Dr Oz: Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters

Dr Oz did a show called Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters to help people speed up their metabolisms, especially people over 40 years old. Once you turn 40, you can eat the same way and exercise just as much, but all of a sudden you will notice fat depositing in places you never noticed. The pounds start to pack on and stay on, and the main culprit is your metabolism. Doctor Oz said that during our first four decades, our body’s are a model of energy efficiency due to our metabolisms, but when you hit 40, your body burns 100 fewer calories every day (which definitely sounds like A LOT!). And after you are 50 years old, that number doubles. In fact, your metabolism slows down by 10% every 10 years after you turn 40. Dr Oz was joined by Lisa Lynn, a weight loss and metabolism expert, to discuss 5 Metabolism Boosters to Bust Fat!

Dr Oz: Konjac Root Fiber

Dr Oz’s first guest said that once she hit 40, she became hungry all the time. Doctor Oz said that the reason for all of these cravings is likely the big Dr Oz L-Carnitinechanges in hormones that takes place. Lisa Lynn said that Konjac Fiber is an incredible root that keeps you feeling full, regulates your hormones and regulates your sugar balance. Take Konjac Root Fiber 30 minutes before a meal and drink lots of water with it. Lisa Lynn said that studies back up Konjac Fiber and have shown that it cannot hurt you. Dr Oz said that his wife takes this and that it is the most potent natural fiber that he knows of.

Dr Oz: Magical Noodles

Lisa Lynn said that if you are not a supplement junky and prefer to eat food instead, try to eat Miracle Noodles or Shirataki Noodles, which work as a great filler. You can mix in chicken and broccoli or just eat it with tomato sauce on top. Shirataki Noodles have no calories and are high in fiber so they fill you up. Lisa Lynn said that if one bag does not fill you up, you can just eat another one since there are no calories. You can find Shirataki Noodles in Asian Markets, but I have also seen it in various grocery stores including Whole Foods. Click here for a recap of another segment where Dr Oz spoke about these noodles: Dr Oz Shirataki Noodles.

Dr Oz: Raspberry Ketone Burns Fat

Doctor Oz’s next guest said that she has tried appetite suppressants, water pills and everything under the sun to lose weight. Lisa Lynn said that animal studies have shown Raspberry Ketones to be beneficial and that her firsthand experience with the supplement has been amazing. Raspberry Ketone comes from red raspberries and helps your body to burn fat. You take it just once a day and it makes it easier to burn off your fat, especially if you are working out. Here is a link to one pill that I found (since Dr Oz did not mention a brand or where to buy them at): Raspberry Keytone Pills. You can also eat a bowl of raspberries with each meal, but that will not be as much as you get from taking a Raspberry Ketone Supplement.

Dr Oz: L-Carnitine

Dr Oz’s third guest said that she feels tired all the time. L-Carnitine gives you energy, plus it takes fat from your body and pulls it into your cells to be used as energy. Take 500 mg of L-Carnitine twice a day, but Lisa Lynn said that you have to read the labels because your dose will be different if you weigh 100 pounds vs if you weigh 200 pounds. If you are in doubt, start with less and always talk to your physician before starting any supplement. Dr Oz also mentioned that you should take Vitamin C with L-Carnitine, because Vitamin C enhances your body’s ability to produce Carnitine naturally.

Dr Oz: Unworkout Workout

Dr Oz’s next tip was really shocking – could it be that you need to exercise less to lose more weight? Lisa Lynn said that if she exercises too much, she gets even hungrier, so she eats even more. It is important to do the right amount of exercise and to not overdo it. Lisa Lynn showed Doctor Oz how to do an exercise to get really flat abs, they are called Side Core Raises. Lie down on the ground on your side, and prop yourself up on your elbow, like you are watching TV. Then use your abs to lift your body up and reach your arm over your head. Once you learn to train smart, you won’t have to exercise as much.


  1. alicia vela says

    you need to do a program on lymphedema..resulting from breast cancer after lymphnodes r removed…

  2. says

    So much stuff.Do you use all of it,or try,one at a time????????????I’d like to start with the Shirataki noodles,and the Raspberry ketone supplement…………………

  3. says

    Question;Where does anybody purchase their supplements????????????Everybody including Dr.Oz,says health food stores………..In which borough,do you live…………..I live in the Bronx…It’s not working………..Maybe in the city,or Queens??????????????I’d be grateful if someone could help me…………….

  4. Linda Patterson says

    I was online trying to find the konjac root fiber. Kept hitting dead ends. could some one please tell me where I can buy this product?

