Dr Oz: Lead Test For Ceramics & Secondhand Health Hazards


Dr Oz: Secondhand Health Hazards

Dr Oz did a show on Secondhand Health Hazards.  So if you or someone you know loves to scour through thrift shops and garage sales, definitely read this carefully.  You might be bringing home more than you bargained for!  Doctor Oz sent two ladies who love to shop at thrift stores to go shopping for bargains.  Here is what Peter Luca from the Health Department had to say about Secondhand Bedding, Kitchenware and Electrical Appliances.

Dr Oz: Ceramic Lead Test

Dr Oz’s first shopper purchased a ceramic teapot with a brightly colored glaze on the outside.  Deluca said that Dr Oz Thrift Storesceramicware with bright colors often contain high levels of lead.  He used an X-Ray Florescent Device (or an XRF) to check for lead in the teapot.  Sure enough, it had high levels of lead which came in at 9.1, and you really want the lead content to be zero.  Peter Deluca said that there can be lead in the glaze, but it should not be leaching out.


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    The recognition for these lead test kits will last until EPA publicizes its acknowledgement of the very first test kit which fits both the positive response and negative response standards defined in the 2008 RRP rule.

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