Dr Oz: Kitchen Health Inspection & Bleach Sanitizing Solution


Dr Oz did a segment with Peter DeLucia called “Would Your Kitchen Pass a Health Inspection?”  Doctor Oz sent Peter, a health inspector, to the home of three women in Westchester to grade their kitchens.  Some of the things Peter spoke about I had heard already heard of, but there were several shockersDr Oz Would Your Kitchen Pass a Health Inspection !

In home number one, DeLucia found scratches in pans with non-stick surfaces, which is a big problem because of the chemicals it can release into your food.  This is one of the reasons I am in the process of replacing my non-stick pans with other alternatives.  In fact, just today I found out that Mauviel, a fabulous French cookware brand, is going to send me one of their pans to review and another to giveaway on our sister site Opinion Queen, so anyone looking to replace their non-stick pans should definitely sign up for the e-mail list over there for a chance to win an alternative to your non-stick pan!  DeLucia also saw paint chips coming off the ceiling, which is a problem because the peeling paint can fall into your food.  The last problem that Peter found was that home number one stored all of their chemical sanitizers together with food (a bottle of olive oil).


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