Dr Oz: L-Carnosine: Miracle Pill To Stop Aging?


Dr Oz: L-Carnosine Pills

Do you look in the mirror and wonder where those wrinkles came from? Do you feel as though you’re losing your memory? Maybe you’ve noticed your eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be. On today’s show, Dr Oz shows you the miracle pill that will stop aging. Could this be the right pill for you?


Carnosine can help you turn back the clock.


  1. Kathy says

    In a paper titled “Acetyl-L-carnitine for dementia” which reviewed many studies on this nutrient it was concluded that “the evidence does not suggest that ALC is likely to prove an important therapeutic agent.”

    It also has the unfortunate side effect of increasing free radical production, which as you know, causes damage to cells and to the mitochondria that produce energy when not damaged.

    L-Carnitine can actually reduce the amount of Acetyl-L-Carnitine that penetrates into the brain or counteract its effect on nerve cells. These are very tricky nutrients to try to tinker with and manipulate.

    It’s always better to get our nutrients the way mother nature packaged them I believe. And by the way the more important nutrient for restoring mitochondria turned out to be lipoic acid, which is very high in green leafy vegetables.

  2. Trevor says

    It would be much better to take Beta-Alanine than to take l-carnosine. The breakdown of BA will yield much higher amounts of carnosine.

    And, yeah, Carnosine=/=Carnitine. But, ALCAR, has quite a few studies showing a positive effect on mental performance. Just regular Carnitine(usually a fumerate form) is a dud.

  3. confuzzledwife says

    yes, PLEASE be aware of the differences between L CarnoSINE and L CarniTINE. They are very different amino acids. I, too, had my son’s neurologist make that same mistake. When I asked her if I could put my child with severe autism and seizures on L CaronSINE, she said “I always put my patients on L CarniTINe. I said “NO” Not TINE, SINE.. she said it’s the same thing.. I beg to differ!!!! Time to change neuros…

  4. says

    I’m just an average joe kind of person. I came to this website after watching the doctors on channel 4. My mother was just recently diagnosed with alzheimers and her dementia really flew off the handle a few nights ago. I was not here the night it happened becouse I live in S F. and my sister lives in Hayward and takes care of both of my parents. But getting back to the carnosiine question, I have read that people should start taking this otc supplement at the age 30, I am 50 the youngest of. 9 children, can I start taking this otc supplement or is it too lateand what side effects, if any, could I be looking at ?

  5. lyndsay says

    david — so sorry to hear about your mother. alzheimers is a terrible, terrible disease. i am an average jo kind of person as well, but i say better late than never when trying to guard against something like alzheimers. it never hurts to try 🙂

  6. Jim says

    Can anyone recommend a brand of L-CarnoSINE. There are so many companies out there and so few regulations on supplements. I don’t mind the cost. I just want to find the most natural quality brand

  7. clyde says

    Jim, I’m 56 and I take Vitacost brand 500mg L-Carnosine. Just search for it. It’s manufactured in and FDA-approved lab.

  8. Joy Pinter says

    To the person who wanted to know about GLA…as far as I know you can’t buy it on its own but you can buy either borage oil, black current seed oil or primrose oil which all contains large amounts of GLA….I prefer borage oil as it seems to have the most GLA in it

  9. Jules says

    I would try the L-Carnosine slowly for your mom. Additionally she’ll need healthy fats (nuts, fish oil, flax seed meal or oil). Fish oil supplements kept in the frig help with the fishy taste. Most important is her overall diet. NO processed meats. Period. The nitrates in processed meats are clearly connected to Alzheimer’s.

    She’ll need lots of fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins and 30 minutes of exercise. After a few months of this, you should see a significant difference. I suffer with short term memory loss and I’m being very proactive to turn this thing around…I think. 🙂

  10. Rory says

    Hi, I am taking beta alanine for the gym – can I take carnosine on top of that to get the added benifits of healthier looking skin?

    Will beta alanine reduce wrinkles?

    Will beta alanine aid in telomer protection like carnosine?

  11. Denise says

    HI, I have been taking 500mg of L-Carnosine for 2 weeks now and have noticed that the lines around my mouth have “plumped out” effectively however I have noticed that the “lines” on ONE side of my face are “plumped out” more than the other which is quite noticeable. Does anyone else have this symptom?

  12. says

    I started using L Carnosin about three months ago and people are telling me that I glow and what am I using on my skin. Yay.

  13. says

    Somehow it was recommended that I take the L-CarnoSINE for the IBS….and all I can say is WOW it works calms my gut and eliminates other ”issues”….

  14. Tony says

    About alzheimer’s – if you put “coconut oil alzheimer’s mercola” in Google, you can read about the possible benefits of coconut oil related to alzheimer’s. I use it regularly for many things in place of butter.

  15. says

    Hey, Mark, Vinny, and Lisa,
    Kathy owes nobody an apology. She made a common error, and in the process, presented some interesting information about another substance. If you’re going to post a comment, try to say something informative.

  16. Linda says

    Hi can someone tell me the name on the bottle if  L-Carnosine ? I went to vitacost but there’s so many bottles. I don’t know which one to buy. Thanks very much.

  17. says

    Linda if you mean brand…. I use NOW – I just like this brand….I have IBS and this has done wonders for me…hope this helps

  18. David Fletcher says

    I’ve been using Life Extension Foundation L-Carnosine for years. 90 x 500mg for US$45.00.
    Use many of their products, always happy with service.

  19. mary says

    Dougla s Laboratories is a great brand. I purchase them for my dog. He as cataracts. I get them at a health store. Not all have it. My health store has a natural doc working there. Look on line, as well.


  20. kregg says

    I use the (jarrow Formula) of L-carnosine 500MG I take 1 three times a day.
    and it has stopped my aging. I am 50

    My cat has bad joint pain and kidney problems and was blind. I put 1/2 capsul of this medicine in his food. after 4 days he seems to see again, does not trip on anything. he has stopped meowing like he use too.

    It has helped him a lot!

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