Dr Oz: Are KIND Bars Healthy? FDA Revealed A Shocking Surprise


Dr Oz: The War On Nuts

Dr Oz’s show on The Great Nut Debate took on the “war on nuts” that truly began about two years ago when KIND Bars, which are made primarily of nuts, got a letter from the FDA that essentially said the bars were unhealthy. The letter became national news and, as Dr Oz stated, the “turning point in how our government defines what’s healthy.”

Dr Oz: Are KIND Bars Healthy?

Dr Oz: KIND Bar CEO Fights Back Against FDA Health Regulations

The CEO of KIND Bars fought back against the FDA who claimed they couldn’t use the word “healthy” to describe their fruit and nut bars. (jeepersmedia / Flickr)

The CEO of KIND Bars, Daniel Lubetzky joined Dr Oz. Dr Oz first explained that the website for KIND Bars and the wrappers on the bars themselves say the product is healthy and it’s that word that the FDA wants removed. Daniel explained that they actually talked about their philosophy of making products that are tasty and healthy, economically impactful and socially sustainable. Daniel explained that he’s unsure why they chose to do it, but the regulatory definition at the time says that any snack that has more than 3 grams of fat or 1 gram of unsaturated fat cannot be called healthy, even if they fat is coming from healthy products like olives or nuts.


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