Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Oil, Chicory Root, Sage & Leeches: Middle Age Cures

Dr Oz Medieval Cures

Dr Oz Middle Age Cures

Dr Oz did a segment on Middle Age Cures that helps to cure some of our problems as we reach our middle ages.  Some of these Natural Remedies that have stood the test of time include Chicory Root, Lemon Balm Oil, Sage and Leeches.  Doctor Oz was joined by Terri Trespicio, host of Whole Living on Sirius / XM Radio.

Dr Oz: Chicory Root & Constipation

Dr Oz’s helper said that Chicory Root looks and smells similar to coffee, which is interesting because Terri Trespicio said Dr Oz Lemon Balm Tincturethat during times when coffee would become expensive, people would mix Chicory Root into their coffee grinds.  Doctor Oz said that Chicory Root helps to prevent constipation.  As we age, the muscles in our digestive tract weaken and we produce less stomach acids and enzymes for breaking down food.  Chicory Root is a type of weed that can be roasted and ground up, just like coffee.  Chicory Root tastes pretty bitter, so this is why people often combine it with coffee to make something called Chicory Coffee!

Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Oil & Stress

Dr Oz said that Lemon Balm Oil is a great natural remedy to reduce stress and anxiety.  As we approach our middle ages, we often have kids, aging parents and a full time job which adds up to lots of stress.  Try adding a few drops of Lemon Balm Tincture into a glass of water to help treat anxiety and stress.  Terri Trespicio said that you will often see Lemon Balm Oil combined with ingredients like chamomile or Valerian Root.

Dr Oz: Sage Tea & Menstrual Symptoms

Dr Oz’s assistant said that the scent of sage reminds her of church!  Trespicio said that sage was considered one of the most medicinal herbs from the medieval times.  Sage can help to soothe menstrual symptoms like cramps and bloating.  Sage Tea costs around $5 and has a strong herb taste, so you might prefer it if you add some sugar or honey.  In some cultures, they even burn sage and wave it around to get rid of negative energy.

Dr Oz: Leeches For Acne?

Dr Oz’s assistant brought up the concept of using leeches to treat acne… and Doctor Oz said that it might work.  I am not sure I could bring myself to put leeches on my skin though, even if it did make my skin perfectly clear.  In the middle ages, Leeches were used to remove blood but that is no longer practiced.  Leeches are a FDA approved medical device though and can act as a substitute vein during surgery.  Leeches have a blood thinner in their saliva which helps during surgery too.  Dr Oz showed how a leech won’t hook on to his arm because it is very hairy, but if you put a leech on bare skin, it will go right in and suck your blood.  In fact, the leech was even able to connect to Dr Oz’s palm through his purple glove!


  1. emmi says

    Just to add a very important bit to usages of SAGE , it is invaluable in menopause to combat hot flashes (it can be bought in a pill form) no woman will have to suffer again , it reduces fevers (as a tissane) , it is good as a compresse on bruising , head-aches , etc …….

  2. ellen says

    Dr. Oz is wrong if he thinks leeches are no longer used. I was having a leech treatment on the very day that he was talking about it on his show. I’m having treatments for a scarring alopecia called Lichen Planopilaris. It has also been VERY beneficial for the arthritis in my hands. Since starting leech therapy I have NO arthritis pain AT ALL! For that alone I’m grateful. I’m hoping that it can also save my hair. So far it’s gone far in helping to reduce the inflammation and itching that go along with Lichen Planopilaris. I wish, though, that more people with arthritis could know about this. It’s truly a remarkable treatment. We who use them refer to them as “black pearls”. When they give you so much help you soon learn to appreciate them.

  3. says

    You are right Ellen. Leeches have been used for many years to clear infections. They are used to treat infections in diabetics that otherwise would not heal. They also use magets for the same treatment. Both eat the dying flesh, and allow the healthy flesh to heal.

  4. says

    Dr. Oz was wrong in telling people to use lemon balm oil. Lemon balm oil is NOT to be ingested. He was actually using lemon balm tincture. If one does not know what one is talking about, one should not talk.

  5. Deb Shaw says

    Last October, I switched from coffee to chicory. I find that brewed chicory is much sweeter than coffee, has a much more pleasant aroma, and is helping the liver spots on my hands fade. Also, the strangest thing, I have fewer grey hairs now than I did last summer. I am sure it is due to my daily consumption of chicory.

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