  5. Ana says

    I was also looking to buy the Raspberry ketones and I appreciate the links but, I can’t purchase online. No credit card… sigh. Anyways, I’ve hit a dead end looking for a place to buy them in chicago

  6. Patty says

    Dr. Oz, I have hypothyroid. When I tried chromium it effected my thyroid medication. Please do a talk on this. Today I see a product called kon jac root and I think this would be safe for me to take being it is fiber. I am really at a stand still as to what I can take or not that would not effect the synthroid I take. I was taking prempro and any time my dose was changed I had to change my synthroid.

  7. Rachel says

    My local health food store carries all of these supplements (I live in western New York). I use the NOW brand because they are reasonable prices & don’t use any fillers in their supplements. The fat burning benefits of L-Carnitine have been well supported in the research for a while. The Miracle noodles tasted like rubber to me, but I may have overcooked them.

  8. Brenda says

    I am a type 2 diabetic. I was wondering if the white kidney bean extract would be of help for me?

  9. Mary Ann Rioux says

    I have been told that there is caffeine in Red Raspberry Keytone. Can it be found without it?

  10. Theresa says

    Where is the White Kidney Bean Extract. That was the fifth item on his list.
    It was KONJAK or Shiratake noodles. (as in one item)

  11. Theresa says

    You should try them one at a time until you find the one that works the best. If you use them all at once, you won’t know which ones are working at all.

  12. says

    Re. Dr. Oz’s Show on the topic of Konjac root fiber, Raspberry Ketone and Shiratake noodles I like others found it frustrating because I was looking up this information on health and vitamin stores which seemed the most logical. Through all my in and outs on websites, I found info. on,; I checked out Raspberry Ketone on where I buy my vitamins and discovered that the work “ketone” is what the Raspberry product is made up of and lastly, Shiratke Noodles known as Miracle Noodles can be found at most grocery stores and can check out the noodles at
    Hope this was of help. I don’t have facebook but it would be helpful if someone would bring this to Dr. Oz’ attention as to how difficult it was for most of us to research where to buy.

  13. Jason says

    I feel bad for the people who actually are going to purchase these supplements. People get the wrong idea regarding supplements. Lets take a look at it again. SUPPLEMENT…they are meant to supplement a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle. Taking supplements while still continuing to eat the same foods and doing no physical activity is going to result in MINOR if not ANY difference. I work at health food store and it amazes me that people still think there is a supplement to lose weight….If there was a supplement to lose weight then why is 66% of the American population overweight and obese? If you ask the ~34% health weighted adults it is not because of a supplement, nor the supplements listed above. But who am I to speak? Well actually I have lost 100lbs and learned how to do it the right way! Through learning how to eat and physical activity. If you have any disagreements or questions. Feel free to shoot me an email.

  14. Tammy says

    Dr. Oz,

    Can I take rasberry keytone since I take armour thyroid daily for my hypothyroid? I also take CLA and wanted to know it I can take the CLA along with the rasberry keytone(as long as it doesnt interfere with my hypothyroid meds)?


  15. Sandi says

    Try Life Extension. My doc reccomend them to me awhile ago and I use them all the time. They don’t have the raspberry ketones though. Any reputable sources?

    Good luck ladies with your weight loss. I wish you all much success!

  16. says

    Hello, I have research most of these products.
    You will find the raspberry keytones, listed as RK-500 extreme or RK-125 extreme on several sites , such as body mass, body building
    hope this helps

  17. sydney says

    everytime I watch one of his shows I want to scream –to all you people who think every word that comes out of his mouth is truth you really need to get lives—when it comes to his field he knows his stuff but not always good for people–eveytime he does something in the natural field I want to shake him —not eveything is good for you –like the white kidney been extract—the only way you will know it is working is if you get really bad pains and alot of gas and pain and constant diarreah–if you dont get those symptoms then it’s not working—he always forgets to tell the side affects and the people he has on don’t know to much either—I wish I could do his research because I have been trained in all this and have the knowledge—-all you people that ran out to buy the neem that was on his show —I hope non of you taking it are trying t have children because it is birth control and if anyone had an organ transplant it will most likely cause a problem with that –neem is great for acis reflux andstopping cancer tumors from growing—a smoker should be taking this product—please people stop idolizing people–enjoy the show –some of it is knowledge the rest just listen to and use your brain —you must be the same group of people who thought Oprah was god like —you people need a life –try reading and educating yourselves so you know the information already—-tbut the right information—-Thank you

  18. graciela says

    me encantaria probar ,ronac root fiber y asberry ketone pero no se donde coneguirlas,almenos ak en el sur de texas no las pude conseguir

  19. Sue says

    Sydney if you have so much knowledge, why don’t you educate us instead of insulting us?

