Dr. Oz: Learn to Read Your Urine & Learn About Your Health


Dr. Oz, with the help of Renee (assistant of the day in seat 106), explained what our urine is trying to teach us! Urine begins in the kidneys, where your blood helps drop off the toxins in your body, and then it goes through tubes to your bladder, where the urine fills and collects.  So what exactly can urine teach you?

Dr. Oz’s Tips for What Your Urine Means:

1.  Volume – How Much Urine is Normal?

You should pee between 1 and 2 Liters of urine every day.  If you pee a lot more, then it could be a sign of diabetes.  If you are not producing this much urine, then you might be dehydrated and should drink more water.

2.  Color – Clues for Dehydration

If your urine is a darker yellow or orange color, then you are very dehydrated and should chug down the water!  The most important color to watch in your urine is red.  If your urine is red, then it could be blood.  If you have red pee for more than a day or so, and it isn’t related to food like beets, then you must see a doctor right away.  The best is if your urine is so clear and colorless that you can read through it!

3.  Cloudy Urine

If you have lots of phosphorus in your diet, then it can make your urine cloudy.  Cloudy pee becomes a problem only if it is due to lots of protein in your urine, which can tell us how well your kidneys are functioning.

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