Dr Oz: Kimchi, Nixtamal & Sea Urchin: Bizarre Foods For Better Health


Dr Oz did a segment called Bizarre Foods For Better Health with Dan Buettner, author of Thrive.  Buettner has traveled the world to bring us foods that sound bizarre but have amazing healing properties.  Doctor Oz and his Assistant-Of-The-Day Delphine tasted Kimchi, Nixtamal, and Sea Urchin.  Here is what Dan Buettner says these foods are good for!

Dr Oz: Kimchi From South Korea

Dr Oz tried Kimchee from South Korea, which is made of garlic, cabbage and spices.  The Koreans squeeze out the juices and then let the mixture rot and ferment, Dr Oz Kimcheewhich creates a bacteria that helps with digestion and lowers your cholesterol.  Koreans eat Kimchi for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Delphine said the Kimchi was spicy but very good.  Dr Oz said that the odor is pungent but that the taste is good.

Dr Oz: Nixtamal From Mexico

Dr Oz next sampled Nixtamal, which is a special treated corn that is often used to make things like hominy or masa – and it is very good for you.  Dan Buettner said that corn tortillas are often made of Nixtamal, while white tortillas are not – yet another reason to pick corn tortillas the next time you eat at a Mexican restaurant!

Dr Oz: Sea Urchin From Japan

Dr Oz’s final Bizarre Food to taste was a Sea Urchin from Japan.  It might look like a delicacy, but it is actually the ovaries of a sea scavenger.  This Bizarre Food from japan is a concentrated way to eat protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E – plus it is low in calories.


  1. John says

    Nice job saying that sea urchin is ovaries for shock value on TV when we all know that the’yre sea urchin roe. If your claiming it to be amazingly healthy, why would you use a term ovaries over roe or eggs. It just shows you TV people care more about rating then actually helping people.

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