    If you were watching the show it wasn’t Dr Oz recommending these products, he had
    on a nutritionist who did the leg work.

  20. Arlene says

    White bean extract has been around for a long time under many names and Konjac root is what is contained in PGX. So a lot of this information is not really new. However I am Canadian and the L Carnitine was news to me. I am a research junkie and love to Google everything thing before I try it. What was great news about the L Carnitine, aside from the benifits of wieght loss, was that it can help people that suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue with energy. So if you suffer as I , do some research, check with your doctor and check this out!

  21. Jeff says

    Also some key points.

    Konjac Root Fiber
    This is also called glucomannan so look for that also.
    If taking capsules make sure you swallow them complelely, glucomannan swells and you want it in your stomach not in your throat when it does.

    Never tried the noodles, Sounds good.

    Raspberry Ketone
    Be aware of buying Red Raspberry Seed Extract, while a good anti-oxidant supplement with Ellaic content, it’s not the Raspberry Ketone in the studies. This form will have more anti-oxidant properties than it will metabolism boosting properties. I’ve seen some seed extract advertised as ketones and that is not quite true. You want your raspberry ketones to look like white needle cyrstals, not a herbal extract. So break open the capsule and check.

    The Acetylated version is probably best, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, simply more bioavailable. It has a more direct action in the mitochondria. A little vitamin C or even alpha lipoic acid is great in conjunction with a carnitine.

  22. Liza says

    My question is ….is red raspberry leaves capsules the same as red raspberry ketones?

  23. Jeff says

    Red Raspberry Leave extracts are generally 4% ketone.
    That’s about all they can get out of extraction of raspberries.
    There are 99% Raspberry ketones on the market.
    99% raspberry ketones do not have other constiuent ingredients such as ellagic acid,
    which is a good anti-oxidant, with a metabolic kick equal to a good green tea extract.
    If you want the RK in studies, you want a 99%. Not a 40% Ellagic Acid product.
    Read the labels if say’s leaves, seeds or fruit extract is a herbal extract.
    You can do the leaves capsules but remember to get even 100mg of ketone you would need to take a whole bottle of 90 capsules to get the same dose in one 99% ketone dose.

  24. Donna says

    Regarding L-Carnitine…there’s also L-Carnitine Fumarate and I’m not finding much info on the difference
    between this and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Any info?
    Also, according to one product and other research, I read that:
    L-Carnitine works synergistically with Co-Q10, an antioxidant and energy cofactor that is found in the inner membrane of the mitochondria.

    Does this ‘comment’ mean that Co-Q10 also needs to be supplemented or is it saying that it works with what we already have? Thank you.

  25. Raspberry Ketones says

    Raspberry Ketones are listed as the first ingredient in a product call SKINNY FRUITS Slimming Cleanse. Brand is Natural Max. Item # 97785. Any independent health/vitamin store can order it for you from the manufacturer – Nutraceutical. Reputable, well known company. They make Solaray, KAL, etc….

  26. Laura says

    Just started the Dukan Diet (phase I) feeling good about this and taking Carb Intercept (White kidney bean extract) just as a back up. From low carbs (if any) to virtually no carbs. I am optomistic and if all goes well I will continue and then add the RK-125 Rasberry Ketones. Found them both online ( / without any problem. Got my fingers crossed!

  27. Susan B says

    @ Kenny – FDA doesn’t approve/not approve supplements. They are regulated via a law called DSHEA which is partially designed to prohibit false claims on products, or health claims on non-drugs. You would need to seek a medical professional’s advice on whether or not you can take any supplement if you have a medical issue.

  28. Chandra says

    I just got around to ordering all the products that I seen Dr. Oz discussing on his show last month. The only one that is on back order is the Rasberry Kestone. Othere than that, I should be receiving the L-Carnitine, Konjac Root Fiber, Miricle Noodles and White Kidney Bean Extract in the mail any day now. I wish I would’ve recorded that show so I could go back and watch it. I’m trying to remember, can you take all of these supplements at one time? I’m thinking at first, I should only try one at a time. I wrote down that your suppose to take Vitamin C with the L-Carnitine. Has anyone else tried these supplements? Which one is a good one to start off with? Is it okay to slowly add in other supplements? Thanks

  29. Tony says

    Lisa recommends raspberry ketones only once e day, though I’ve seen other supplement stores mention twice a day? Does anyone have any feedback on the dosage?

