Perhaps he is tapping into some universal consciousness that science may be on the verge of discovering? However I do not believe he is a deliberate conman who prays on people’s grief. It’s possible there is something in the quantum physics world that could explain this. The Skeptic’s out there really need to look deeper into this. Look at Near Death Experiences and the Aware study. The current scientific work being done on conciousness and read Dr Schwartz findings. Maybe even have a reading from a medium yourself. It is great that you have enquiring minds…………use them!

  32. Dave says

    I am by no means convinced that John Edwards is the real deal, but cold reading?!?! Have you skeptics watched much of this guy? Accuse him of hot reading or something more creative, but cold reading? Come on. At least watch the guy in action a few times(and know the correct definition of cold reading) before you try to discredit the guy. It’s funny how so many consider their agressive closed-mindedness to be skepticism.

  33. says

    I do believe in him I also lost my husband a month ago he when into cariage arest in was all of a sudden he was not sick at all and it is very painfull the more the days go by the harder it is and I have many guestions for him I miss and love him so much thank you Rosa

  34. says

    I lost my daughter 5 1/2 yrs ago to breast cancer at the age of 35 and just lost a son at the age of 45, he commited suicide. I’ve longed to be able to know John Edward and learn how to be in touch with my daughter and now with both of them. I used to watch John Edward years ago when he had a program on TV.

  35. Jarrod says

    Go peggy sue!! Amen..if there is no Jesus is the picture than it is not good..anything not good is God..and Jesus is God. If your not doing your spiritual traveling with Jesus you are definitely doing it with Satan..Satan can appear as an angel of light..He is the deceiver and the Father of lies..

  36. says

    I am very much interested to know where in INDIA -BOMBAY OR PUNE can i contact a medium as i would want to communicate with my husband who left us on 24th of december 2010 .

  37. Morgan says

    yes you can talk to the dead but the only problems is….they dont talk back. but they do pull your hair and scatch you.

  38. says

    any one who believes in sprits and we having a soul ,should stop and think there is some form of activity even after we have given up our mortal remains. If we believe in GOD and the prayers we do for the dead to rest in peace. would have no meaning if life was not to continue ,at another level.

  39. Lisa says

    I would absolutely love to see John Edward. I have experienced things like this. I have dreams and visions of things and them they happen. I would love to know when he comes back to your show.

  40. says

    I have personally been read by John. This man is short of amazing and I can tell you from personal experience…there was not one moment during the reading that he wasn’t spot on! Not only was he right, he brought messages to myself and family that will never be forgotten and inspiration that will live on with us until we pass….I only hope that when my time comes I have the ability to help those I’ve left behind through their grief. As Dr. Oz stated…the experience changed my life forever. I have seen John three times, the first time in a room of about 2500 people, and I was the first reading. And everytime since I’ve taken something away with me that is profound. God Bless you John for your work, God Bless you Dr. Oz for sharing, may God bless you all for believing…grieving is natural and a part of life, for some of us John made it more of an amazing process.

  41. Jerry DeCaire says

    Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh…….What a site! I see a lot of ad hominem attacks here and most by the ontological reductionist materialists (atheists for short). 60% of Americans experience something likened to a paranormal event. Proof of an afterlife is highly personal. There are many people who after experiencing an NDE or ADC insist that they have their proof. For the skeptic, however, there is a need for a consensus in regards to proof that is accepted by science otherwise it gets marginalized and designated a dusty corner in the warehouse of anecdotes and circumstantial evidence. The Amazing Randi’s of the world don’t seem to realize that PSI is a force of nature that often comes unpredictably and doesn’t conform to the confines of a lab or to a designated place or time. Tornadoes and tsunamis often follow this pattern but unlike the personal encounters of those who experience PSI, these natural disasters are felt communally while leaving their calling card behind for scientific scrutiny and therefore lend themselves well to the aforementioned consensus; we all agree that tornadoes and tsunamis are real. This is an acceptable premise but what isn’t acceptable is the assertion that anything that doesn’t comply to scientific measures is automatically deemed unreal and anyone who protests otherwise is a nut case. Too many scientific minded individuals take absence of evidence as evidence of absence and that is highly illogical.

    To those who have had PSI experiences, may I suggest that you empower yourselves and refuse to seek an audience with anyone who would humiliate you. How can their approval magnify or make any more manifest your experience? That is between you and God. Let the skeptics quibble amongst themselves as to what you already know as yours is the strength that comes from knowing.

    As an addendum to this quip, Uri Gellar and Sylvia Brown are both phonies along with 90% of those who boast the most ridiculous claims regarding PSI (esp. those who claim 100% accuracy). Randi has done a great job in EXPOSING these unscrupulous thieves and my hat’s off to him. But Randi has gone too far in his metaphysical assertion that neither God nor PSI are real. Like the mystic moochers out there, he is similarly dishonest in his representation of the facts but in this case regarding PSI. He totally discredits the circumstantial and anecdotal evidence in favor of cynical conjecture. He will never acknowledge that these experiences cannot be put into a test tube, centrifuged and dissected. As for his OBE experience proving to be inaccurate, there are plenty of those that have proven accurate. What does that mean? Where do we go from here? We live in a causal universe that obeys certain physical laws. The unbelievers will always have the upper hand when it comes to disproving faith and supernatural realities. We are all living in the same causal universe-believer and non-believer alike. It’s easy to make natural claims in a natural universe whereby supernatural things rarely present themselves in any powerful fashion. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. My own personal experiences tell me so-like Carl Jung who says, when asked if he believed in God, “I know. I don’t have to believe.” Jung had an NDE with objective experiences later validated. Yeeeeeeeeee…hahhhhhhhhhhh!

  42. says

    I think this guy isn’t a real medium, and I don’t any medium is actually a medium. They think they can talk to the dead and translate what they see from their messages, but in reality, they are completely insane and attention starved.

  43. Boshaniqua Ali says

    I think this guy isn’t a real medium, and I don’t any medium is actually a medium. They think they can talk to the dead and translate what they see from their messages, but in reality, they are completely insane and attention starved. They need help

  44. Maria says

    I always have troubles with sleeping and I dream of people dying all the time. I always thought that I was the one who was talking to myself, snice yesterday. I was talking to my stepmother about it, then she told me that I was always talking to the dead. She said I said weird stuff to her when I was young, so she knew that I was talking to the death, because inside my family, my great grandmother, my grandmother , my father and my bother can hear the death too. But I still don´t really believe it. Do you think that is possible? I m so scared and I don´t want to talk them. Also, I think they are kinda ruining my life. I can´t sleep all the time and I can´t get up to the college in the morning.

  45. breezy says

    Oh, the poor people he is preying on! These people manipulate believers by making them give him the answers! For instance, if John Edward asks someone, “You don’t work with children, do you”? If the person says “YES” or “NO” he is getting the question RIGHT either way!!! Read that question again. Think about it. He can NOT hear the dead. No one can.

  46. says

    If John Edward can get answers to very personal information about the dead ,then whats the harm in believing in him. How can life just stop in a second and just fade away.

  47. amie says

    Mediumship is real. But just like everything else you have alot of people that jump on the banned wagon and they don’t have the ability. Give false information and say horrible things to people. John Edward is not a fake and before you write negative commons education yourself don’t go by hear say because the media and people love to stir the pot with negativity. The funny thing is most people are skeptic until they really need a medium or receive a reading from a medium. A true medium will not tell you horrible thing or negative thing they will simply communicate the message from your loved ones. The devil as someone says doesn’t have any to do with it. What the devil wants the medium to make people happy and feel better about dealing with a loss loved one. Seriously get out of the box your in. You make me laugh. Believe don’t Believe it doesn’t effect my life but don’t judge what you don’t know. If you want to go to a medium don’t go to the one’s with the neon lights in there windows, ask around to people you know see if they have any referrals. I bet you would be surprised! For god sakes spread positivity people some of you seem so miserable.

  48. Deierra says


  49. mukesh says

    I lost my girlfriend and would like to speak to her. have been to various psychics and mediums and all are bluffing . please give me an appointment

  50. Deckman5 says

    I was a total skeptic until I went to long Island to see John. I was with my sisters and he zeroed in on us and mentioned things that he could have had no way of knowing about three family members who had passed. It was exciting. He is real. Not all of them are, but he is. He also had informed the audience not to give him information just yes and no answers, and that is what we did. He did all the talking!

  51. Julie says

    I went to see John last night in San Diego I can tell you he is the real deal!!! I went to the show semi scepical but he was just so correct with all of his readings. There is just no way he could of been so detailed if he was just cold reading. He did not do a reading for my group but I didn’t care because it was just so interesting to wach and listen to what he had to say.When I got to the show I thought I can’t believe I just paid $150- a ticket and I have to sit in the back row. But if I had it to do over you can bet I would’t miss it.

  52. jessica kelly says

    my mom passed away in july of 2011 unexpectedly i was wondering if there was a way to get a reading so i could get some uneasy answers bout her death si seen her the day beforw she passed away than the next day shes gone i need some answers and was wondering if u coild help

  53. Josie Adkins says

    My uncle, grandpa and dad all died within a few months between eachother not a day goes by where i dont think of them expecially because i didnt get to say goodbye. Can i please have the link to get an appointment with John Edward

  54. Joann says

    He and other mediums may be getting information spiritually, but they are not from loved ones. The devil and his demons like to get people to “not trust in the Lord.” Angels and devils have been around for a long time can see the past and the future-so they will obviously know if a family member died. I may not hear from my grandmother who passed while I am on earth, but will see her again in the next life. I don’t have to see a psychic to feel better because I know what God has prepared for me. I believe that once your in heaven you don’t come back to earth. If you had that ability, wouldn’t you just talk to your loved one without a medium?????

  55. Gary says

    Where do the dead hang out. Do they wonder or always hang around the people they care about that are alive? Can they travel across country if the people they are connected to are in different places at the same time?

  56. joni says

    Yes john Edward is the real thing! Those religious fanatics who think he’s working with the devil are crazy. There is an afterlife and we don’t die, just move on to a higher. Existence or plane. Believe!

  57. sandi says

    I totally believe John Edward, he has made me a believer, but I trust only him.
    He is the real thing and would love a reading by him, maybe one day since I recently joined his “FIVE” group..I have seen him in Jacksonville Fl. a few times and wish I would have been able to see him this year. You cannot help but to believe wnen u see him connect with the other side, even if it’s not for you, u cry from relief knowing our families are ok and we’ll all be together one day, Believe it or not there is plenty of laughing cause of the funny things that he gets from the other side and how hard they try to connect with u.
    Hopefully Dr. Oz will have him on again and I’ll get to see him once more.

  58. Henry says

    Joann, our dear ones that have passed have the ability to communicate with us, the problem is that we are not listening! A medium is a person that has that ability, (no everyone is a real one!) but if they are they can bring peace to the ones left behind…and you will be with grandma in the next life…

  59. Kelly says

    I think I been able to see impressions of people who passed they give me pictures. Now that my mom passed to the other side I hear her my dad has heard her. And I received a impression from her. She’s very much with me I’ve seen her walking behind me dressed it the night gown and a white glow. Even my best friend has seen her and looking out for her.

