Dr Oz Lice Treatments – Killing Lice & Checking for Lice


Doctor Oz did a segment on Lice, an itchy problem.  Dr Oz gave great tips for Killing Lice and Checking for Lice.  If you have a child, you probably have had a Lice scare at their school and no that these tiny wingless insects that feed on your blood can be a very itchy and horrible problem.  Share these tips for Killing Lice and Checking for Lice with fellow parents!   Killing Lice & Checking for Lice

2 Kind of Lice:

1. Body Lice

Body Lice is no longer wide spread in America, because body lice tends to thrive in unsanitary living conditions.  Dr Oz said that body lice are the only kind of lice that can transmit disease, and they live on your clothes but feed off of your body.

2. Pubic Lice

In severe cases of Pubic Lice, your child can get Pubic Lice on their eyelashes.  Obviously, pubic lice is found in the pubic region of adults, but since eyelashes are a similar coarseness to pubic hair, your child can get pubic hair in his or her eyelashes.  This is important, because Pubic Lice on eyelashes must be treated differently by your doctor.

3. Head Lice

Doctor Oz said the most common lice in America are Head Lice.  Head lice do not swim or fly.  Head lice are spread through direct contact only.  You can spread lice by sharing hats, clothing, a brush, a comb, headphones or even a blanket.  Little eggs that Head Lice drop are called nits, and people who remove the nits are called Nit Pickers – hence where the term a “Nit Picker” came from.

Checking for Lice & Killing Lice Tips:

1.  You must remove nits so that the eggs of the lice can not hatch.



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