  30. Jeff says

    It depends on the dosage 100mg, 250mg 500mg etc… 500mg once a day is probably a good place to start. But taking in 500mg twice daily isn’t going to be too high a dosage for most people. The studies used 1-2% of food intake which for instances on an average 2000 calorie diet would be roughly 250 grams of food (500 grams x 4 = 2000 calories) or (250 grams x 9kcal ‘fat’ = 2250 calories). The studies used high fat diets, which essentially equate to an adkins, ketogenic, i.e. low carb diet. This is without doubt the diet most people are getting the best results from using RK. And it makes sense, since RK works by metabolizing fats and aiding the metabolism of glucose. Plus when you consider all the other supplements Dr. Oz recommended they all work off the mechanism of keeping insulin levels down. If you’re still eating pasta and potatoes and rice etc.. as the majority of your diet you’ll be combating the powerful hormone insulin and you can take all the supplements in the world and they may not help much. When you cut your simple carbs, add very low glycemic ones in place, add some moderate good fats and keep protein levels stable through out the day then magic will start happening with all the recommended supplements. I know a couple bodybuilders that have had good results using much higher RK doses than recommended, but they were also on ultra low carb diets with more than moderate fat intake. Doses of even 2-3 grams is not uncommon, but you obviously want to start with the lowest effective dose. The key is keeping insulin release under control (which means limit your high glycemic carbs) and all the supplements mentioned will have synergistic effects.

  31. Barbara says

    I love Dr. Oz, but we do need to be realistic…
    Eating healthy is the way to go…
    Exercise, just simply walking is the way to go…
    then supplement your diet…there is no quick fix for anything in life, but if it makes you feel better, by all means use it.
    L-Carnitine…love it, it does work…unfortunately, in Canada it was recently banned AGAIN…I think it happens every couple of months…but my dog can have it in his food, but I can’t use it to make me feel better according to my government…once in a while I do find it in a health store and it is older stock that they still have, if the date is still good, I do buy it because it makes me feel good
    Our minds are our secret to our weight loss, health issues…we get that straightened out, no one can stop us…

  32. Janice says

    I totally agree with you Barbara. Our mind is the most powerful to promote good health, and everything else positive! Plus common sense. If it is processed, and not grown, don’t eat it. if you cannot pronounce the words in the ingredients, don’t eat it!

  33. Allison says

    I want to know how many Konjac pills I can take before a meal. Is it 1 pill or 2 pills before meal. I thought I heard Dr. Oz on the Today show (or some morning show) say to start with 1 and then move on to 2.

  34. Kelly says

    Good afternoon Kelly:

    We do carry these products. Due to our great selection of products the price range for these products can be large, for example; we carry different sizes and brands of KonJac Root. These products range in price from about $18 to $35. The L-Carnitine is from $13 to $58. The white kidney extract is from about $30 to $58. We only have one product that has the Raspberry Ketone and it’s called, “Isatori Curvelle". The price for this product is $45.

    We also carry a huge selection of groceries. We do have the Shirataki noodles available in our fresh deli case along with a large variety of other grab-and-go and prepared foods. There is a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar inside the store so, come hungry.

    If there is anything else I can help you with, don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpful staff here at Mother’s.

    We look forward to seeing you at Mother’s Market & Kitchen, Huntington Beach.

    Thank you,

    Steven Keller

    Co-Store Manager

    Mother’s Market & Kitchen

    Huntington Beach, CA 92648

    (714) 963-6667

    Hope this helps everyone,i allso ran into problems trying to find these itiem amd this guy was amazing with helping me!

    Your’s Truly Kell

  35. Andrea says


    Go to dr. oz website and type in Revolutionary Metabolism Boosters. You can watch the show again. It is in 4 parts.. I’ve watched it several times on my computer!!

  36. Risa says

    Jason and Sidney,

    Jason, first I want to commend you on your weight loss. to both of you, not all of us are jumping on the supplement wagon because we are lazy. when I was 30 i worked out 2 hours a day, weights and aerobics, ate 1000 cals a day, it took me over a year to loose 20 lbs. I couldn’t maintain my goal without doing the above, and didn’t have time when I went to school full time. 20 years later, it is has taken me 5 months to loose 20 lbs, doing everything I am supposed to do. If a supplement will help, by golly I am going to give it a try. It is hard to stay motivated when the results are so slow.