  60. Mark says

    Connecting with the people on the other side is more of an effort on their part. John Edward is very real in my opinion.I am clairvoyant at times. It just seems normal. I have had two such experiences of my own and did not initiate them. Medium contact is possible from being intuitive.

  61. dawn says

    I believe we all possess the ability to become mediums. In today’s society, the majority of people are stressed. They do not let their mind and body relax enough to reach a state of peace, they lose their balance or maybe they never have reached the balance of nature. Therefore, their stress clouds their mind. Then, they are not able to reach the communication level of the unknowns. A few examples are one such is yoga teachers, if and when they do reach a state of peace within their mind and body, they can utilize this to reach further to energy levels and communicate with the unknown. Some people are born at peace,some their gift of unknownings, and etc.., come at an early age or later on in life. So the mind and body have to be a 100% peace in order to reach this state. I will be an example now, One day, when i was in highschool, I was in the computer lab with 6 other kids. I sat alone and observed people alot. I looked at every single one of the kids and guessed what they were going to do in life, what they were thinking. This was what I did continiously. I observerd people and trained my brain in such a way that I can literally read them not just from body language, but their energy. “This one particular kid, I focused my entire energy on, I guessed he was going to go home for lunch like all other times, but this time, this is different. He will go home and kill himself with a gun.” At the time I thought wait a minute I am just guessing its nothing. At lunch time, my energy pulled me in his direction, as I seen him walk out the school doors, walking home for lunch, I followed him. My intentions was to tell him no dont kill yourself, but I stopped in my tracks and froze. The fear of him telling me I am wrong and that if i was, he would tell everyone, and I would be the laughing stock. I just stood there and watched him go home. Later that evening, i was told that he did go home for lunch and he did die, he commited suicide, killed himself with a gun. Everyday is a constant replay in my mind of him walking home. I was so angry and confused, why did I do this, can I really feel people’s energy? Was I correct? Also, after that, I was having these dreams where I would see people, their names, as if I actually was friends with them;later on in reality, I would see and meet those people/places/names/even the same conversation. So I thought I was going crazy and why am I seeing people in reality that I have never met, and before ever meeting them, I dreamt of them, this does not make since. I also believe that science now is just now melting the ice berg slowly to understand what is going on in our brains to possess such notion. I use to write in my journals about what I seen and who and where I was at with these so called dreams. Now since I am ill, this has stopped. My mind and body are stressed to the point where I lost the state of peace, I lost my balance of nature. I am curious though, and I continue to ask questions as to why was I having these. In closing, I do believe that we all can communicate and tell what energy someone has or did have, etc…,. Think about it.

  62. Sabrinaq says

    This is very dangerous stuff here.These people are talking to demons not your dead loved ones.It says in the bible we are to stay away from these things which are from Satan.Dr.Oz and John Edwards are headed to hell if they don’t stop and repent.Yes I am A Christian and I believe this is dangerous territory here.So many people want to believe they can talk to the people who they love who have dies and I know it seems so real but it’s not,they are talking to someone alright but it’s not your loved ones.for Gods sake turn away from this sinful ways and find Jesus.He can heal your heart.God bless!

  63. gerald decaire says

    Dangerous, how? Some demon is going to fix you real good by making you believe in souls and God? He’s going to pull a fast one and pump you full of love? How dare he!!! Next thing you know he’ll be sending you a valentine card with a box of chocolates. Watch out!!! Why is it that every good experiential thing that happens to a person is considered evil by Christians and and the hellish experiences are real and they’re a sign you better get with the Christian program? I have had visitations by a lost loved one and they were allowed by God to keep me from ending my own life. Because of those experiences I believe in God, and I am in a theology masters program and I am writing a book of hope for the bereaved. I guess that was the devil’s plan when I connected with my deceased loved one-that I would be blessed with peace of mind and hope and not commit suicide and would end up a less materialistic believer promoting the same hope and love that I felt. Sounds like the devil messed up on this one. After Jesus was accused of having a demon in him, like what you are doing here, Jesus said: “Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Matthew 12:25 According to you, when I had that visitation, Satan’s kingdom was divided and battling itself. “Perfect love cast out all fear” 1 John 4:18-STOP LIVING IN FEAR!

  64. gerald decaire says

    PS: I’m not insisting that John Edward is authentic, but if he isn’t, it’s far more likely he’s some cold reader that he’s listening to demons bringing the bereaved comfort and evidence of an afterlife. Like I said before-seems counter-productive for the devil. It’s a silly move in his battle against God and he’d make for a lousy general.

  65. Mark says

    This is a message for all the Christians writing comments. The Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Jews kept accurate historical records for the period before and after the time of Jesus Christ. Do you know why no records exist about him? The Catholic church wrote about mythical gods of the pegans to describe him. They also forced pegans at the time to join their church and dismissed any belief in their earlier gods. If you want the truth look into it yourself. The only mystery is faith in biblical writing that is full of contradiction.

  66. Shirley Falls says

    My daughter and I live in Eureka, Missouri and went to see john Edwards in Cincinnati a few years ago. I think he is awesome. I am a bit apprehensive about believing and he would have to be specific for me to believe totally but I am very impressed and think He is awesome. He has a great personality and was very entertaining and amazing. I wish I had the money, I would love to speak with him. I am very glad to read the above because my heart wants to believe he is the real deal. 🙂

  67. tammy says

    i have talk to the died ,and i dont always feeling it , but is there someone around me

  68. Elizabeth rangel says

    My boyfriend father of my kids had an od last month.. The worst part its that he died n we were fughting:( i have experience weird things like i saw a light in da living room last night at 3 in the am.. I cant accept his death because i feel he needs to talk to me someone plz help me

  69. jerrydecaire says

    Elizabeth, if you’re feeling guilty-don’t! You couldn’t have anticipated his death happening as it did and when it did. I hear the desperation in your voice and you’re looking for answers. The 3 AM thing is special-a typical time to have strange experiences and nobody really knows why though Perry Stone thinks he does. I lost the love of my life to suicide and it became my dark night of the soul. You musn’t give up. This has driven me to write a book on this topic. Go to YouTube and look up: “Al Sullivan NDE” and “Eben Alexander” and “Dr. Mary Neal and Dr. Oz”-also look up “Mary Jo Rapini Nightline” These will help you I swear.

  70. jerrydecaire says

    If you need more advice I will do the best I can Elizabeth. I know how deep that pain can run-it’s so unique to us all that we feel totally alone but we’re not. There are feelings of pity, regret, self-blame, loss, pain-and it’s all mixed up in one huge emotion that tears you apart. This can work to make you a better person or destroy you. I think we both know which one of these God would choose.

  71. JoJo says

    Got a big laugh out of the guy who is convinced John Edwards is real, he paid $150 to sit in the back row of John Edwards, John Edwards was absolutely accurate… however, John Edwards never addressed his group that night. LOL You people are a hoot. There’s always going to be suckers. Just look at Dr Oz! Zero critical thinking skills. Now he has Char on his show… another absolute cold reading kook. Amazing in 2012 we still have new age and religious kooks in the world.

  72. Mark says

    Jo Jo if you have never experienced psychic powers , there would be nothing to compare it to.. I understand why it is unbelievable . I have been in the presence of a psychic and have personal knowledge . It is very real..

  73. Rose says

    There is no defending this idea. Personal experience would change this perspective, and probably nothing less than that. Sometimes even personal experience leaves doubters. It’s ok though because what is true is true, whether we acknowledge it or not.

  74. Kathy Rench says

    Last December I had 2 dogs that are very dear to my heart. They both died within 2 weeks of eachother. My question is as they were dieing or put down, I asked my father to come and get them and hold on to them for me until we can be reunited.. Did he? Will they be at my door for me to join them? How can I get an answer to this. I really miss them and would be a little more at peace knowing my dad has them waiting for me. Thank you

  75. Rita Phillips says

    I believe the Bible. It is demons they are talking to, pretending to be our loved ones. I think John Edward is great at talking to the dead, but they are not who they say they are. Are loved ones are asleep in Jesus, till judgement day when the dead shall all rise from the graves. Thats what the Bible tells us, and i believe in it and know other. We will see our loved ones again. I myself have had some strange things happen to me. My mom had passed away and i was just sick from grieve. She came to me and talk to me. I have had voices speak to me. Saying my name when know one was around me at all and all was quite. I use to think that was my mom that came to me. But i had a dear friend die suddenly. Contacted a medium, got a reading as she put it for $100. Some stuff was right but some was way off. Anyway since i contacted a medium, i have had strange voices say my name. I dont think i should have done it. I new better. Its a sin to contact the dead. I wont be doing it again.

  76. Mark says

    If you feel that demons are talking to you. please protect yourself and leave this subject alone. This is meant to help people who are open to proper conditions for mediumship and spiritistic phenomena as they occur.

  77. Julie Castillo says

    I have been a follower of John Edwards for years, and have been to some of his seminars. While I believe that 95% of the “mediums” are con artists, I absolutely believe that John Edwards is the real deal! I am headed to another seminar in May, always with the hopes of speaking to my special loved ones.

  78. Ron says

    The dead and the living can’t communicate with each other. The dead know nothing until the judgement. Mary, the mother of Jesus, does not communicate with the living. She is dead. Only Jesus has been resurrected.

  79. Jib ber ish says

    When Satan was cast from heaven he took with him one third of the Angels. The demons that are spoken of here were Angels not all of these demons are bad spirits they were deceived by Satan just like most of you are deceived. Demons can still do good deeds. That’s why they make you feel good. When your dead your dead.

  80. Janice says

    How does a spiritual person say, “when you’re dead, you’re dead”? You are only a corporal body?

  81. Faith says

    Definitely a believer! We are energy here on earth and when we die we are also energy. Death is nothing but the physical change from one life into another. I have been to a medium and the things she conveyed to me from someone blew my mind away. This medium knew nothing about me, not even my name,I kept my mind clear so she could not pick up on my thoughts and the love of my life came right thru. This medium told me stuff that only I would know-she had absolutely NO facts ot information about him. Saw her again 3 weeks ago and she was spot on once again. Am I a believer ? You bet’cha.! She even came up with his first and middle initials. When these people are good, they are very good.! I do believe it is a gift from GOD as it is not given to everyone. I was a member in GOD’S fan club way before I saw her,and these readings have NOT shaken my faith whatsoever,not strengthened it as it could not be any stronger that it is,and I do believe that mediums can actually convince non-believers to question their lack of faith.

  82. Anthony says

    All i want to say to the non believers is that the moment u open ur mind nd start doing ur research is the moment when your whole “3d reality” shatter into a boundless realm of the devine. The prophetic dreams i get on an uncontrollable level is what satify my certainty. There are bigger forces out there that knows no limit and it knows how to express itself in an orderly fashion through the means of letters, numbers, colors, stars, cycles (time) etc. All throughout nature. weather we choose to ignore those messages or not we are still unconciously influenced by it and Yea, even a message from the death of a loved one. We still share that same vibrational frequence which is called LOVE and as long as it exists, you will continúe to get expressions from ur decease until u ultimately meet up with them on the other side. Judgement day is waiting for u non believers 🙂

  83. Alec says

    I think all of the people who are critisizing this man just for helping people are just wrong, and for all of you people who say he’s possesed by the devil and stuff, think abot this. If the devil had the power to posses, why would he pick random people and send out those random people to help others. It makes no scense. Heres a suggestion, don’t be so religeous and go to a john edward reading. It’s like greek mythology or hinduism, what makes our religion so great and “correct” over the other ones. I beleive in god but i don’t beleive the devil or his servents from hell, and i also don’t beleive that creatures from hell would want to make people feel good about thier loved ones, so all of you disbeleivers don’t have to leave comments and try to expose them and don’t even go to a reading just to prove him wrong and say ” oh! Wow, i belive him now” because that place or room is meant to connect and for energy to flow smoothly.

