Dr Oz: Jujube, Phosphatidylserine & Theanine Supplements


Dr Oz: Stress Supplements

Dr Oz did a show on Holiday Health Hazards and introduced Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, who gave advice on how to handle you holiday stress level. Dr. Bhatia stated that supplements were one key point to handle stress because they helped replenish nutrients as well as balance hormones.

Doctor Oz brought up an audience member who stated that she was stressed out because of money. Dr Oz Jujube Pills (Welcome to my world!) She stated money was very tight in her household but every year, the kids begged for more and expensive toys. She found it hard to stay within her budget because she always gave in and this stressed her out. Dr Oz sympathized, stating financial stress was always difficult and overwhelming. (He’s on television, how would he know? LOL!) Dr Oz also stated that worrying about finances could take over your brain.

Dr Oz: Phosphatidylserine Supplement Pills

Solution #1:
Phosphatidylserine Supplements: These supplements are used to calm down the nervous system and to help you relax. The cost is $20 per bottle and you can purchase it online or a health food store. Caveat: do not take if you are on a blood thinner or if you are allergic to soy. (It’s stressful just trying to pronounce this supplement!)


  1. Sherry says

    What was the daily dosage recommended for Phosphatidylserine
    I couldn’t hear the TV at the time and that is not re-published here.

    THank you

  2. Kam Grewal says

    I love your show & all the updated article .. I read every show on line
    That is send to me by email

    Thank you
    Have fun, restful. Peaceful , blessings

  3. joe says

    can someone tell me what was the morning cocktail dr. oz gave on todays show to help prevent heart attacks.It was cranberry juice,flax seed oil and the other I forgot. thanks

  4. Mary says

    Dr. Oz should not recommend something (like 250mg Jujube capsules) if it is not available anywhere. No store in the Detroit area carries it, and I could not find ANY online. It’s really frustrating, adding to the stress that I am trying to alleviate with the jujube supplement itself.

  5. Judy says

    I have also done some research online and checked all my local health food stores and I am unable to find the Jujube supplement tablets. If there is a website online than Dr Oz should make that known. It’s frustrating to spend time looking for a product that is not even available.

  6. guy h. kirk iii says

    what is the website that you can purchase the supplement called jujube for $7.00 a bottle? cant find it?thanks

  7. noel says

    The heart attack prevention cocktail…..my notes say combine equal parts of cranberry juice and flaxseed oii in a shot glass….add 4 drops of Stevia liquid to this. Stevia is a natural, plant based sweetener. It comes in powder and drops…I like the drops better. You can buy it at most health food stores Our grocery store carries it in the health food section. Dr.Oz also said to take 2 aspirins also. I wouldn’t do this without talking to my doctor first. Some doctors say to take just one baby aspirin a day.
    My friend and I also looked for the individual Jujube and Theanine at a health food store. The store manager said they are difficult to find by themselves, but helped us find a good combination product.
    Some healthfood stores have really knowledgeable staff….check around

  8. Theresa says

    You can find most all items and supplements Dr Oz recommends on Amazon.com. That’s where I found mine.

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