Dr Oz: Lemon Grass Oil Mosquito Spray & Do Sunburns Turn Into Tans?

By on May 8, 2012

Dr Oz: Biggest Health Myths Exposed!

Dr Oz loves to bust Health Myths and Diet Myths this year! You believed these myths since the day you were born, but today, Dr Oz planned to prove them all wrong. Doctor Oz went all over the globe to find out those health myths you believed and was shocked by some, so he dedicated his show to expose some of the most common myths—some of which could be detrimental to your health.  Do sunburns eventually turn into tans?  Are mosquitoes attracted to sweet blood?  Does spicy food cause ulcers?  Here is what Dr Oz said about these myths:

Dr Oz Lemon Grass Oil Bug Spray

Dr Oz busted myths like that spicy food causes ulcers.

Does a Sunburn Eventually Turn Into a Tan?

You dream of getting the perfect tan, so you bask in the sun. Unfortunately, you get a sunburn instead. Does a sunburn eventually turn into a tan?

Answer: Dr Oz says this is a big myth! One audience member told Dr Oz that she believed it was true. When she went to the beach, she would first burn. At first, her skin would turn pink and then it turned a golden bronze.

Dr Oz explained that UV radiation goes deep into the skin and below the surface. Melanin seeps forward and that’s how you get the tan. But, the first burn you get damages the tissue, irreversibly. The sun breaks down the critical structures in your body. That first burn will do damage and may dictate how you age. (I guess you’ll be watching Dr Oz’s next show on anti-aging, huh?)

Solution: The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says ideally you need a sunscreen with SPF 30 on your entire body. Put on one shot glass full and keep reapplying to protect your skin against UVA and UVB radiation.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Sweet Blood?

Mosquitoes in the air sabotage your early morning walk and your family barbecue. As you swat away some mosquitoes, other seemed unfazed. Is it true that mosquitoes are attracted to sweet blood?

Answer: Dr Oz says this is a MYTH! Alexandra, an audience member, said that her mom always told her she had sweet blood and that was the reason mosquitoes were always attracted to her. (Hey, my mom told me that one too!)

Dr Oz says mosquitoes can track you at a great distance and can sense where you are at 160 ft. When a mosquito stings you, it gets its tentacles inside you and attacks that blood. When its saliva hits you, your body reacts, which is the itchy feeling you get from the bite. When it bites, a mosquito sucks your blood into their stomach. When they taste your blood, it pulls their tentacle out of you. (and then you probably swat it and kill it). Once the mosquito has your blood inside, that’s when the problems arise.

Mosquitoes are Attracted to:

Your body odor
Dark colors
Your breathing (This is the #1 thing they love!) Mosquitoes love carbon dioxide. Any outdoor activity makes it likely you’ll be their next victim.

Dr Oz: Lemongrass Oil Mosquito Remedy

Lemon grass oil is already contained in many all-natural bug sprays. To make your own solution, add several drops of lemon grass oil to sunscreen. This way you’ll get protection from the sun and the mosquitoes.

Do Spicy Foods Cause Ulcers?

You can’t resist the tang of spicy foods, like hot wings and fire-y peppers, but you’ve heard spicy foods cause ulcers. Is this true?

Answer: Dr Oz says this is a MYTH! Monique, an audience member, said grandma told her this was true. Both her brothers have ulcers and she loves spicy foods, so she’s afraid she’ll have one too.

Dr Oz says when we add spicy foods to an ulcer, the spicy foods cause irritation and inflammation, but actually help heal the ulcer. (The spicy foods are actually a good burn.) Down beneath the surface of the stomach after eating spicy foods, the ulcer is still there.

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