  84. says

    Mr.john my boyfriend passed away due to suicide . I miss him so much and I want to talk to him can you please help me. He was my life my everything. His name is cody Edwards I really miss him .

  85. Janice says

    Dear Tonya,
    I am so sorry for your loss, it must be very difficult. I’ve been to see John Edwards and it was very healing even if you don’t get a reading. His gift is coming from a source of great Love so if you cannot go to attend one of John’s sessions, then that Love, which is much bigger than the gift given to John Edward or anyone else, is still available to you. If in your Heart you ask for help with this loss, you will be heard. Stay open and take care.

  86. says

    I have not been able to stop thinking about you since the untimely and questionable death of my husband nearly fifteen months ago.Same goes for my best friend who also has questions about the sudden death of a loved one about seven years ago.I am a true believer in what you are able to do.I think you have an amazing gift and I would be incredibly greateful and honored to witness it through my own eyes. Who knows,maybe I could even have some of my own questions answered as well.

  87. says

    The bible says not to commit necromancy. Plain and simple. In addition Gods Word says the dead are still dead. If John E is speaking to anyone , hes speaking to demons.
    I wouldnt touch him with a 10 foot pole
    10: There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
    11: Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
    12: For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

  88. says

    Doesn’t make sense, why would “Jenn’s” dead mom ask “who got the car?” when dead people supposedly can see everything else that is going on, why would she have to ask that?

  89. Jo Soutar says

    Those that don’t believe this probably have no need in the comfort of hearing from their loved ones. I myself believe that there is a spiritual connection when loved ones pass on. Many times this has happened to me in subtle forms. Take the time to see the signs for yourself and you won’t need John Edwards as he so states.

  90. goldie says

    have been having nothing but bad luck will it ever change this has been going on for about 20 years

  91. Dr alan Fernandes says

    Being a dentist,I have a scientific background and require validity for the most part to believe(I do believe in God-w/out proof though).I went to see a medium named Sherry as some of my receptionists had seen her.Unbelievable how accurate she was.She gave me about 20 distinct names and told me things about them that could not have been guessed at that were true.I am not on facebook and this info cannot be researced anywhere After my 3 hour session,my head felt as if I had written my dental board exams-I was exhausted.Now I don’t believe in all psychics as there are many hoaxers-but I have no doubt that this medium is the real deal.She is now my patient and all my friends who have seen her are amazed at her gift.

  92. Holland says

    Dr F. Study the bible on this. God wants us to look for him for our future in heaven and earth. Satan knows as much about dead people as those who are living and will convey that information to a psychic for one simple reason. To have you and others sin against God. I know this may sound fanatical but its the truth. No matter how much a fortuneteller can tell you , it is sin.

    Lev:19:31: Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.
    Deut:18:10: There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,

  93. jerry decaire says

    Yes, we haver all heard that before Holland. That sort of fundamentalism/evangelism has always worked hard at robbing us of the experiential dimension of God. You have effectively placed God in a bottle-a book. And those passages in Leviticus and Deuteronomy are merely tribal Israelite responses to the divination practices of their Meopotamian/Egyptian neighbors who typically consulted mediums and diviners and dream interpreters. Israel was always hard at work to prove their God was superior to other “gods” and their ways superior to other ways. It was the monotheostic faiths that first introduced intolerance towards other faiths (Islam, Christianity, Jewish). But when you speak to Jesus who has also died corporeally, are you speaking to Jesus or a familar spirit? Jeus and all men have immortal souls so in truth, there is no such thing as talking to the dead. Your Bible also speaks of gifts and on eof them is the “discernment of spirits” (1 Corinthians 12:10) In 1 John 4 it says to test the spirits as not all are from God. If we are not to communicate with the spirits, then why test them to weed out the good from the bad? And of course, there’s the case of Moses and Elijah appearing before Christ (Matthew 17:3) so there’s a case of an after death communication. And as a kingdom divided will fall (Matthew 12:25) it makes no sense that demons would want to reveal spiritual miracles to reinforce faith in God which mediumship does for many. Yes, when validations come as they did for this dentist fellow, faith increases-not decreases. So what harm is there in hearing from a loved one? Woe to those who call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). Don’t make that same mistake. You can’t take one Bible passage to condemn an entire experiential dimension to God.

  94. Janice says

    The last post…thank you for reminding these frightened people that when a true connection is made with someone who has passed before us, the faith in the Love of God is strengthened. Like anything, if the emphasis and focus goes to the Medium or the pastor, or the Rabi, or the Pope, then the direct relationship with our creator becomes cloudy.

  95. jerry decaire says

    I have also noted that virtually every fear-based philosophy comes out of the Old Testament. Those who use the Bible to support fear quote the Old Testament; to support wars and hate, Old Testament; homophobia,Old Testament; racism,Old Testament. There’s a reason it’s old.

  96. Mark says

    I agree Janice. An even better example of people listening to a wrong person would have been Hitler. What we must follow is our heart and not outside sources.

  97. Holland says

    Dear Jerry, In 1 John 4:11 where God says test the spirits, I dont believe its talking about ghosts, souls, or spirits, but about doctrines from which prophets speak of. In those days many false prophets were propigating words that were claimed to be from God. Thats why during the apostolic commission, true prophets were sent out doing miracles so those that saw these miracles would believe that the Words of God they heard were truly from God. Thats why the bible says to test those spirits ( doctrines, things said that were to come out of the mouths of these prophets) .

    Afterwards the bible came to a completion where hence the bible was closed to any outside prophecy . Then the ” just ” are to live by faith. Faith is the substance of things NOT seen. Seeing or hearing anything in the spiritual world does not glorify God. Why, simply because God said so. People who deal with the occult, speak with ” spirits ” of the dead. Its just a part of what they do. The scary thing is no matter how much “PROOF” that these spirits show people who consult with them by telling them things that only these dead people could tell them, they are not coming from passed away relatives or friends. They are demons fooling one into believing they are the spirits of dead freinds or relatives. Believe the bible, its says Satan comes to destroy and kill. He does this by deception. The bible says the dead know nothing and will not until resurrection day when Jesus calls those up out of the grave. John 5:28 28: Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,

    And I politely say this about old testament scripture. Sometimes it is hard to understand old testament scripture and how to interpret such , when and where to apply it to our lives but for example the 10 commandments were in Exodus in the Old Testament. Gods standards to live a holy life unto Him and it benefits our lives greatly here on earth too. Surely we are not to dismiss the 10 commandments. About talking with the dead. Seeing Moses and Elijah in the presence of the apostles is purley a supernatural account….. not to forget to mention Jesus was there ! They saw them go up into the clouds. I dont see witches and fortunetellers doing anything close to this.

    According to 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, demons masquerade as “angels of light” and as “servants of righteousness.” Appearing as a “ghost” and impersonating a deceased human being definitely seem to be within the power and abilities that demons possess.
    The closest biblical example of a “haunting” is found in Mark 5:1-20. A legion of demons possessed a man and used the man to haunt a graveyard. There were no ghosts involved. It was a case of a normal person being controlled by demons to terrorize the people of that area. Demons only seek to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10). They will do anything within their power to deceive people, to lead people away from God. This is very likely the explanation of “ghostly” activity today. Whether it is called a ghost, a ghoul, or a poltergeist, if there is genuine evil spiritual activity occurring, it is the work of demons.What about instances in which “ghosts” act in “positive” ways? What about psychics who claim to summon the deceased and gain true and useful information from them? Again, it is crucial to remember that the goal of demons is to deceive. If the result is that people trust in a psychic instead of God, a demon will be more than willing to reveal true information. Even good and true information, if from a source with evil motives, can be used to mislead, corrupt, and destroy.There is no reason to believe that a deceased person has any ability to leave heaven, hell or the grave,in order to visit his living family members. Any such claim is a demonic deception (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). God declared such practices to be abhorrent to Him, and those who did practice such things in Israel were to be put to death (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-12). Satan would like nothing more than for people to dabble in the occult world of spiritism and necromancy. God’s commandments regarding these things are designed to protect us from the schemes of our enemy, the devil, who “prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Job 7:10 says ‘he will return no more to his house’ (speaking of a dead person). And we know Ecclesiastes 9:5, : For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

