Dr Oz: Lap Band Surgery Success & Diet Plans


Dr Oz Lap Band Surgery

Dr Oz: Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

Doctor Oz did a show called Are You A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery? and he brought two women (Robin and Jackie) on his show who already had Lap Band Surgery.  Here are their stories about the Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery, but at the end of the day, the question still stands: is Weight Loss Surgery safe and effective if you are not yet in the obese category?  If you are only 30 pounds overweight, should you be eligible?  Click here to read more about Dr Oz’s thoughts on Weight Loss Surgery!

Dr Oz: Lap Band Surgery Diet Plans

Jackie told Dr Oz that she had the Lap Band Surgery 6 months ago and has already lost 50 pounds.  He asked her how her relationship has changed with food?  She Dr Oz Lap Bandsaid that she used to be a bottomless pit, but now it is all about portion control and eating slowly.  Now Jackie eats in one day less than she used to eat at a single meal.


  1. SuzyB says

    As an obese (100 lbs overweight) food addict, I can tell you that I have checked into weight loss surgeries a few times and have decieded against it, only because if I don’t deal with my food addiction FIRST, I will just re-gain the weight. People don’t think this is possible, but my sister, who had lap band durgery and then bariatric bypass surgery, gained almost every bit of her weight back and is the worst health of her young (age 40) life. I just don’t think it is the “cure all” like people make it out to be.

  2. ChristyT says

    I had the surgery last June & have gained approximately 30 pounds since the day of my procedure. I just recently had my band tightened & lost 2 pounds in a month. My food intake has probably dropped by half, but it’s not the quick fix that some make it out to be. Even with a drastically reduced calorie intake, the weight is not “falling off” & I am going to have to work for every pound I lose.

  3. Denise says

    I had the surgery 6 months ago and have lost 20 lbs and have had some minor problems. I just experienced a slip which caused my doc to take all the fluid out of my band to correct the problem. I have to start over again with my adjustments. I would do again in a heartbeat.

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