  37. Jason says

    I see the first problem already. You worked out for 2 hours a day and deprived yourself of the nutrients to allow your body to grow and recover. You basically starved yourself. I can furnish this with research documenting the detrimental effects to doing this…but to save time, it blunts fat loss. So it is clear as day, why you were not losing weight. Which brings me to the problem. People spend time research supplements and watching Dr. Oz when they could spend that time learning about food or exercising. I started with minimal knowledge in the field and learned from educated trainers, professors, books (not magazines or tv) and learned how to work smart. Then you become more efficient and will quickly learn 2 hours is not necessary. Learning is motivation and putting that knowledge to use will provide the ultimate motivation and satisfaction. Time is poor excuse for anything. If you have time to watch Dr. Oz then you have time to learn, to exercise etc…Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  38. Laura says

    Been a month since I started Dukan Diet with the help of carb blocker. I was consistent for 1 month and have lost 10 lbs. I run 5k on the treadmill 4 times a week takes me 35 min. This is how the weight has come off and the fact that I am eating protein only and no more than 6% in carbs and 2% fat daily. The carb blockers have helped because I have been eating Chobani yogurt all day every day. As for the rasberry ketone? I finally ordered this and it is on its way. My goal is 135 lbs by September for my 47 birthday. I still have 15 lbs to go. And finally I see a light at the end of that tunnel.

  39. Lee says

    I have gastraparesis will taking any of these supplements make me sick, I wish there was more information on gastraparesis

  40. Jennifer says

    How many milligrams of konjac root are people taking a day (or per meal) to help them feel full? Thanks!

  41. Venita Jones says

    I tried L-Carnitine in liquid form, was given to me by my boyfriend, an amateur body builder. I LOVE it. I weigh about 140, am 5;5″ and though I am not fat, I am trying to tone all over and get rid of that “back fat” that people seem to think I don’t have just because I appear to be think all over – – but they have not seen me naked. So I took the L-Carnitine about 60 minutes before my run on the treadmill and I was off to the races. Normally I tire within the first 7 minutes…. but with L-Carnitine in my system, I was 20 minutes in and still going strong… after my usual 30 minute run I was thinking that I may now be able to push this to an hour. I also do the side bend exercises but I knew about these from a personal trainer I use to date. So THANK YOU Dr. Oz. I am 44 and though I am what most consider thin, I have my problem areas and my goal is to get that Halle Berry and Stacy Dash body… I now see much light at the end of that tunnel and know I will be able to reach my goal! WooHoo!! I am lovin’ it!!!

  42. pete says

    How you take raspberry ketones? i tried disolving it in water but it didn’t dissolve. Are there any recipes to use it in?

  43. Darci says

    I started with the L-Carnatine because that is the only one I could find at the local health food store. Bottle said to take 1-4 tabs per day and I started with one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. This seemed to give me a little extra energy, but I started having a lot of trouble sleeping at night. I switched to two tabs in the a.m. instead and that has helped. I’m going to begin taking another two tabs at lunch. Just got some of the kidney bean extract, but haven’t started it yet. Bottle says take 30 minutes prior to eating carbs, but I forget until carbs are already on my plate. Has anyone else tried the kidney bean extract? Any difficulties with it?

  44. Domonique says

    I just stared taking the L-Carnitine this morning and the White Bean Extract Phase 2 yesterday. I also found the Konjac Fiber also called Glucommanan, but wont start that until today. When I went to the vitamin store, the rep there stated that the Konjac does not not start to work for a while. I guess I will take these for the next couple of weeks and report back here to let you if I got any results. The Raspberry Ketone so far I am unable to find…still searching.

  45. Steve says

    You are missing the White Kidney Bean Extract from this show!!! They said the extract keeps carbs from being broken down into sugars and absorbed by the body. This helps to regulate sugars in your bloodstream. The pill is taken prior to meals like the Konjac. I can’t believe you left this one out of your write-up. Was it on purpose?

  46. Enani says

    i love the discussin, and also have a question about “Green Vibrance”, Do any of you familier with this product? would you like to share? thanks

  47. Susan Burkholder says

    You can buy Natural Max’s Skinny Fruits at any independent health store. Primary ingredient in Skinny Fruits is Raspberry Ketones. If the independent health store doesn’t carry it, just ask them to special order it for you from Nutraceutical.

  48. carol says

    Susan, Do you have a website for Nutraceutical, so I can order it directly from them and cut the middle fee out. Thank you

  49. chris says

    question guessing you can only take one of these products at a time Konjac fiber , rasberry ketone l-carnitine correct

    Ive herd of PGX works the same way as the above it was on Dr OZ also guessing you can only take this along with a multi vitiman also it’s alot to read up on this you can go to the site they will tell you what stores near you sell it

  50. lina says

    I bought a bottle of raspberry ketone pills from gnc. Its probably been about a week now and wow! This thing works! I’ve tried so many different diet supplements throughout over a decade but I got to say, the Raspberry ketone is the best! My stomach is getting smaller and smaller each day! Though it doesn’t help me control my appetite, everything I eat is cleaned out of my system right away! I’m eating and drinking the same but I’m losing weight! Love it! I also have a weak stomach which means I usually get realllyyyyy bad stomach aches when I take supplements that “boosts ur metabolism”, but I have not experienced that with the raspberry ketone!! Obviously, I highly Recommend it!!