  98. jerry decaire says

    1. Dear Jerry, In 1 John 4:11 where God says test the spirits, I dont believe its talking about ghosts, souls, or spirits, but about doctrines from which prophets speak of. THEN IT SHOULD HAVE READ “DOCTRINE” RATHER THAN SPIRITS IF YOU ARE CORRECT. In those days many false prophets were propigating words that were claimed to be from God. YOU MAY BE REFERRING TO THE GNOSTICS AND FOLLOWERS OF THE SUPER APOSTLES. AND? Thats why during the apostolic commission, true prophets were sent out doing miracles so those that saw these miracles would believe that the Words of God they heard were truly from God. Thats why the bible says to test those spirits ( doctrines, things said that were to come out of the mouths of these prophets) . UNLESS IT EXPLICITLY SAYS SO THAT’S A SUBJECTIVE CALL AND IS BIBLICALLY UNSOUND. IN OTHER WORDS; THAT’S YOUR OPINION.
    And I politely say this about old testament scripture. Sometimes it is hard to understand old testament scripture and how to interpret such , when and where to apply it to our lives but for example the 10 commandments were in Exodus in the Old Testament. Gods standards to live a holy life unto Him and it benefits our lives greatly here on earth too. WE’VE ALREADY SEEN IN SAMUEL HOW THAT STANDARD CAN BE DISMISSED AT A WHIM SO DOES IT THEN TRULY COUNT AS A “STANDARD.?” A REBELLIOUS SON IS TO BE KILLED BY HIS OWN PARENTS (DEUTERONOMY 21:18-21) AND EVEN CHILDREN ARE TORN APART BY BEARS BY GOD’S LOVING WILL BECAUSE THEY CALLED A MAN BALDY (2 KINGS 2:23-24). Surely we are not to dismiss the 10 commandments.WOULD YOU DISMISS THE AFOREMENTIONED PASSAGES? About talking with the dead. Seeing Moses and Elijah in the presence of the apostles is purley a supernatural account….. not to forget to mention Jesus was there ! AND WHAT MEDIUMS DO IS NOT SUPERNATURAL??? They saw them go up into the clouds. I dont see witches and fortunetellers doing anything close to this. YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE HAPPEN EITHER. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? YOU ONLY READ ABOUT IT. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?
    According to 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, demons masquerade as “angels of light” and as “servants of righteousness.” Appearing as a “ghost” and impersonating a deceased human being definitely seem to be within the power and abilities that demons possess. YES, AND SOMETIMES EVEN GOD DOES WONDERFUL THINGS AND NOT JUST DEMONS. IT’S AMAZING HOW LITTLE CREDIT YOU GIVE TO GOD. OH, AND BY THE WAY, JESUS IS ALSO A BEING OF LIGHT. DEMONS AREN’T THE ONLY BEINGS WHO CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM (JOHN 8:12)
    The closest biblical example of a “haunting” is found in Mark 5:1-20. A legion of demons possessed a man and used the man to haunt a graveyard. There were no ghosts involved. It was a case of a normal person being controlled by demons to terrorize the people of that area. Demons only seek to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10) JESUS IS REFERRING TO SATAN, NOT DEMONS. AND EVEN IF THEY SERVE HIM, THIS POINT DOESN’T PRECLUDE THAT GOOD SUPERNATURAL THINGS CAN HAPPEN. They will do anything within their power to deceive people, to lead people away from God. BUT THE PEOPLE HERE WHO SEEK OUT MEDIUMS DO BELIEVE IN GOD-AND ALL THE MORE. REMEMBER THAT DIVIDED KINGDOM THING? This is very likely the explanation of “ghostly” activity today. Whether it is called a ghost, a ghoul, or a poltergeist, if there is genuine evil spiritual activity occurring, it is the work of demons.What about instances in which “ghosts” act in “positive” ways? What about psychics who claim to summon the deceased and gain true and useful information from them? Again, it is crucial to remember that the goal of demons is to deceive. If the result is that people trust in a psychic instead of God, a demon will be more than willing to reveal true information. YOU MEAN LIKE HOW EVANGELICALS TRUST IN THEIR PASTOR INSTEAD OF GOD? OR PEOPLE POSTING ON THE INTERNET HOW ANYTHING THAT MAY BE OF GOD IS ACTUALLY EVIL? HMMMM…Even good and true information, if from a source with evil motives, can be used to mislead, corrupt, and destroy. I STUDIED A THEOLOGY MASTERS PROGRAM AND IF ANYTHING HAS DESTROYED MY FAITH, THAT WOULD BE IT-AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU. There is no reason to believe that a deceased person has any ability to leave heaven, hell or the grave,in order to visit his living family members. Any such claim is a demonic deception (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). God declared such practices to be abhorrent to Him, and those who did practice such things in Israel were to be put to death (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-12). ALL OF THIS CRAP YOU ARE QUOTING ONLY REFLECTS THE INTOLERANCE OF THE HEBREWS TOWARDS THEIR MESOPOTAMIAN, LEVANT/EGYPTIAN NEIGHBORS 3000 YEARS AGO WHO DID THESE PRACTICES, I.E. DININATION, MEDIUMSHIP, DREAM INTERPRETATION, ETC. IT WAS THE MONOTHEISTIC FAITHS THAT INTODUCED INTOLERANCE IN THE WORLD TOWARDS OTHER RELIGIONS MUCH LIKE YOU ARE NOW-THE TRADITION GOES ON…Satan would like nothing more than for people to dabble in the occult world of spiritism and necromancy. MANY PEOPLE ARE SPIRITUAL AND DON’T DABBLE IN TEEENAGE OUIJI BOARD GAMES. YOU’RE CREATING A STRAWMAN TO BEAT UP ON.God’s commandments regarding these things are designed to protect us from the schemes of our enemy, the devil, who “prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Job 7:10 says ‘he will return no more to his house’ (speaking of a dead person). And we know Ecclesiastes 9:5, : For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. WELL, THEN SO MUCH FOR THE AFTERLIFE. ECCLESIASTES 3:19ALSO SAYS WE ARE NO BETTER THAN THE ANIMAL AND NOBODY KNOWS IF WE EVEN HAVE A SOUL OR A SPIRIT. BELIEVE THAT ONE? I THINK YOU’D BELIEVE ANYTHING FROM WHAT I’VE READ. THAT IS, ANYTHING TO SUPPORT YOUR DREARY EVANGELICAL VIEW OF GOD. HEY, LET ME KNOW IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE IN HEAVEN. IF SO, I CAN ONLY PRAY GOD SENDS ME TO HELL.

  99. Holland says

    hello, I could debate with you about the simple subject of communicating with dead spirits from now on but its not me your debating with. You are in charge of who you answer to. You can put your God in charge of what you want to believe in.I will put my faith in the one who I believe is in charge of the dead and the living. If I dont like your God, I will leave it alone. I simply share what I believe in and ask you to give it a whirl. Tell me what God you believe in and I will give it a whirl. I will test the spirits ! Gods Word is written to those who love him and seek after him. One will not understand the deeper things of the bible unless they ask for Gods understanding. Man, we are talking about someone that is so much higher than us its only expected that some of the things in His Word cant soak in with ease ! I can see this will offend you as well. Until you love God you are reading someone elses mail and not just anyones but the God of the universe. I am not suprised you send so much debate over His Word as though he really existed but in the same letter you write as though he cant exist. Which one is it ? I will try to leave you with a good note. I see your anger and can understand it. I could touch base on every point you made but you must walk where every Christian has been. I tried so hard to dismiss the bible looking for contradictions and ways to make God out to be someone I have learned him not to be simply so that I could be conscience free but there was still a conscience that I could not let go. I then found that God even spoke about that in the bible. I gave up, let God win and have been happy about that ever since. We all wrestle with things we have hard understanding with or those we dont wont to accept for our own egotistical enjoyment. Understanding God in all His Glory is something that a Christian enjoys because he will never attain that level. This is the wonderful glory we have. In constantly learning about God because you will never understand all of God.No matter what you say,how you feel, or how little you understand this almighty being, God still loves you. He died on the cross so you may have eternal life through Him. If there is any question that God is who he says he is, I will send you a link to something I put together on the net. You are free to tear it to shreds or give it some consideration. Again the bible asks ” test the spirits “.

  100. Mark says

    Holland , I don’t wish to offend you or your faith in God as you know it. Do you ever wonder why Jews don’t believe Jesus? Do they know if he was a real Jew or did the early church write about him from a mythical origin? Most of what you read in the bible was based in other gods and myths from around the Mediterranean Sea.

  101. jerry decaire says

    That’s such a typical response: “You’re not debating me you’re debating God” as if what you say is tantamount to what God says. Everyone agrees on what the Bible says but not everyone agrees as to what it means so for you to say I’m debating God carries the presumption that your interpretation of the Bible is correct while mine is all wet. Maybe it is you who is debating God. Holland, you don’t have faith in the God of the dead and the living, you have faith in a book and the ancient peoples of the Near East. I could debate you as well and show you a multitude of contradictions (real ones not pulled out of context) and monstrous deeds by your supposed “loving” God but like you I have better things to do. It would appear our stories worked in reverse. As for me, it took me a lifetime to make the distinction between old myths and a real relationship with God. Recall the passage that says faith comes by reading the word? I couldn’t help but notice that the more I read the less I believed. Christianity was literally driving me away from God. I saw the nonsense and the hate and the fear and the contradictions and the cruelty of your twisted idea of a loving god and could bear no more. You see, that’s another difference between you and me: I subscribe to the possibility I may be dead wrong and there is no God and whatever relationship I think I am having with him is non-existent. That would make God dead to both you and me no matter what our beliefs. I’d wager these mediums are nothing more than cold readers and are not talking to either demons or loved ones if that were the case. My point is, you can’t assume a person has no relationship with God merely because they haven’t made the BIBLE God. I am a staunch believer in natural theology and general revelation and am utterly convinced that there’s little to say for “special revelation.” Look up the “ritual of the substitute king” from the ANE and you will find the origins of this idea of atonement. If there is a God and if he forgives, he can do so strictly out of love and power and with no need to kill himself. If I am torn anywhere it would be the sympathy and empathy I feel for Christ if he was a real historical figure which I believe he was. If he were only a man he was an awesome person and to me a hero. I loved the way he stood up to the status quo and defied political and religious freaks who missed the heart of the law-justice, mercy, good faith-the very things the fundamentalists have missed in our present day. I believe in love and that is why I must, in good conscience, reject a large share of the Bible. Karl Barth is quoted as saying: “I take the Bible far too seriously to take it literally.” You take it far too literally Holland and fundamentalism is a recent phenomenon in history and is not the traditional and older approach. The early church fathers were not literalists and Thomas Aquinas spoke against that approach to biblical interpretation. Your way of seeing the Bible probably says more about you than it does the Bible or God.
    “Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.”-Thomas Paine
    You may not be cruel Holland, but fear is another reason one might worship a cruel God. It took me a lifetime to sort this out and even a theology masters program. I have come to a crossroads and have chosen my path be it correct or not: I choose to believe in a loving creator who has the power to forgive me or not forgive me but whatever justice that carries my treatment will not include some fiery lake and surely not for all eternity (that stuff came from the ANE as well-see Aquinas). And if I am wrong and you are right, I am prepared to accept that God is indeed cruel and hell is where I belong as I wouldn’t want to reside in a place where such a cruel God was and along with his cruel believers. Think on this:
    “If damnation were the reward for righteousness, would you still choose to be righteous?”-Brandi Hoffman. Compare that to this:
    “A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.” – Albert Einstein
    And to say God’s word is for those who love him and seek him is such a croc. You are essentially saying that God is bound and limited by a book. The essential God himself is there for those who love him and seek him not his “word”. Because the truth is, it’s not his “word,” in the strictest sense and I believe people who insist it IS along with all its cruelty don’t really want to know God at all-unless it’s the god of this world. So you see, in everything you say it shows you regard a mere book as the literal God. It’s rather sick actually. Sorry. But I understand, I was there once just as you are now. I know now that I can’t have my poisonous cake and eat it too-I can’t carry the weight of the bathwater along with the baby. So I decided to get rid of the bathwater (religion) and keep the baby (God). You can hold onto that bathwater all you want to Holland but all you’ll get is dirty and a bathtub ring. When I was a boy I walked the forest and spoke to God without knowledge of the Bible. I saw God in the trees and the sky and even in the creatures that teemed in the ponds and grass. I felt his blissful presence. And then my foster parents sent me an illustrated children’s book on the Bible and that is when the beautiful picture got all screwed up. I said to myself, “Oh, so this is the person I have been talking to. I want to learn more about him.” So I studied the Bible and found myself drifting farther and farther from the wonderful God I used to talk to in the forest. And now in your arrogance, you are asking me to stay the course and poison whatever good I may find. All fundamentalists ask that one take the road of deception and lies and poison as a surrogate for the real God. You have chosen your “god” Holland. And one final point which addresses a point that is also so typical of evangelicals: You said that people like me want to find fault with God to ease our conscience. I live the life of a monk so what horrible sins do you suppose I am trying to ease? I am not flawless, nobody is, but my whole reason for rejecting the Bible is so that I can still RETAIN a conscience. I don’t want to be free from it as you say. Again, you take the rejection of the Bible as meaning the rejection of God. You really can’t make that distinction.

