Dr Oz: Leaf Beware: What Plants Are Poisonous? Oleander & Monkshood


Doctor Oz played a game called “Leaf Beware” on his television show to teach everyone what plant leaves are poisonous.  Which of the following leaves are poisonous: Oleander, Monkshood, African Violets, Poison Ivy and Geraniums?  Here is a hint: 3 leaves are poisonous and 2 are safe.What Plants Are Poisonous

Are Oleander Leaves Poisonous?

Yes, Oleander leaves are poisonous, even though they are found all over the place.  Oleander’s leaves can cause eye irritation and skin irritation – and if you ingest Oleander leaves, they can cause cardiac reactions – so do not eat Oleander leaves!

Are African Violet Leaves Poisonous?

No, African Violet leaves are not poisonous.  In fact, Doctor Oz said that African Violets are a safe and popular indoor house plant that helps to detoxify the air.

Are Monkshood Leaves Poisonous?

Yes, Monkshood Leaves are poisonous and your body can absorb the toxins just be touching the leaf.

Are Poison Ivy Leaves Poisonous?

Yes, Poison Ivy leaves are poisonous.  Dr Oz said that if you wash your hands within 15 – 20 minutes of touching poison ivy, you can often help save yourself from a horribly, blistering and itchy rash.

Are Geranium Leaves Poisonous?

No, Geranium Leaves are safe.  Geraniums are yet another safe indoor plant that people put in their flower boxes.

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