  51. carol says

    I just started rasberry keystone yesterday. I took it at 4p.m. to slow down how much I ate for dinner, I ate half of what I usally ate, but couldn’t fall asleep right away. I took one at 9am today, I think this will work better for me. Good Luck to everyone.

  52. lina says

    Lorraine, I take 2 pills(125mg each so 250) with my meal. Since I’m busy I could only eat once or twice a day. So total 250-500 Good luck!

  53. Rose says

    Finally, confirmation that it is possible to overexercise. I couldn’t figure it out. I noticed that if I did only a 30 minute exercise routine only 3 times a week, but consistently, I lost more weight than if I did more. Each time I did more and got into a heavy routine, I’d find myself eating out of control to compensate and eventually gaining more fat in addition to the muscle, and together I just became too heavy and would tire easily, and then eventually give up. The Unworkout Workout, makes so much sense now.

  54. kimmie says

    I started Raspberry Ketones that I got at GNC 4 days ago. So far I havent noticed any weightloss so far, but I am exercising and drinking lots of water. I did notice that i have been having trouble sleeping, not sure if its because of the pills. Anyone else ??

  55. anne says

    The ‘unworkout workout’ – “Then use your abs to lift your body up and reach your arm over your head.” Are you lifting your legs up and doing a sort of head-to-knee crunch? Not sure how to “lift your body up” ?????

  56. Kelsey says

    I was wondering if anyone has tried taking the rasspberry ketones that has blood pressure problems. Mine is controlled on meds but I want to make sure it’s okay.

  57. joanne says

    does anyone know whether or not rasberry ketone is sold in any stores in canada?? I live in Montreal… do not buy things online… thank you!!

  58. pat says

    Hi! Are there any drug interactions that people need to be aware of? For instance, I take blood pressure and thyroid medication.


  59. Donna says

    I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada and I can’t find it here……looking to buy raspberry ketone …..Help

  60. says

    Can’t find in Canada – must be a reason! One of the companies ( Hi-Tech pharma) had to do a recall on their products in 2009 because there were ingredients not listed (and not approved by FDA). Be careful what you take and where it comes from. Many ‘diet’ pills don’t list all ingredients and some still use ingredients that have been banned years ago by the government for health reasons such as destroying liver/kidneys, shutting down respiratory system etc.

    Find a reputable company, investigate any claims with FDA and do your research. Just because it’s sold somewhere does not mean it’s safe. Still looking though as I’m sure Dr. Oz did his research, just have to make sure you find a company that isn’t putting ‘other’ ingredients in there!

  61. Susan Burkholder says

    Not sure if they have these in Canada…but Natural Max’s Skinny Fruits lists Raspberry Ketones as the first ingredient in a blend of super fruits..great product because it helps cleanse (without senna or cascara sagrada) and has fiber and probiotics.
    Also from Natural Max – launched last month, a Diet Shake Skinny Fast Hunger Rescue has Raspberry Ketones. Chocolate Whey Protein. 100 calories, 1 gm sugar, 2 net carbs, 7 grams of Fiber !!!!, Chromium, Hemp, Flax and Chia…Great Diet Shake – you’ll feel full! Delicious Chocolate Flavor. In the U.S. Check with your local health food stores. They can order from Nutraceutical.

  62. Sandra P says

    If you are on ANY TYPE of medication…do NOT EVER go by recommendations that are NOT your physician..especially blood pressure or diabetes or anything that could cause great harm is it affects your medication…this can be VERY dangerous…a little common sense goes a long way…don’t mean to patronize but this was very scary to see people asking medical advise on a blog like this??

  63. maria says

    i asked you if i could rasbery keytone when i take thyroid pills and if is safe . idid not get a respond on my question. i have not been on this sight before.

  64. Jamie says

    Natasa, I was wondering the same thing. I found many different brands online, not sure what the difference is if any. Im going to my local GNC store tomorrow, maybe someone there can help. I will let you know what I find out.