  102. Loni says

    If you are trying to put people off reading this thread you are definitely going about it the right way. Get back to the topic at hand. You obviously have WAY too much time on your hands. People are entitled to their different belief systems. Stop cramming yours down everyone’s throats.

  103. jerry decaire says

    Is that your “belief system?” That someone ought not cram their belief system down anyone’s throats? You clearly didn’t read what i said as I was arguing with someone who is trying to “cram his belief system ” down mine and everyone elses throats-just as you are doing now-ASSHOLE!

  104. Loni says

    The name calling makes you particularly attractive. The comment was directed at both of you who have hijacked this thread for your own purposes. Guess I touched a nerve, huh?

  105. Holland says

    Hi I appreciate all your letters. I do and please dont assume I am being smug about it. Would yall like to go back to the very beginning and forget all that I said ? Instead of me telling you this is the way its got to be because God said so, let me ask the questions please. Yall teach me. In fact lets all of us make a deal not to bring Gods name up or His Word.
    Just one for starters.
    When someone says they have talked to the dead, do you believe them ?

    thats it for now. Just one question at a time.

    thank you !

  106. jerry decaire says

    As apparently I touched a nerve as well as evidenced by your response. We were on topic, you just didn’t like the length of the responses and then tried to “cram” your beliefs as to what the posts are for down our throats. You are what’s referred to as “passive aggressive”-you pretend to be reasonable but you slide in the implicit insult. As for me, I’m far more honest than that. I just lay the cards on the table and thus refer to you as “asshole.” Apparently the shoe fits.

  107. jerry decaire says

    Okay Holland. I had a precognitive dream that someone close to me wanted to die and was in the water and I pulled her out. Two months later she took her own life by jumping into Lake Michigan. They couldn’t recover her body and yet 4 months later I had these flashes in my head of her body washed ashore like an abandoned animal and it broke my heart. That next morning I was stuck in that in-between dream state where you know you are awake and simply opening your eyes would make you fully awake.It was then i saw a hand rising up out of a watery mist and her astral body swept across the bedroom and curled up next to me and i could literally feel her head as i caressed it-it was so tactile. The experience was short and I snapped out of it as if god were saying, “that’s enough.” To me, it was God’s way of saying, “She’s okay and in my hands now.” Because that brought me so much peace but not as much as the peace that followed. I sent an email telling her father the vision I had and 24 hours later he emailed me back to say her body was found on the very shore I saw her on in my vision. Her coming out of the water made perfect sense to me then in its symbolism. The experience was validated empirically for me. Yes, I believe we can communicate to the “dead” by permission of God and his reasons are compassionate ones as I was so tortured at that time. He wanted me to know, she’s okay and still alive-NOT dead.

  108. jerry decaire says

    And I’ve had so many similar experiences so who am i to say John Edward cannot connect with those who have crossed over? I did.

  109. Loni says

    Jerry, nice that you can write so eloquently and then call me an asshole because I think your personal diatribe on here is off topic. Classy.

  110. Holland says

    Dear Jerry, I am very sympathetic to your experience, but I have to mention you referred to ” God ” twice in your letter.

  111. jerry decaire says

    Your priorities will say a lot about you. It would seem that for you “classy” outweighs “honesty.” And if you had any class at all, you would have gleaned the heart of the messages rather than single out one word to summarize the remainder of its intent. And by the way, you have said the same thing as in the last post. At least I’m creative if not “classy.”

  112. Janice says

    Even on these topics, we regress! Those that have seen and believe do not need convincing….those that haven’t and don’t understand, or are afraid ,will have to see for themselves one day and maybe that’s completely OK. I personally am happy that others have found peace, inspiration and the extraordinary Love of God through any way possible! One day, we’ll all meet and say…..you were right and you were right and I was right and you were wrong, you were wrong and I was wrong.

  113. jerry decaire says

    Ooops! The “G” word slipped in. Now at least you know why I believe as I do-not because of a book.

  114. jerry decaire says

    That’s the smartest and most honest thing said here today. Thank you Janice.

  115. Janice says

    It’s exciting to think that we could be right about some things and be shown what we need to know about the rest!

  116. Ron says

    The question is “Can you talk to the dead?” I truly believe that we can. Here is one way. Many years ago when I was young I use to do this….and you can too! Go to the liquor store. Buy a bottle of whiskey, doesn’t make much difference what kind. Travel to the nearest cemetery. Start drinking and talking. That’s it, its a no-brainer! And ya know, you don’t even need the whiskey! But something happened, I grew up, stopped drinking alcohol and realized the dead people weren’t talking back…not even people I care so much for. So my answer is yes!

  117. says

    Death of my son eating me up like a cancer. Need to know he is at peace. Horrible accident that took another life as well. Destroyed that family…heavy cross to bear.

  118. says

    This blog has been censored. I came to visit it through the updates that were sent to me and noticed that my last post which had a link to my work on “what happens the moment you die ” has been taking down. So without the standard to which life and death is a servant to, there is nothing but speculation. Onward with the talking to the dead garbage !
    Christine, I am very sorry for your loss. As it is understood by me through the bible, your son knows nothing and feels nothing until Jesus calls up the dead for judgement on resurrection day. It is so very important to share the gospel of Jesus with everyone. Again I am saddened with you . Romans 12:15
    Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

  119. Loni says

    Christine, I am so sorry for your loss. This is not the place to be for advice or comfort, as it has been overtaken by people with individual agendas. Talk to your son, I am sure he is all around you. Look for signs from him, I’m sure you will find them. Do not consider talking to the dead to be garbage. I’m disappointed that people who believe so strongly in Jesus and the bible don’t believe that our spirits can continue to contact us after they pass. Again, my deepest sympathies on the loss of your son. Nothing anyone can say here will make you feel better. Seek out a genuine, recognized psychic. You might be pleasantly surprised. God bless you and your family.

  120. JD says

    Christine, Don’t listen to Holland’s rhetoric. It’s not even representative of orthodox Christianity and represents the doctrine of soul sleep prevalent in the 7th Day Adventist circles. The be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:7-8). And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise. Luke 23:43 (KJV) He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. Will any part of the Spirit of Jesus ever sleep? Be sure that not even physical death will ever separate us from the Love of God.

    And there is an experiential dimension to a relationship with God that even orthodoxy resists. I lost someone very special to suicide and have had after death communications with her. And no Holland, this was not a demon.

  121. JD says

    And Loni i agree with you. Isn’t it amazing that the religious who think themselves so spiritual reject the reality of our eternal souls? There are only two types of people who deny the power of the spirit: atheists and fundamental Christians. Isn’t that interesting?

  122. Holland says

    JD’ without even beginning to explain scriptural interpretation of the verses you used, please allow me to give you two examples of the bible precept on ones passing
    which can not be misconstrued.
    Jesus “said to them, ‘Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up.’ Then His disciples said, ‘Lord, if he sleeps he will get well.’ However, Jesus spoke of his death, but they thought that He was speaking about taking rest in sleep. Then Jesus said to them plainly, ‘Lazarus is dead.'” (John 11:11-14 NKJV). This spoken 3 days AFTER Lazarus death.
    King David – King David died oh a thousand years B.C., and the Bible says he slept ( dead ) with his fathers. You get down to Acts chapter 2 and Peter’s says David’s still dead, he’s still buried, and he’s not yet in Heaven. Acts:2:29 This verse literally says that King David at the time of the writings that he was still in the grave and hes still there now. There is no need for interpretation of this literal passage.
    “All that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth.” John 5:28, 29. “David … is both dead and buried, and his sepulchre is with us unto this day.” “For David is not ascended into the heavens.” Acts 2:29, 34. “If I wait, the grave is mine house.” Job 17:13.
    These are just a few exerpts from a major work about what happens to the dead right after death. The answer is “nothing” until judgement day. Even Job 7:10 says ‘he will return no more to his house’ (speaking of a dead person). Ecclesiastes 9:5, : For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.
    And JD, the puncuation in the bible is not inspired. They were not there in the original manuscripts but added during translation. A missplacement of the comma has changed the entire timing of the event, and the thief on the crosses comment is reflective of that – Luke 23: 42: …remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.
    Absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. JD, read the passages before and after. Its obvious that Paul is telling giving us a contrast between living in the carnal body and seperating that with our works and faith toward living for Christ so that he may be in the presence of Christ. If you need some elaboration on that, Im eager to share it with you.
    Christine, if you are here please read the bible for comfort and pray your heart out to God. He will hear you. Your son is at peace and will be raised at the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ. If you need proof that the bible is true and accurate in the things I am telling you , please let me know but first I agree with Loni, regardless what anyone tells you here, a blog where people are debating whether or not one can talk to the dead is not the place to come for comfort. I pray that you will be comforted in your time of unimagineable loss.

  123. Holland says

    JD , about the rejecting of eternal soul theory

    1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17. “We shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, … and the dead shall be raised incorruptible. … For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.”
    If the soul was naturally immortal it could never die. But God says Himself, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” So on the authority of God’s Word, souls do die after all.
    Read 1 Timothy 6:13 and 1 Timothy 6:16 you will understand for yourself because this is what it says: “I give thee charge in the sight of God … Who only hath immortality.” Man doesn’t have it. God has it by nature. Man is mortal and subject to death.
    So JD, if your a man after Gods Wisdom who uses scripture, please do not deny what Gods Word says. Our bodies die and so does our essence of life because of sin. But repeatedly God says that He will come at the last trump to raise the dead and then our “mortal and corrupt bodies” will put on immortality and incorruption. Until then only God has Immortality.
    The dead are dead until resurrection day.

  124. JD says

    A typical response from a dogmatist-a long liturgy of some biblical defense of their rhetoric. I am half way through my masters in theology and just about heard it all-including the skewed nonsense posted here. You need to take a look at that comma in the sentence where Jesus said “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise” – NOT- “I tell you the truth today, you will be with me in paradise.” And concerning Lazarus sleeping, all that meant is that he was what we referred to as bodily deceased. That is how they communicated that idea when a man died in that time period. And concerning all in their graves coming forth, that didn’t say it was enmasse and no indication as to whether it was one by one and in each person’s time or collectively-you just surmise collectively. Between what you say and what Jesus says, I’ll go with Jesus when he told the man on the cross he’d be in heaven that very day. Take a look at that comma-makes all the difference in the world. And don’t get back, I have much better things to do than to argue with a closed-minded religious kook who missed the heart of the Gospel message. You are hurting people with your unsound and unbiblical nonsense and it ticks me off. Your rhetoric outweighs someone else’s grief and that is so antiChrist.

  125. Holland says

    JD, Deuteronomy 18 – 10: There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
    11: Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
    12: For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee. nec·ro·man·cy n. 1. The practice of supposedly communicating with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future. 2. Black magic; sorcery. 3. Magic qualities JD, I dont know how much of Gods Word it will take to make this point of talking to the dead clear to you. If you dont want to believe Gods Word, then study the satanic bible, Im sure theres alot of reading material that will make you content.

