Dr Oz: Know Your 5 Lifesaving Numbers


Doctor Oz gave a list of 5 lifesaving numbers that you must know, called the “Know Your 5” list.  Here are the 5 numbers that Dr Oz said that we should all know, along with the numbers we should be aiming for in each measurement.  Dr Oz is also giving away the “Know Your 5” test for free to the first 5,000 people who register for the test! Know Your 5 Lifseaving Numbers

Know Your 5: Lifesaving Numbers

Blood Pressure – If you have high blood pressure, you can have strokes which is where an area of your brain bleeds and dies.  This happens because as your heart struggles to pump blood, it pumps harder, and blood vessels can pop and your blood can come out.  You can test your blood pressure at a pharmacy, with a test at home, or you can have it checked at your doctor’s office.  The top number (the first number) should not be over 140, otherwise Dr Oz said you should see your doctor!


  1. lauretta wright says

    I am senior (72) and of course a fan. On 9-07-2010 I watched dr oz for the life screening. I have been trying to find it and get the free screening or at least the coupon and cant get in. please tell me what I am doing wrong I am trying to get my heaaalth in check. thank you lauretta

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