  65. Leo says

    I just watched Dr. Oz show last nite and they discussed about this raspberry keytone like how it can lose weight. I’m thinking of trying this one out. But my concern is does it have any side effects? I guess this question is for people who has been taking Raspberry keytone. Also, what happens when you stop taking them after being on it for awhile? Will you regain all the fat you lose and if you go back to taking them again, will your body not react to it anymore?

  66. Leo says

    I just watched Dr. Oz show last nite and they discussed about this raspberry keytone like how it can lose weight. I’m thinking of trying this one out. But my concern is does it have any side effects? I guess this question is for people who has been taking Raspberry keytone. Also, what happens when you stop taking them after being on it for awhile? Will you regain all the fat you lose and if you go back to taking them again, will your body not react to it anymore ?

  67. sally says

    Just wondering about the side effects of the Rasberry keytone if any, I thought i heard that lady on Dr. Oz say take one in the morning and if that didn’t seem to help take one at lunch 100 mg maybe thats why if you take it late may effect your sleep, i like Dr. Oz but that really don’t go into much detail when they bring up something new. Let me know how everyone is doing on it.

  68. MsJames says

    Raspberry Ketone supplements, according to Wikipedia, are chemically derived. They are NOT an extract. “Since the natural abundance of raspberry ketone is very low, it is prepared industrially by a variety of methods from chemical intermediates.[6] One of the ways this can be done is through a crossed aldol-catalytic hydrogenation. In acetone and sodium hydroxide, 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde can form the α,β-unsaturated ketone. This then goes through catalytic hydrogenation to produce raspberry ketone. This method produces a 99% yield.”

  69. kim wickett says

    Wondering where in Ontario Canada I can get Raspberry ketones…having no such luck!

  70. Pat says

    So, is this just another form of speed? If it is not a natural extract, then really, it does not sound all that safe. Maybe that is why Canadians cannot find it?

  71. MsJames says

    Dr Oz admitted that he has not done research on raspberry ketones. Just the word “hydrogenated” in the chemical development of this product should be a red flag to concerned consumers. Don’t be a lab rat, guinea pig or beta tester for the latest diet promotions. Do your research and take a long walk to clear your head before jumping into the latest fad. After all, the Dr. Oz show is primarily entertainment.

  72. MONICA says

    Dr. OZ,
    Can ypou take all these items together, I mean as stated on each bottle.
    L-Carnitine, Raspberry Keytone and Konjac Root Fiber. I take High Blood pressure medicine and these above items will they interfer????

  73. Virginia says

    Hello, Is the botton blue or white, or is any bottom that falls under “Rasberry Ketone”??

  74. says

    Good Morning
    Our store is in Penticton, British Columbia (BC) Canada. It is called the Whole Foods Emporium located at 103 – 1770 Main St, Penticton. We have been bombarded with “Do you have Raspberry Keytones”. My question: Is there a distributor for this product in Canada?? If not, is there a Distributor in the USA that has this product that can legally be sold in Canada? Thank you ahead of time….and have a super day…..Shirley

  75. Gina says

    Hi, I see other bottles that are different colors too, does anyone know which one to buy or as long as it says “rasberry ketone” on the front. they have “RK-500-XTREME, BEST NATURAL, RASBERRY KETONE LEAN, VITAPLUS RASBERRY KETONE”. are all these same??
    Thanks you

  76. Tammy says

    I found the raspberry ketone on Ebay from a reputable seller..the shipping to Canada was very reasonable too… they are back ordered till feb 14th but thats okay… 🙂

  77. Javier M says

    If im taking oxyelite pro by usp labs.. Can i also take raspberry ketones with it or would that be too much fat burners

  78. mar says

    Live in Saskatchewan and i just talked to the health foods stores here “Nutters and Sangsters” and they told me the have the Raspberry ketone plus on order!!!

  79. says

    I began a month ago taking White Kidney Bean Extract and 7 Keto ( Raspberry Keytone) around 11:30 a.m. a half hour before lunch, then a L-Carnitine with a vitamin C around 2-2:30p.m., then White Kidney Bean and 7Keto again around 5-5:30 a half hour before dinner. I have nothing to eat after 6:00. I drink o.j. and milk for breakfast and green tea for lunch then water the rest of the day. I haven’t changed any foods just eat less of them. I have lost 8 lbs in a month. I have more energy and don’t eat as much because I’m not that hungry. I sleep better at night than I use to. I can’t believe how fast it burned fat from my stomach. I haven’t started an exercise program as of yet but plan to. I weighed 148 lbs and want to reach 130lbs. It does cause some gas but not to bad. Thank you Dr. Oz.