  126. JD says

    And one more thing, read closely everything you posted here in an objective manner-it doesn’t say in any way what you read into it subjectively. Everyone agrees as to what the Bible says, but not everyone agrees as to what it MEANS. You are typical in your exclusionary approach to faith and all in an effort to set yourself apart from others. It’s like pointing a finger at others and saying I have the truth and you don’t. You strain out a gnat and yet swallow a camel. You are making big issue of the small issues and small issue of the big issues. You behave as if someone’s eternal destiny hinges on their acceptance of the doctrine of soul sleep. That is entirely antibiblical. And ought you not be more concerned for the person who is grieving over the loss of her son? What matters to you is proving that you’re right and everybody else is wrong. Any argument can be made from the Bible and contradictory points of view as well. For example, I’ll give you a passage that blatantly says that we don’t even know if the soul of a man even exists. Ecclesiastes 18-21. Check it out.

  127. JD says

    Holland-and all that crap about necromancers and mediums-all that stuff was in contention between religions in the Ancient Near East. There are also passages in the Bible that supports slavery and abducting virgins after slaying their husbands and even killing babies. Do you believe that too? Something tells me you do. Most people who can’t think for themselves will swallow anything. Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”
    And the atrocity you are committing here today is to neglect reaching out to a woman in grief by instead pumping her up with impertinent rhetoric.

  128. JD says

    That’s the point-it’s not God’s word but the bs of bronze age men and simians like yourself are still buying into it. Israel’s neighbors were heavy into divination and dream interpretation, mediumship, etc. They were competition for followers in that time period and that is why Israel was so hot and heavy against that stuff. As for after death communication, argue with Jesus about his meeting with Elijah and Moses. Looks like he doesn’t follow his own advice according to you.

  129. JD says

    I’m done here Holland and I think any intelligent person can see you for what you are. I know, you fancy yourself a soldier for Jesus and you have cast your pearls before swine and now you are ready to wipe the dust from your sandals. You’re a legend in your own mind. Just love people Holland and stop being everyone’s judge and stop taking an ancient book that is so inconsistent so seriously. Do what Jesus says and use that brain he gave you: “Don’t judge by mere appearances but rather make a righteous judgement” And he did in fact break the Sabbath laws at that time and according to the OT. Maybe it’s time to reconsider mediumship as a real way to alleviate the pain of loss as much as we are asked to reconsider the inflexibility of Sabbath laws. Something to think about. By thw way, stop quoting scripture and learn to think for yourself. It does wonders for the complexion.

  130. Holland says

    I have spoke my peace. Again my sentiments to Christine.
    Im am sorry there was an issue that she or anyone for that matter
    would consider talking to the dead under any cirumstance.
    Without mans creator man will always try to rectify things
    his own way and will always fail in the end. Dont believe it ?
    Turn on the news. I came here in Dr Oz;s website to speak
    my belief on something that would obviously cause me to
    be an oucast because the blog was designed to attract
    those who did not know God. Jesus never comprimised
    the truth and I have been told to walk in reflection to his life.
    Never had I any intention to show that I had no love toward
    Christine and her compassion toward her situation and I surely
    wasnt going to lie or candycoat the truth which would certainly
    cause her to sway to believing things that are contrary to Gods
    Word which has been proving beyond a doubt to be true.
    I was already bashed once here for speaking my beliefs but it is to no suprise.
    Jesus said I would be persecuted for his namesake. Continue
    communicating with the dead if thats what you so desire.
    I will communicate with the Master who is in charge of both
    life and death.

    Rv:22:11: He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

  131. JD says

    That’s a hell of an arrogant assumption that the people who post here are godless. You assume that merely because they haven’t jumped on board with your skew on God. So you are one of the righteous eh? You sound like the Pharisee who believed himself better than the publican. And like him, you will return to your home unjustified.

  132. Marvin Sanders says

    I enjoy reading comments about John Edward and people who communicate with relatives who have passed on. All others . it would be appreciated if you would find your own thread. Thank you.

  133. JD says

    So you’re trying to control the conversation? Some topics discussed here are indirectly associated with this very topic. Like for example, what appears to be a religious debate is my responding to someone who thinks John Edward is demonically possessed. I think that’s nonsense and made my points known-as is my right no less than whatever you want to post.

  134. Marvin Sanders says

    You may be controlling this site. Just look at all the long comments between a few people

  135. Anna says

    I have read all the comments that everyone has made about John Edwards. My experience is a very strange one indeed that actually made me a believer in mediums. My father died 2 years ago, and even to this day I grieve. On my Birthday in July of this year, I was with my family at the movie theaters. After the movie we all decided to go out to dinner, my mother was also in town for this occasion. We all headed out to our cars, my older daughter was the last to leave. As she was leaving an older lady about 80 years old stopped her and told her that she had to relay a message to her. This lady was having lunch and stopped everything to talk to my daughter, she told her that her grandfather (my dad) wanted to tell her that ” You ladies have a wonderful celebration, and place a glass of wine for me”! My daughter is very skeptical and asked the lady to describe him. She was very accurate in her description. She told her that he is at peace and happy, and that he loves us all. This old lady used to do readings, but no longer. The only reason she stopped my daughter is because my dad was very persistent in getting his message across. She had no way of knowing that it was my birthday and did not see me or my mom to know that there were more than one ladies. I do believe that the dead do try to communicate with us, we are just not listening.

  136. Anna says

    I also forgot to mention that before my mom came to visit me, she asked me if I wanted her to bring me anything special. I told her that all I wanted was some wine. Is that a coincidence or what?

  137. Doug Palmer says

    The nonsense comes from those who think spirits don’t exist. That thinking is ridiculous, do you think you know all there is to know in the universe or what reality is? Ive dealt with spirits first hand, I don’t belieev theye exist, I know they do. Try taking Edwards on.

  138. Doug Palmer says

    There are people who can indeed communicate with those who have died. When the body dies, we return to the light that we came from. We are spirit, using a temporary vehicle. There is also no punishment for believing we are not. The worst that may happen is one may feel foolish for thinking we are not spirit, as we will know what we are when the body dies.

  139. Rhonda says

    I have lost 3 loved one in a row ,2 sisters and my Mom ,I feel so alone .I”m on 3 nerve Pills a day just to get through the day ,how I wish this was all true .I wish John would give me a reading But I”m not so sure I believe…

  140. Jerry DeCaire says

    Hi Rhonda,

    If it helps you are not at all alone though that doesn’t diminish your pain in any way. I have lost both parents at young ages and my one true love took her own life 3 years ago. I understand pain. I have studied the concept of fundamental consciousness for some time now and feel utterly confident there is something after this life. I have even had some pretty amazing experiences to suggest we are more than our bodies. As for John, if anyone is a true medium i guess he’d be the one. But you don’t have to pin your hopes on him and I believe he’d tell you the same. You MUST order the book: Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near Death Experience by Pim Van Lommel. An excellent read that gives real hope and not just platitudes. See John Eccles’ Downward causation model and Kelly & Kelly’s Irreducible Mind. The last two publications are a difficult read and very scientific but it gives the support you are looking for. One more thing: Look up Eben Alexander / Near Death Experience on YouTube and watch. Also look up that name along with his story on Beyond Belief. Look up Al Sullivan Near Death Experience. It will comfort you, I promise. And if you want more vids there’s more where those came from-just ask.

  141. Jodi says

    OK! Since when did Jesus become God!! He was just another human being who happened to have a little bit of extra “umph” to his dna. Read Sylvia Browne to people, sshe changed my life!!

  142. Holland says

    Jodie, you asked when did Jesus become God ?
    Well the first indication I found was Gen:1:26: when God said ” Let US ” make man in OUR image. That was the reference to Jesus being 1 part of the 3 part trinity which makes up the Godhead, yet each havng the fullness of God. Later Jesus came to earth being made a man in flesh to suffer a great penalty that belonged to both you and me for the forgivess of our sins. Id assume that Jesus was God…hmmmmmm, long before man existed. Id like to respectfully ask you something that interests me. You acknowledge that Jesus exists but yet not in the capacity that the bible claims. From where do you gather your information that Jesus was ” ONLY” a human being ? Secondly where did Jesus get this ” extra umph” to his dna from ?

  143. Ron says

    The question is “Can you talk to the dead?” I truly believe that we can. Here is one way. Many years ago when I was young I use to do this….and you can too! Go to the liquor store. Buy a bottle of whiskey, doesn’t make much difference what kind. Travel to the nearest cemetery. Start drinking and talking. That’s it, its a no-brainer! And ya know, you don’t even need the whiskey! But something happened, I grew up, stopped drinking alcohol and realized the dead people weren’t talking back…not even people I care so much for. So my answer is yes you can talk to the dead!

  144. jerry decaire says

    Thank you Obe-Won. You got that from Paul Kurtz. Are you going to plagarize the whole thing for us or do you have some thoughts of your own? I got that from “Good Will Hunting.”

  145. kristi says

    Just finished reading almost every single thread and I just want to say that every single thing that was said here was and is fascinating to read. It helps for people to see the whole picture and I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences, debates, personal beliefs with all the humor, ignorance, arrogance, truthfulness, fear, love, understanding, and compassion. Nobody should be telling anyone what they should write or not write because you never know who might be visiting this thread and for every post there is something that someone could benefit from and resonate with and that is all that matters! It is true testament to a God that wants us all to be interconnected and hear Him speak as we all speak through Him and for Him. Some people have spoken from fear and some from love and light, It is up to us to distinguish the difference and if you can’t then you still have your blinders on, but someday we will all leave this dimension and we will all know what is true and what is just our ego and our fears blinding us from the Truth… Jerry I personally agree and resonate with everything you said, (I too had the same experience) thank God that he is able to speak to our hearts and not just through an edited text written mostly by man. I find you an inspiring human being for sharing so much and standing up for your beliefs!! God Bless!

  146. kristi says

    Also not to say john isn’t amazing, he probably is, but if you can’t get to one of his events then why not ask around and try to find a medium near you as there are many good ones out there. I have had a great experience with nearly every medium I have been to. It can give you so much comfort and is worth a try I encourage you and especially all the skeptics to experience it first hand at least once before you weigh in for it is ignorant to have an opinion on things you are uneducated on.

  147. jerry decaire says

    Thanks Kristi. I’m learning not to argue though. It gets me nowwhere. Once men have their minds made up-it’s all over no mattrer what evidence you give. But I do believe the Bible is valuable-just not literally inerrant. If i belived that, then the Bible would be my God. As they say, never give advice: Fools won’t heed it and wise men don’t need it.

  148. kristi says

    That is true Jerry, However, in my opinion you were not arguing. You were debating, and doing a darn good job. Accept if it were a real debate you would probably go over the time limit, but that’s OK because that’s what they all do…You would be a great politician 🙂 You gave references, facts, and wisdom through personal experience to refute the opinions of others. I thought you did a tremendous job and are eloquent at debating. Even when you through in the “asshole” word at someone, I thought it was justified lol 😉 Not saying that that person is one, but the comment they made was a bit rude, and after you gave all that time to prove your point, I can see why it would of made you angry. You are only human after all.

