Dr Oz: Kitchen Germ Hotspots & Bathroom Germ Hotspots


Dr Oz Bathroom Germs & Kitchen Germs

Dr Oz: Kitchen Germs & Bathroom Germs

Doctor Oz played a game to teach us about Germ Hotspots in our home.  If you drop a piece of food in your kitchen sink, would you eat it?  What about if you dropped the same piece of food into your toilet?  Well as it turns out, your kitchen sink just might have more germs than your toilet!  Here is what Dr oz said about the germiest places in your house!

Dr Oz: Kitchen Germs

Dr Oz said that the following list ate Kitchen Hotspots with the most germs (from most germs to least germs.)  Your sink’s Dr Oz Household Germsdrain can have 500,000 bacteria per square inch!  Doctor Oz said the best way to clean your sink is to use a scrub brush, not bleach or a sponge.


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