Dr Oz: Kinerase Wrinkle Filler & Clinique Lipstick for White Teeth


Dr Oz: Beauty Quick Fixes

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Jennifer Goldstein from “Prevention Magazine,” to give quick and easy beauty tips for your most common problems.

Dr Oz: Nexxus Pro-Mend Leave-In Treatment

Nancy, audience member, was worried about overexposure to chemicals on her hair.  She is busy and normally just pulls her hair back.

In an animation, Dr Oz showed the hair shaft and the secretions that are needed to keep the hair from fraying or splitting and giving that split-end look.


  1. says

    Can you tell me anything about the Visalus 90 day challenge diet?
    It seems to be popular now and am wondering if you think it is healthy and will work.
    Two shakes a day, one meal and three snacks is what the diet consists of.
    Thank, flo

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