  149. kristi says

    In my personal experience and opinion seeking comfort from a medium can be a wonderful gift. The most important thing we must do after losing a loved one is to find a way to have peace in our hearts again, after all it is joy and peace that God wants for us. For that is our natural state and the only reason we don’t have it is our ego and fear gets in the way. I lost my brother a couple of years ago he was only 29. I had such a heavy heart after his passing and here is why. A month before his passing i had a dream that he had died. It was a brief dream but there was no doubt about it he was gone 🙁 I woke up feeling like it was so real. So I searched online to find out if dreaming of a someone dying meant that they were going do die. The only thing i could find on the dream interpretations was.that this almost never means they will die literally but that they are going to be entering into a new time in their life like some big life change is going to happen, so this made me feel much better and i decided i would not tell anyone i had a dream that he died as i didn’t want to scare anyone. However the next time I saw him I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief and happiness that he was still here. I saw more of my brother in the next few weeks after that dream by strange coincidence (of course, i now belief there are no “coincidences”). Every time i saw him after that crazy dream, I just reveled in his presence and took everything in. This was not normal for me to do as me and him had grown apart a little bit. we still cared for one another but were just on separate pages in our lives. He had been going through areal rough time though and i was worried about him. Well, the inevitable happened and he was taken away in a flash a month after my dream. I was left with such a feeling of guilt “why didn’t I tell anyone about that dream” “if only I had he might still be alive”, “why would God be so cruel to put his life in my some responsibility”, that would not be fair only a cruel god would do such a thing. I was in utter despair and inner turmoil. Now some of you would say that I need to just “have faith” to get over this kind of pain and anguish, but you know what that is just not that simple to do. So I decided to see a medium to help me through these feelings that I could not seem to “get over”. I also was fortunate enough to get a visit from my brother after he passed away in a comforting dream. He also visited my daughter and an Aunt. The point of all this is that even though we believe in God and have faith in the afterlife we still have a need for mediums as well as sometimes our egos and fears get in the way of us finding peace and if you can get that back by consulting in a medium i do not see how that is harmful and why would a loving, compassionate and merciful God get angry enough to send you to hell over it. that is just ludicrous. Any religion that instills fear and close mindedness i belief is more likely to be a brain washing religion and that can be harmful to a person’s state of being. So if you think you know all the answers and your way is the only way and you are better or know better than anyone else than I pray that you get an ego check, and that you find your way back to a peaceful being-ness.

  150. kristi says

    Another point i wanted to remind you all is that we are all connected and part of the same Oneness that we call God. He loves us all and wants us to all love one another and to remind one another that we are of God. Jesus was here to remind us all how much he really does love us, so lets keep the hate and fear stuff in check and just try to be of comfort and assistance to one another through Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Peace be with you. May the love and compassion of Him fill your heart always and forever <3 as the Beatles sang about "all we need is Love", and "Imagine all the people, living as One". I'm not a big Beatles fan, but I love those lyrics 🙂

  151. Dr Alan Fernandes says

    Kristy,I get dreams that are premonitions as well ,all the time(since I was a child)and until the last 10 or so years only considered them coincidences .Your dream was not a coincidence as I believe it made you connect with your brother even more in the short time you had ,before his passing and that is what its purpose was.His death was charted and even if you had said something about your dream,it most probably would not have mattered.His passing also had nothing to do with an angry God etc.-he had finished what he had come to earth to accomplish and was returning home.I know this doesn’t help with your grief and I do feel for your loss.God bless Alan

  152. jerry decaire says

    I agree about the ego thing-mine was utterly destroyed after my loss. It felt as if I was walking in two worlds-this and the other-and was left drained. Only absence of ego seems to give one access to spiritual experiences. Your story Kristi so closely resembles my own-so close. I have had so many I cannot enumerate here but I am writing and illustrating a book on this. It may surprise you but I have illustrated those crazy superhero characters so popular in the movies today. My books include X-Men, Thor, Wolverine, Punisher, Conan, and many others. I was also just recently featured in China’s most popular Fantasy Art Magazine and they allowed me to include a devotion to my lost love Brandi. I have had so many synchronous events, precog events, ADC’s, and other powerful things that have become far more frequent since my loss. Critics will say that after loss you look for those things but I know it’s because you are finally paying attention. Would it interest you to know and anyone else here that I have my predictions of her death and how they found her in dated emails and then the event follows in newspaper stories that are also dated online and in the papers themselves? This defies the usual arguments that these things are only “brain farts” or “faulty memory syndrome.” The skeptics take real brain-based phenomena and conflate them with unrelated phenomena and think the issue is resolved. It makes them sleep better at night. As for me, the phenomena itself actually makes me sleep better. It doesn’t scare me at all. Maybe that’s the real difference between believers and skeptics? And Dr. Fernandez, it’s good to see a PhD putting in their two-cents on this topic. May I ask what field your thesis was in?

  153. kristi says

    Thank you for your comforting words Dr Alan and Jerry. It’s always nice to know that we are not alone when we are experiencing what some may call “strange phenomena”, as Jerry said when you allow your ego to rest and release fear from your life this kind of stuff does give peace of mind and spirit! Just wish the people that are still clinging so tightly to their ego’s and pride would just let go of it and experience these glorious gifts we have been given 🙂 Jerry i find it fascinating that you are so intelligent and creative, and have experienced such powerful metaphysical things. Sometimes I wish I had more of these experiences because I really think it’s what it seems to me is what should be the norm. especially since the bible speaks so much of these types of things that are extraordinary it seems like it would and should be what is normal, but maybe not until more people start recognizing it will it be common place. Besides I think finding things in life’s more subtle occurrences is helping me “fine tune” my own spiritual gifts…Bye the way my brother’s son LOVES superheros!!!

  154. kristi says

    wow I just realized how terrible my grammar has gotten since I haven’t been writing properly in so long.. too much texting and shorthand these days lol. I apologize for not proof reading before posting.

  155. Mark says

    Kristi, there is no need to apologize. I find your comments very interesting. You may find research by Achara as a resource for comment as well.

  156. kristi says

    Thank you Mark, that makes me feel much better lol.. Achara? are you referring to dhama or Hinduism? that’s all that came up when I typed it into Google lol

  157. jerry decaire says

    I agree with Mark-no need to apologize. And what for? Your words of kindness and open-mindedness? Always be you, no matter what. If you are not you and true to yourself, you are not useful to anyone and mostly to yourself. And if anyone cannot accept you, then move on and go to someone who can.

  158. Mark says

    I am referring to Achara S , pen name for DM Murdock. She is an independent scholar of comparitive religion and mythology.DM Murdock has a website and the author of several books I thought you may find interesting.

  159. jac says

    Perhaps, if we stop calling ‘the dead’, the dead and recognize it is just a transition to another frequency of energy, we would not get hung up on whether it is right or wrong and just accept it for what it is.

    If we imagine a loved one going on a holiday cruise, do we fret, no, we wish them well…do we miss them, yes, at times we do…do we want to know they are well, certainly. At this time of instant communication, we are loosing the ability to communicate in the most natural way. If one can see that there is no end, just a transition which will come eventually in whatever way it comes…then we will not be so hurt, sad and desperate as we are in thinking it is the end.

    So many have had experiences that defy what we have been taught…so many have been told to mistrust and fear what they have experienced and continue living the imposed programming as if it were more real than their own experiences. Even John Edwards had to learn that during his life time…trust one’s own reality…we do know much more than we think.

    Normally, I do not write on any blogs or forums…just felt inspired this morning and stumbled across this one…thank you for reading and for your replies. Jac

  160. Mark says

    I would like to add to what jac has said. We share the same spirit universe no matter indifference of personal choice.

  161. cari says

    John Edwards is a known fraud. He is watched and has been investigated by the FBI many times for taking money fraudulently. He does his research on his victims and does not contact anyone but his financial advisor. Sorry John, but you are a fraud. I’m a nurse too and I don’t pretend to contact patients dead relatives. It sickens me to see how well played your technique is. It is so obvious to those of us who are smarter than you. You really are a disgusting human being. I also know your ‘ghost writer’ (in Northport) for your books, and he does agree you are a fraud.

  162. Ron says

    I talk to my dog but she don’t listen. Ha ha ha Haaaaaaaaa, thanks Cari! Hey losers please read my other posts, that’s the truth. Hey, people that are living don’t listen why would a dead person.

  163. kristi says

    Dear Cari, if that is true that the FBI has investigated john edwards for taking money fraudulently, then why is he not in jail? that is a serious crime that is not taken lightly. I’d like to know where you got that info from… either way though, I still know that myself and many others have experienced communication from spirit personally, so no matter what any skeptics say and try to prove that it is not possible, those of us who have experienced it know the real truth… by the way John Edwards is on Dr Phil today!!! Lets watch it and see for ourselves. I know there’s gonna be people trying to expose dr phil as fraudulent too but again… is he in jail? no!! so there you go!

  164. Uralldumbazhell says

    I simply cannot believe how many retards there are in this world to believe any of this. Micheal Shermer has done it. Penn & Teller have done it. Any person that understands misdirection and cold reading can do it. Anyone that believes it is a moron, including Dr. Oz.

  165. Mark says

    Urallbumbazhell,you think you know it all and above everyone else. Your ego rules your brain and shows ignorance to match.

  166. jerry decaire says

    Yes, with whom does Urallbumbazhell presume he’s having a conversation with…”retards?” If he really believed that then how peculiar that he would choose idiots as his audience. Does he actually presume that he will sway others to his narrow-mindedness? Of course not because to him they are idiots. No, the only motivation here would be to assauge his own fears or to simpy derive pleasure from ridiculing others. The first would make him a coward and the second makes him only petty. Urallbumbazehell doesn’t think…he “knows.” In fact, the minute I read “retards” I knew it was a cynic. How did I know? The believers are nice folks and the cynics are nasty. No wonder they want to deny God and spirituality…they know where they are going.

  167. Raymond says

    Although John Edward was among five “highly skilled mediums” who allegedly fared well on tests of their ability (Schwartz et al. 2001)-experiments critiqued elsewhere in this issue (Wiseman and O’Keeffe, see page 26)-he did not claim validation on Larry King Live. When King (2001) asked Edward if he thought there would ever be proof of spirit contact, Edward responded by suggesting proof was unattainable, that only belief matters: “. . . I think that to prove it is a personal thing. It is like saying, prove God. If you have a belief system and you have faith, then there is nothing really more than that.” But this is an attempt to insulate a position and to evade or shift the burden of proof, which is always on the claimant. As Houdini (1924, 270) emphatically stated, “It is not for us to prove the mediums are dishonest, it is for them to prove that they are honest.” In my opinion John Edward has already failed that test.

  168. Raymond says

    As mentioned above, Harry Houdini (the famous magician) spent years trying to communicate with his mother, Cecilia Weiss, who passed over in 1913. He spent so much time in fact that he eventually became a psychic debunker exposing the fraudulent spiritualists who preyed upon grieving families. He NEVER successfully acheived his goal of communicating with the “other side.”

