Dr Oz: Just 10 Pounds- Lose 10 Pounds This Year


Doctor Oz is starting a new program called “Just 10” to encourage all of us to lose just 10 pounds this year.  Dr Oz said that weight is what is killing the majority of Americans.  Obesity can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer and Alzheimer’s even.  Here is what Dr Oz said that obesity can do to your body parts: Just 10 Lbs

Effect of Obesity on Your Brain

Dr Oz said that obesity can cause your brain to shrivel and shrink, plus it can cause strokes which punches and damages your brain.  All of this causes excess weight to increase your chances of getting Alzheimer’s Disease.

Effect of Obesity on Your Heart

Extra weight can cause you to have a symptom of shortness of breath, which can actually be small heart attacks.  When people like this die, they have a huge scarred heart that is thick from pushing against the high blood pressure.

Effect of Obesity on Your Omentum

If you are overweight, then your omentum is fat too, which creates inflammation throughout your body and poisons your liver and causes diabetes too.

Effect of Obesity on Your Liver

I thought that cirrhotic livers was mainly caused by drinking too much alcohol.  But Dr oz said that cirrhosis of the liver is being caused more often by obesity.  One sign of liver cirrhosis is not being sharp and feeling tired more often.

Effect of Obesity on Your Knees & Joints

Dr Oz said that you can develop arthritis from the extra weight that damages your joints… this can truly prevent you from having a high quality of life.


  1. Stacey says

    would be great if this incentive was offered to bc as well! your show isn’t only viewed in the united states 🙁 this is a bummer but will not hinder my participation!

  2. says

    Awww Stacey, that is a shame! Perhaps you can find another bracelet that you can wear on your wrist that can serve as a reminder about the Just 10 Plan?

  3. says

    Great job! Your show isn’t only view in the US only but also in the Caribbean you really do make a difference Thanks from all of us…

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