Dr Oz: Killer Combination of Food & Medicine

Dr Oz did a segment on the killer combination of eating certain foods while taking certain medications.  150 million of us take prescription medicines, but did you know that if you eat certain foods while taking your medications that you could put your life at risk?  Doctor Oz said that medicines can interact with other medications, but certain common foods can also have the same deadly effect like Paralysis, Stroke or High Blood Pressure.  Here are Dr Oz’s list of foods to eat in moderation while on certain medications: Dr Oz Dangerous Combination of Food & Medicine

Dr Oz: Grapefruit Juice & Cholesterol Medicine

Dr Oz said that Statins are pretty harmless, until you mix them with grapefruit juice.  The result is that you get 10 times more cholesterol medication in your blood, which can lead to kidney damage.  So talk to your doctor if you are on cholesterol medicine and drink grapefruit juice, or just cut out the grapefruit juice.

Dr Oz: Aged Cheese & Anti-Depressants

Dr Oz said that hard cheeses (so not things like brie, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, etc.) have Tyramine, which when combined with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) antidepressants, can cause massive spikes in your blood pressure.  And of course blood pressure spikes are never a good thing.

Dr Oz: Licorice & Blood Pressure Medication

Dr Oz said that certain diuretics and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE Inhibitors) in blood pressure drugs can reduce your potassium level.  Well, licorice apparently also reduce your potassium levels.  So you can end up with potassium level issues.  Dr Oz showed how an artery is usually flexible, but when you take away the potassium, the artery becomes hard and can explode or pop, and you can end up getting Paralysis.  I will definitely be sending this Dr Oz recap to my mother, because she adores black licorice and is on blood pressure medicine!


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