Dr Oz & Joy Behar: Heart Attacks & Aspirin Pill Tote Keychain


Dr Oz’s show today was called “Ask Dr Oz Celebrity Edition,” and one of his guests was Joy Behar from The View and the Joy Behar Show.  Joy told Doctor Oz that her mother had her first heart attack at the age of 50 and that she died from a heart condition.  Also, Joy’s uncle was 58 when he died from a heart attack while he was behind the wheel driving.  So what should you do if heart problems run in the family?  I can completely relate to Joy’s question, because my father has had 3 heart attacks, his first one was in his late 20’s, which has always scared me to death.  He just had quadruple-bypass heart surgery last year.  And my father’s father died from a heart attack.  So needless to say, I am very concerned about heart health issues as well. Joy Behar Aspirin Keychain


  1. Nancy Harr says

    I have a large group of friends that are all retired. I would love to give all 20 of them the aspirin keychain for Christmas. Why must I only order 5?

  2. says

    Nancy, I completely agree with you – it is a short sighted rule! The only thing I can think of though is that perhaps you could place 4 orders of 5 Aspirin Keychains and send each one to a different address (close friends or family members might let you use their address if you ask).

  3. Brenda Bissell says

    I would like to buy some of the pill totes that Joy Behar has promoted. However, it does not appear that they can be sent to Canada. Am I correct?

    Thank you for responding.


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