Dr Oz & John Gray: Couples Show: How Hormones Affect Marriage


Dr Oz Couples Show

Doctor Oz said it was Couples Day on the Dr Oz Show today so he spoke about Shocking Ways Your Hormones Are Affecting Your Marriage.  Couples want to improve their relationships and figure out why they don’t see eye-to-eye, and do you know what science is saying the reason is?  Your hormones!  Perhaps hormones can explain why husband’s think their wives are cranky and why men don’t like to talk.

Dr Oz: John Gray Relationship Advice

Dr John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and his latest book Venus On Fire Mars On Ice, has changed the way men and women see each other.  Gray is the best selling relationship author of all time and has topped 50 million in book sales worldwide.  He has revolutionized how men and women look at romance.  Men need to be men and women need to be women, but we also need to learn how to come together.  John Gray has counseled many couples over the last 20 years and now he can finally explain using science why men and women are so different.  Science shows that hormones control your emotions, so by learning how to balance hormones, you will get more love and success in your relationships.

Dr Oz: Hormones Affect Relationships

Dr Oz has spoken in the past about how hormones influence health issues in the body, but he never realized how much hormones affect relationships.  Science reveals a relationship between your mind and body and hormones in your body determine your mood and your interest in your partner.  Doctor Oz asked John Gray if there is a relationship problem, is it more often because of hormonal issues in the woman or the man?  Gray said that it is equally a problem with a man’s hormones as it is with a woman’s hormones.  Men have a 7 day cycle, whereas we all know that women have a 28 day cycle.  If a man does not have love, then his testosterone keeps going higher and higher until the 7th day, and then on the 8th day it goes down again.

Dr Oz: Testosterone vs Oxytocin

John Gray said that the hormone that affects your marriage in women is Oxytocin, whereas the hormone is testosterone in men.  Oxytocin is released when a woman is nurturing, feeling romance, etc. and the Oxytocin helps the stress levels to go down.  However, in a man, if the Oxytocin levels increase he just gets really tired and it does nothing for his stress levels.  But John Gray told Dr Oz that the number one hormone destroying your relationship is Cortisol.  When you are in a bad mood, your Cortisol levels are elevated.  Dr Gray said that if he can tell that his wife is upset about something, he immediately says lets eat something first before talking about it.

Dr Oz: Watching TV Rebuilds Testosterone

Doctor Oz found a lady who said that at the end of the day her house is messy and there are dishes in the sink, but instead of her husband helping,  he plops down on the couch and watches television.  Why is it that My Husband Won’t Get Off The Couch?  Her husband said that he works hard 12 hour days and just wants to relax when he gets home.  The truth is that women are more stressed today than men and so our stress levels are higher.  When women come home, they are look for Oxytocin to help reduce their stress, but when men come home they are looking for Testosterone.  Men need to rebuild 30 time more testosterone than women, and this happens the best when they relax their muscles and watch tv apparently!


  1. starla says

    I had a hysterectomy three years ago… I’m getting worse by the day.. My husband thinks I just hate him… I’m tired cranky, An everything in-between… He duck hunts An He’ s tired… He works three days a week to my six… for sure I’m tired.. But I can go from great mood. To a GIANT JERK, IN less than a second… Then cry Cause I feel bad… I Give up!! Not sure, How To feel anymore, Cause this is the normal at my house…

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