Dr Oz: Kinerase Wrinkle Filler & Clinique Lipstick for White Teeth

By on October 24, 2011

Dr Oz: Beauty Quick Fixes

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Jennifer Goldstein from “Prevention Magazine,” to give quick and easy beauty tips for your most common problems.

Dr Oz: Nexxus Pro-Mend Leave-In Treatment

Nancy, audience member, was worried about overexposure to chemicals on her hair.  She is busy and normally just pulls her hair back.

In an animation, Dr Oz showed the hair shaft and the secretions that are needed to keep the hair from fraying or splitting and giving that split-end look.

Remedy: Jennifer Goldstein suggested using products that seal ends of the hair together.  Nexxus Pro Mend Leave-in Treatment is a good product.  Use every time you wash your hair for a less dried and frizzy appearance.

Dr Oz: Kinerase Instant Dermal Wrinkle Filler

Sherry, an audience member, worried about crow’s feet.  Shelly noticed them a few years ago from excessive sunbathing when she was younger.  She did not use sunscreen then, but she uses it now.  Is it too late?

In an animation: Dr Oz showed the aging eye with crow’s feet.  Two common culprits of wrinkles are gravity and less elasticity.

Remedy: Jennifer, from “Prevention Magazine” suggested using products that plump the skin and fill in lines like spackle.  Dr LeWinn Kinerase Instant Dermal Wrinkle Filler is a good product.  Put it on clean skin and work into the wrinkle or anywhere you see lines.  Wait a couple minutes. You can use makeup afterwards, but you may find that you do not even need it.

Dr Oz: Soap & Glory Fill Monty

Soap and Glory Fill Monty is another product great for eliminating wrinkles.  Dab it lightly onto the face as an instant wrinkle filler. Dr Oz Beauty Products

Dr Oz: Listerine Whitening Pen

Another audience member, Laura, worried about the color of her teeth.  Laura worked in fashion so her smile is important. She drinks black coffee and grinds her teeth too.  (Not good!)

In an animation: Dr Oz demonstrated what happened to teeth that are constantly stained with coffee. While our teeth are white when we are young, over time, especially as a black coffee drinker, teeth become stained and acid and bacteria break down the enamel.

Remedy: Jennifer suggested a Listerine whitening pen.  The pen contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a whitening agent.  Apply it to the teeth twice a day and you should see results in only a few days.

Dr Oz: Clinique Lipstick for White Teeth

Another remedy Jennifer suggested was wearing a shade of lipstick that affects how white the teeth look.  Clinique brand products tested some shades of lipstick that make your teeth appear whiter and came up with shades including Different Grape, Ice Bloom, and Raspberry Glace.  Laura tried the shades and according to the audience, her teeth appeared whiter.

Dr Oz: Chamomile Tea for Headaches

In this segment, Dr Oz challenged 2 audience members (Sonya and Laura) to guess which Quick Fixes worked best.  See if you can get the correct answer.

1. What is the best Quick Fix for a headache?

a. Kava
b. Chamomile tea

Answer: b. Chamomile tea is best because it relaxes the blood vessels

Laura and Sonya both chose correctly with Chamomile tea.

Dr Oz: Magnesium for Constipation

2. Which is a Quick Fix for constipation?

a. Magnesium
b. Iron

Answer: a. Magnesium is better.  Take 40 mgs day.  The cost is less than .05 cents a pill.

Sonya incorrectly chose Iron while Laura correctly chose magnesium, thanks to her children who suffer from constant constipation.  The score is Laura 2, Sonya 1.

Dr Oz: Shea Butter for Dry Skin

3. What is the best Quick Fix for dry, cracked skin?

a. Baby oil
b. Shea butter

Answer: a. Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin.

Both ladies chose correctly, citing that they have seen the name, Shea Butter, on numerous products.  (And we all know advertising is always true!)

Final score; Laura is ahead by 1 but it doesn’t matter.  Dr Oz decided to give both ladies a $100 gift certificate to a drug store.

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  1. Can you tell me anything about the Visalus 90 day challenge diet?
    It seems to be popular now and am wondering if you think it is healthy and will work.
    Two shakes a day, one meal and three snacks is what the diet consists of.
    Thank, flo

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