Dr. Oz: Lalita & Zyanae Lose Weight with Principal El

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Dr. Oz: Lalita & Zyanae Lose Weight with Principal El

By on March 10, 2010

Doctor Oz brought a mother (Lalita) and her 13 year old daughter (Zyanae) on his show to help them lose weight with Principal EL, one of the core Oz team members. He did a check-in with them to see how they were doing, and here are their results.

Truth Tube Results for Zyanae:

Body Fat: went from 40% to 39%

Waist: went from 39″ to 33″

Weight: lost 15 pounds

Truth Tube Results for Lalita:

Waist: went from 47″ to 43″

Body Fat: went from 44.5% to 42%

Weight: went from 266 lbs to 252 lbs

But Doctor Oz said that they are both going to fail if they stay on their current diet, because it is a deprivation diet.  If you are on a deprivation diet, then your metabolism shuts down because your body thinks that there is no more food out there.  You begin to lose both fat and muscle, which is why their body fat percentages have not changed too much.  The reason this is called a Yo-Yo diet is because when they start to eat more, there won’t be muscle there to eat the fat and they will gain back even more weight than they had before.  Therefore, lifestyle and sustainable changes are the only way to go!

Dr. Oz & Keri Gans Tips:

Breakfast – eat something like cereal, a banana (for fiber) and some milk

Lunch – eat a big bulky sandwich that is filling

Snack – have a few cheese sticks

Dinner – have some protein AND some greens… vegetables and colors are your friend!

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