Dr Oz: Krill Oil: The Best Omega 3 Source


Dr Oz: Krill Supplements

Dr Oz started off this segment by showing several of his previous shows where he promoted the health benefits of Omega 3 and fish oil. (Dr Oz Fans already know he loves his fish oil!)

Doctor Oz brought up Holly, an audience member, to the stage. Dr Oz Krill Oil He uncovered tiny baby shrimp and asked Holly to taste it. (Don’t you love how he makes his audience members taste it first?) Holly tasted the little shrimp and flat out told him she didn’t like it. (That’s a first.) That was when Dr Oz told her she had just eaten a krill, his new and improved method for omega 3 fatty acid.

Dr Oz: Krill Oil vs Fish Oil

Here’s how it works: Krill are at the bottom of the food chain. Fish eat krill, which is where their omega 3 comes from. Dr Oz suggested skipping the “middle man” so to speak, and go directly to the source—the krill. Studies have indicated that the omega 3 contained in krill may be stronger and have a better chance at reducing heart disease. Holly stated that she had high cholesterol and had been currently taking fish oil to reduce it.

Dr Oz: Krill Oil

To demonstrate, Dr Oz had Holly pour fish oil onto a sheer mesh on top of a clear box labeled, cholesterol. The fish oil went through the mesh and into the box. Dr Oz then poured krill oil onto the mesh of another clear box, labeled cholesterol. Some fell through. This demonstrated that krill oil absorbed much less of the bad cholesterol than fish oil. While fish oil is good, krill is better.



  1. debra ortizio says

    I was on krill oil and my cholesterol went up. My doctor told me because krill oil is a shell fish.
    I stopped it and now take fish oil that’s made from sardines and it is working much better.

  2. Phil Miltey says

    Krill oil is incredible! Have been taking Neptune Krill for about 3 years and it has improved my health both by lowering my cholestrol and improved cognitive health! Thank you DR. OZ for drawing more attention to this incredible product.

  3. says

    I would like to know what to do to relieve pain for rheumatoid arthritis and make life easier..thanks..I am on strong medication of methotrexate,prednisolone and celebrex..

  4. VERONICA says

    I thought I heard Dr Oz say that you can take less of the Krill Oil supplement because it is stronger. I purchased Schiff Mega Red because I thought that was the product he recommended. The amount per serving is 300mg of krill oil and the recommended dosage is 3 times per day. Is that too much?

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