Dr. Oz: John Salley’s Back to the Glory Days Action Diet Plan

Doctor Oz had John Salley, NBA basketball star, on his show to help inspire us to get back to our healthiest selves with John Salley’s special 3 step diet plan.  This powerful combination of  healthy foods and exercise will have us in our best physical shape ever, in no time!

Dr. Oz & John Salley’s Back to the Glory Days 3 Step Plan:

1.  Go Green

Eat a minimum of one green meal every day.  Leafy greens are great with brightly colored veggetables like red and orange bell peppers.  You want to keep you meals high in fiber and loaded with antioxidants so that you will lose weight and feel good (be in a happy mood!).  Here is John Salley’s Go-Green Salad Recipe.  You can also try things like this Spinach Raspberry Flax Seed Oil Shake Recipe or Dr. Oz’s Green Drink Recipe.

2.  Binge Prevention

If you starve yourself, your diet is clearly not on a sustainable lifestyle… which just means that you are on a yo-yo diet and sooner or later you will stop that diet and gain back all of the weight you lost and even more.  Instead, don’t go more than a couple of hours without having a snack or a meal.  Plus, by having many little snacks and meals instead of 3 big meals every day, your metabolism will get a boost.  Some healthy snack options include an apple with peanut butter, vegetables with hummus, low fat granola, walnuts or almonds, and tortilla chips with low sodium salsa.

3.  Posture Perfect

Have you ever tried pilates?  If not, give pilates a try!  Pilates is a low impact exercise program that builds your core muscles and tones you all over.  Also, try to get a minimum of 45 minutes of cardio exercise daily.

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