Dr Oz Kitchen Cures- Sore Throat, Toothache & Bad Breath Remedies


Doctor Oz gave kitchen cures or Home Remedies for a Sore Throat, Toothache and Bad Breathe.  Why go to the drugstore to cure these health problems when you can find the cure right in your kitchen?  This is the whole concept behind making a Pantry SpaSore Throat, Toothache & Bad Breath Home Remedies

Sore Throat Home Remedy

Doctor Oz said that by making a mixture of warm water with baking soda and salt, you can gargle the mixture in the back of your throat in order to kill off the bacteria that is making you have a sore throat.

Toothache Home Remedy

Dr Oz said that cloves are a great toothache remedy.  You can put cloves directly on the sore part of your mouth, or crush up the cloves and make a paste with some water.  Then apply the clove paste to the tooth that hurts.

Bad Breathe Home Remedy

Doctor oz said that by eating just 6 ounces of yogurt, you can cure bad breathe.  Yogurt reduces hydrogen sulfide that makes you have bad breathe.

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