    Prior to his untimely death in 1926, Houdini made a secret pact with Bess, his wife of thirty-two years. They made a ten word code which only each of them knew. Each would try their best to communicate with the other once they passed over. The correct code would act as proof that it was really them coming through from the other side. For ten (10) years Mrs. Houdini offered a $10,000 reward for anyone, psychic or layman, who could communicate with Harry. She visited psychics from around the world in an attempt to communicate with him. Not a single psychic could produce the secret code, although almost all of them claimed to have communicated with Houdini himself on the other side. In her last seance in 1936, she tried one final time to reach Harry. After this final failure, Bess made this little speech, “I do not think that Harry will come back to me, or anyone. I think the dead don’t speak. I now regretfully turn out the light. This is the end, Harry, good night!” She then blew out the candle that she had lit after his death and that had been buring for him for ten years. In 1937, Mrs. Houdini, sent out a final letter to the media, the general public and to those psychics who participated saying, “Since the failure of the ten year test, it is my opinion that all concerned have struck a mighty worldwide blow at superstition.”

    By the way, Houdini’s ten word secret code was: “Rosabelle – Answer – Tell – Pray, Answer – Look – Tell – Answer, Answer – Tell.” It was based upon an old Vaudeville mindreading routine. “Rosabelle” was the name of the song Bess was singing when the two first met. The other words correspond to a secret spelling code used to pass information between a magician and his assistant during a mind reading act. Each word or word pairs equals a letter. The word “Answer” stood for the letter “B”, for example. “Answer, Answer” stood for the letter “V”. With this unique code within a code, Houdini’s secret spelled out the word, “BELIEVE.”

    For more information regarding Readers, Mediums, cold reading techniques and other paranormal debunking, consult the James Randi Educational Foundation.

  169. Pam Montgomery (author). says

    I ask that you shift your focus from being observer to being the observed. Communication comes in many forms and can be as simple as an experience that opens a particular door of perception, thus inviting connection.

  170. Ron says

    So true Pam! My Dog communicates in a few ways, but mostly a couple different types of barking and high pitch whines. Both are very annoying. She was really bad with the barking when I would leave her in my truck and go into Lowes or the grocery store. She’s more use to it now, because she knows I’m gonna come back.

  171. June says

    The times that are ahead are really exciting. I really love that many psychic mediums are gaining a great amount of attention in the media. It seems like everyday there is more talk about intuition, spirit, consciousness, the universe. About ten years ago I had my first psychic reading in New Orleans with a woman named Roy, and my openess to this all has snowballed since then. I feel that all of these shows are creating so much momentum, people are awakening to a greater part of themselves. This is wonderful 🙂

  172. Josi says

    I saw John E. on Anderson Cooper earlier this week and I find it interesting that the final connection, was oddly similar to the one described above from the Dr. Oz Show. He picked up something, which the lady he was questioning denied, then he persisted, saying there was a strong feeling about whatever he was saying (apologies, I can’t remember the details). The woman sitting next to her stood up and confirmed that John’s feelings were connected to her. Just coincidence? I’m not so sure, it seems scripted.

  173. A. Nonymous says

    Ecclesiastes 9:5…..”For the living know that they shall die, but the Dead they know Nothing….

  174. jdec says

    Ecclesiastes also says we are like the animals and who knows if man even has a soul. So I wouldn’t rely too heavily on Ecclesiastes to prove anything unless you’re willing to admit you have no soul and ultimately you end up 10 feet under and nothing more. But of course, i can smell you a mile away-you’re an advocate of soul sleep who has his nose buried in legalism and fundamentalist rhetoric and can’t see the forest for the trees. People like you but a premium emphasis on unimportant things like soul sleep (strain out gnats and yet swallow camels) and never underscore the importance of love which Jesus and Paul point out is all important and so much so that without it one is as a resounding gong no matter what their gifts. Quit being a Bible jerk and start caring for others. THEN they’ll listen to you.

  175. Gertrude Fleurantin says

    I wonder if this is real.. if so I would like to try it because I am really grieving over the lost of someone I was madly in love with and I just don’t know what else to do ??

  176. PISSSYCIChs says

    My roommates neighbor’s father in law’s cat ate a mouse that was hit by a car on St. Patrick’s day.

    There is no limit to the stupidity.

  177. Barb says

    I loved John Edward after my parents passed. I went to a seminar of his. On my way there, I asked my dad to acknowledge the bird, and my mom to acknowledge my birthday. Both things were brought up. He said I have to acknowledge its someone’s birthday. And then he said I’m seeing the partridge family the bird..and he moved on. He did exactly what I asked for. Well wasn’t I a believer. Now I have always believed and loved god. I always thought that god gave him this wonderful gift. Well guess what people…this is not god!!! I have been deceived. The devil used my low point to get me to believe in something that is totally against gods word. The dead no noth

  178. Barb says

    Opps….the dead no nothing. As hard as that is to hear, and trust me I was devastated to learn. As much as I want my loved ones watching over me….they are not!! God is however watching over us. We will be reunited with them one day. But please..read your bible. Look it up on the Internet. What the the bible say about death, and life after. The devil will deceive you to get you to move away from The Lord and his word. John Edward should know better..hello he is catholic!! Oh and another…anyone who charges $750 for is the devil. Preying on vulnerable people…wake up people…no wonder this world is coming to the end.

  179. JD says

    Anyone who thinks Catholics are going to hell apriori has nothing of any value to say. Paul describes those with the gift to discern spirits-look it up. And how does any of this move people away from God? Man, if I got a message like you did, I’d have the faith of Job. Read that passage about a kingdom divided. If John is increasing faith in God by what he does, how does that service Satan’s kingdom? You’re an evangelical nutcase.

  180. Ron says

    Barb has the gift of discerning spirits. Please read your bible again and read that verse about Paul discerning spirits in its context.

  181. bean says

    The comment that a psychic cannot perform consistently is important. God keeps it that way for a reason….so a psychic will remain humble. God gives the gift of seeing, hearing or feeling these messages. I do not charge any money for my psychic assistance. When a person seeks psychic help from me, I always notice how the help turns us to God in a way that feels right. If you still totally reject the idea, that’s okay. Remember, we have angels and they bring messages. Perhaps the angels are transmitting the info that a psychic or the famous Mr. Edwards is receiving.

  182. JD says

    As a person on his way to acquiring his masters in theology I can assure you Ron that I understand the context of that biblical passage and even the historical context of the Ancient Near East and why biblical authors had a problem with mediumship. Israel was in competition with their ANE neighbors and vied for mystical powers as a warning to others. The problem I have is with those who take a 3400 year old book literally that supports infanticide and slavery and abuse of women. Then there’s the ever-changing “canon”: There’s the Easter letter of 367, when Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, gave a list of the books that would become the twenty-seven-book NT canon, then there’s the council of Carthage under St. Augustine and Clement of Rome in the 1st century never regarded Paul’s letters as the word of God. There were tweaks and changes as to what was canon by Marcion of Sinope, Justin Martyr, and Irenaeus who decided which books ought to comprise the four gospels. Tatian “weaved” together other text in the Gospels that were not originally there. Between 140 and 220, both internal and external forces caused Proto-orthodox Christianity to begin to systematize both its doctrines and its view of revelation. Much of the systemization came about as a defense against the diverse Early Christian viewpoints that competed with emerging Proto-Orthodoxy. We finally get the Muratorian canon derived from parchment that is damaged and thus incomplete, and was a bad Latin translation of an original, no longer extant Greek text that is usually dated in the late 2nd century. Constsntine the Great essentially paid a bunch of theologians to convene and concoct a final compendium of books regarded as final but even as late as after 1947 four changes were made to the book of Isaiah thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Then there’s the ejection of the Apocryphal books. So what this means Ron is that all throughout history never did we have what could be called the complete and untarnished word of God. So you’ll have to pardon me if I don’t take passages too seriously that say we ought not to seek out diviners and such (who were employees of other ANE neighbors of Israel and in mystical competition with them). I take the Bible far too seriously to take it literally-Karl Barth

  183. Shari says

    I do believe John Edwards has a natural psychic gift. But I also believe he is only in it for the money- if his main motivation for giving the shows, readings, etc., was to help people, then he should be able to provide readings for less than his going rate of $800 (especially in this economy). And $200 for a ticket to his shows in 2013? Really???

  184. Megan Bagwell-Johnston says

    Before I became 17 i never used to see dead people in my dreams. however lately i have been having dreams where a little girl and a little boy are trying to talk to me but can’t they are dressed in Tudor clothing one minute then dressed in Victorian but they are the same children. they have no connection to me what so ever i was wondering if anyone could help me to help these children move over to the next life or for me to hear what they are saying.

  185. Laura A. Raymond says

    Hi I’m Laura and have had strong DEFINATE feelings of ending my own life. I’ve had a strong need to not be here and my father knowing this.. did something to assure when the time comes i’ll rest in peace. I need to hear some answers to believe that it wasn’t my fault that they died..hear them in their own words. I need to talk to them “one more time” for these answers.
    Please Mr John Edwards contact me soon…I’m losing grip on this “last knot” of my rope of life. 6-19-14

  186. Lynette says

    Laura, I hope you are just trying to get a response from people and you don’t really fell like ending your life. Please don’t do that. We have had 2 people in our family and friends group commit suicide. It is devastating to those left behind. The problems you are feeling are temporary, the solution you are considering is permanent. Please seek help from a friend, counsellor, minister, teacher, anyone who can provide support and help show you that there are many other paths to take besides ending your life.. It is not your fault that anyone died, please don’t blame yourself. You can move forward and heal from the pain you are feeling, although it may not seem that way right now. Sending hugs and prayers. Lynette.

  187. valerie says

    I just lost my daughter last week I hope this is real the only hope I have is to have my daughter give me a sign or talk to a medium without I don’t think I can live

  188. Laura Godek says

    I believe that relatives and family can communicate with the dead My father pass away in May 2011 3 days before his birthday. We have a good relationship and I was always Daddy’s little girl When my sister sold the house I moved into a studio apartment. A few months later I woke up and felt my Dad’s presence. I was confused and thought I was still living with him. My family members think it was an angel. I don’t think so It was the same exact feeling I had when I live with my Dad I would like to meet with John Edwards to communicate with my dad.

  189. Dee says

    Very interesting discussion and I firmly believe spiritual communication with the dead is possible..i have had my own experiences that would make it hard to deny. I may not understand it and may still, for myself, question if it is wise to mess with such things..but i always try to keep a open mind.

    I do not know if John Edward’s is this or that as i have never had any personal experiences with him, but honestly, I would not want to judge to only find out i was foolishly judging what God placed his hand upon to be. What may be right for John Edward’s may not be a calling for others….one can not understand that which they were never intended to….and maybe why this is soo hard for some to grasp. I believe each person’s work in life and their beliefs are between them and God.

  190. Lily says

    Many years ago my sister and I took my father to see John. I was,a skeptic. We purchased tickets under my husbands name and seating was first come first serve so they had no idea who we were. We got a random reading and not only did John have names 100% accurate he knew things impossible for him to know. Like the fact that she died on my birthday and tried to hang on til the next day. He knew stuff that we did not know but my father knew like she stopped her chemo treatment on the 3rd treatment because she couldn’t handle it anymore. I never knew that but my father did. John knew my sister and I were her daughters but said she said she also had a son who was not there. That was true. She talked about a recent visit from my cousin Patty. So many other things that were 100% correct. It was literally the most unbelievable thing ever.

  191. Lillian J Hulse says

    Yes, they absolutely do and can. Those who are closed minded, and don’t want to believe, that is fine no one is forcing you.

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