Dr. Oz: Kidney Stone Causes & Prevention with Food

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Dr. Oz: Kidney Stone Causes & Prevention with Food

By on February 11, 2010

Dr. Oz played a game called Eat the Clock with Phil and David to help learn about what foods cause kidney stones and what foods help to prevent kidney stones. Since men are more likely to get kidney stones than women, share this information with all of the important men in your life!

Here is the list of foods – which do you think cause kidney stones and which help prevent kidney stones?
1.  Black Tea
2.  Beets
3.  Spinach
4.  Potato Chips
5.  Oranges
6.  Water
7.  Yogurt
8.  Lentils

Here are the answers:

Oxalate Foods Cause Kidney Stones:

Foods with oxalate cause kidney stones because oxalate helps add deposits to the stones.  High oxalate foods include black tea, beets, spinach, and potato chips.

Vitamin C Foods Prevent Kidney Stones:

Oranges, yogurt, water (because of dilution) and lentils are all great at helping you to prevent getting kidney stones.

And the final bonus question… what percentage of men get kidney stones at some point during their lives?  12%

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Kidney Stone Causes & Prevention with Food

  1. Got a question for a friend. My friend is a female and she keps getting multiple kidney stones.. The doctor told her that they are not the calcium ones… Last week she just droped 2 stones.. She has dropped more prior to that… But now she has more in each kidney they are not giving her problems yet.. But what should she Try to do to keep these from forming in her kidey.. She does not know what to do .. Do you have any answers.. Thank you ..Denver

  2. As a fellow stone former I can relate to her issues. The obvious, 1st answer is reduce calcium intake i.e. dairy. However, depending on her age this might encourage bone loss. After consulting her doctor, she may find an anti-bone loss drug like Boniva may help. In my experience if the entire stone is not “removed” they act like seeds for new stones to grow. Additionally, is your friend wheelchair bound? If so, use of a standing table is encourage to reduce bone loss.

    I see your post was nearly a year ago, I hope she has found relief by now. Hopefully, she will found some of this helpful as well.

  3. Can you please do a show pertaining to pancreatitis, risks of pancreatitis (pancreatic cancer), causes of pancreatitis (lifestyle or genetics), foods to eat to minimize pancreatitis attacks, and foods that are “easy” on the pancreas?

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