Dr Oz: Kefir Milk Mood Booster & Anxiety Healer


Dr Oz: Mood Boosting Foods

On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you his superfoods that can enhance your mood—no pills needed! Dr Oz brought up an audience member who stated that she was stressed all the time, mostly about bills and finances. (Join the club!) When she was in a bad mood, she avoided the stress by staying in bed and putting the covers over her head. (Sounds like a plan to me.)

Dr Oz: Kefir Milk for Anxiety

Kefir milk- Kefir milk is fermented with probiotic yeast and bacteria.


  1. Janet says

    Are you sure Dr. Oz said not to eat the asparagus stems? They’re delicious-not to mention expensive-usually you would break off and discard the ends because they’re tough.

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