  80. kmmie says

    I tried raspberry ketones for two weeks. I had trouble sleeping and it increased my heart rate a little .My Dr, advised me not to take them anymore… Doing some testing and turns out my hormone levels are off balance causing my weight gain..Taking Metformin now….

  81. gigi says

    as a nurse and also an atrial fibber, DO NOT take the raspberry ketones. I have googled it and there is a reason why you cant sleep and have all this energy. IT IS A STIMULANT. and people with high b/p or heart issues , please dont take this.
    L-Carnitine is also not for people with heart or b/p issues. is stimulant.
    be careful
    Dr. Oz should be more responsible in teaching caution and side effects. after all, he is a cardiolligist!!

  82. says

    I need to correct the person who put this information together on this site. I watch and tape every Dr. Oz show so that I can go back and refresh my memory. This one however was easy. You wrote about the Magical Noodles (above) a/k/a Shirataki Noodles. You said they have NO CALORIES, even if you ate one or two bags. Double check your info please. A whole bag is 35 calories…not much to worry about, but incorrectly written. I bought a bag a few days ago so I can see it for myself.
    I agree with you gigi… and just an added bit of info, there is another ingredient in a specific brand of the white kidney bean extract that uses a “Cr” name and it’s Chromium. Like Chromium Picolinate, it burns excess sugar for energy and can cause you to feel like you’re “speeding” or a “racing heart” which can cause heart palpitations…if I explained that right. I know Dr. Oz would never want to hurt anyone intentionally, and all these supplements can have side effects… plus it’s virtually impossible to give every person, with different medical problems, the low-down on every possible problem it could have. He does tell his audience to be responsible and check further into anything they may have questions about.

  83. gigi says

    thanks for the additional feedback.I do know about the chromium’s side effects. it also makes you feel very weak, i think from blood sugar going low.
    i found that out the hard way.
    i also had tried the noodles last year. they were packed in some horrid , fish smelling solution.
    i found the noodles to be “weird” in the consistancy.
    plain rice noodles are fine with chix soup and i make an asian salad with spinach /brown rice spaghetti and tons and tons of cup up veggies(red sweet peppers, asparagus, froz peas, snap peas, sliced mushrooms scallions and sesame seeds. dress with soy sauce and 2 tblsp sesame oil.
    i only use 1/3 lb. “joy brown rice spinach noodles in recipe, so it is mainly veggies.
    tastes great.low cal.

  84. Joann Brawner says

    I know Dr. Oz covers a lot of material on each show, but I know he said raspberry ketones, but is there a dosage it looks like it from searching the webb. I know he said 1000 linoleic acid and on the webb, both of these supplements have the exact same description and also
    I have seen some of the comments where somebody suggests 1200 of CLA. Which one is
    correct. I really do want to follow this belly fat program exactly right because it is my only problem with way my clothes fit. I am still looking for meals he “prescribed”rest of day to
    make this work. Any help????

  85. AC says

    Joan, Dr. Oz recommend that one take 100mg. of Rasberry Ketone. I am sure you can take a little more depending on your body and response to the produce. I ordered 125 mg (The mail order takes 3 weeks (Amazon) due to the instant demand). All of the body builder vitamin shops were out of it in my city.

  86. Sally says

    Joann I wouldn’t take both in case a problem with one u wouldnt know which one was giving u a problem start out with one and see how it goes first

  87. says

    NaturalMax has two products: 1) Skinny Fruits capsules and Skinny Fast Hunger Rescue Shake Mix. Both have 100mg per serving of the Raspberry Ketones and are found at health food stores. If they don’t have it, they can get it. The Shake is found on

  88. says

    The brand NaturalMax has two products with the recommended 100mg of Raspberry Ketones per dose: Skinny Fruits Capsules and Skinny Fast Hunger Rescue Shake Mix. They are available at your local health and at

  89. Susan Burkholder says

    Thanks Christopher! These are great products because they have the raspberry ketones, PLUS other helpful components for long-term, sustained, healthy weight loss!

  90. carol says

    Hi, The begining of January I weighed 141, I have been trying to ditch the same pounds for almost a year. Every time I do get down to about 127, I put the pounds back on aound oct thru march. I have been taking 19 different pills Dr. Oz recomemed for the last 6 months, only a pound came off. In January, my dog died. I took it really bad. I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks, still took the pills but didn’t eat much of anything. I now lost 4 more pounds, have been eating lightly, still taking all though pills and not missing all the food I use to eat. I guess I need the stress to jump start my weight loss. I also think the pills are helping me keep my appetite down. I have not had any trouble with my health or sleeping problems. I also exersise 3 times a week on my bike. I enjoy my bike alot more now.