Dr. Oz & Kim Kardashian on Celebrity Edition & Esophageal Cancer

Kim Kardashian, from Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s,  was on Dr. Oz’s Celebrity Edition to ask him about Esophageal Cancer.  Kim’s father passed away from Esophageal Cancer and wanted to know if it was caused by acid reflux.

Kardashian said that her father had very bad acid reflux disease and took over the counter medications 7-10 times a day.  Dr. Oz said that when a person has acid reflux, then generally due to a hiatal hernia that forms, when the person lays down in bed, the gravity causes the acids from in the stomach to go into the esophagus.  The acid then burns the esophagus, and when this happens over and over again, the burned tissue scars and can turn into cancer.  The danger with over the counter pills for acid reflux is that it doesn’t cure the problem, it just relieves the symptoms, so the person is constantly damaging their tissues but just doesn’t feel it… in many ways, the pain is helpful because it would force you to go see a doctor before its too late.



  1. Symptoms of esophageal cancer says

    Esophageal Cancer is a tumor which forms within the lining of the individual’s esophagus. It is very dangerous disease. Person suffering from it, face difficulty in swallowing food, irritation of heartburn, blood in vomiting etc. Many ignores these symptoms, but one should immediately consult doctor, delaying it could be more dangerous.

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