Dr Oz: Life Calculator: How Old Will You Be When You Die?

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Dr Oz: Life Calculator: How Old Will You Be When You Die?

By on June 9, 2011

Dr Oz: How Long Will You Live?

Dr Oz did a show called “How Old Will You Be When You Die?” where he presented a revolutionary Life Calculator that can estimate how long you will live.  Jay, a husband to a lady named Carol and a father of two kids named Paige and Case, joined Doctor Oz on his show because his wife is scared that his weight and bad habits are slowly killing him.  Jay has Barrett’s Esophagus, high cholesterol, acid reflux and Sleep Apnea, just to name a few of his health problems.  He was not always this way.  In fact, he played football in high school, but at the age of 30 years old, he broke his back in two places and has gained 50-60 pounds since then.  He loves to eat red meat like ribs and brisket and competes in BBQ Competitions.  Plus, he has lots of stress at work since he is a commission based salesman, and he turns to food to relax him and beer at night.

Doctor Oz asked Carol what her biggest fears are for Jay.  She said she worries about the types of foods that he eats and the portion sizes because they Dr Oz Life Calculatornever are in moderation.  Jay said he does not like to think about the consequences of his choices because who wants to entertain the idea of dying young?  He always says he will start an exercise plan next week, but “next week” never seems to come.  Jay said he does want to be alive to walk his daughter down the aisle and to watch his son play baseball.  Dr Oz said that he recently walked his oldest daughter down the aisle and that it is something very special.  Here are the questions from Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company’s Longevity Calculator that can help predict how long you will live.

Dr Oz: Life Calculator

1.  Do you have any relatives with heart disease?  If you have no relatives, that is the best.  If you have one relative who had Heart Disease before the age of 55 then you decrease your predicted length of life slightly.  And if you have two relatives who had Heart Disease before the age of 55 then you lower your predicted life span further.  However, Dr Oz said that your family history does not predict exactly what will happen to you – it just says the weaknesses that your body is up against.  You still control your own destiny.

2.  How much exercise do you get?  If you vigorously exercise daily, then you are likely to live the longest.  If you walk 30 minutes four times a week, then you are in the middle category.  And if you never exercise, then as you might guess, you are likely to live the shortest amount of time.  Dr Oz said that exercise is not just about controlling your weight.  It is also about stress management and controlling your blood pressure, plus it helps you to cope with stress in ways other than eating.

3.  How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you get daily?  One serving is around the size of your fist.  If you get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, that is ideal.  If you have less than 5 servings along with some fast food or processed food, then you fall into the middle category.  And if you mostly eat fast food or processed food, then you are likely to live the shortest amount of time.

4.  How much alcohol do you drink daily?  If you have less than 2 drinks per day (or do not drink at all!) that is the best.  If you drink 3-4 drinks twice a week, this is the middle category.  And if you drink 5 or more drinks at a single time more than once a month, then you are really shortening your life.  Dr Oz said that you can lose 6 years from your life just from being in this last category alone.

Doctor Oz sent Jay to the Fitness Institute at the University of Texas where they ran tests on him including a Full Body Composition Assessment, a Bone Density Test and a percentage Body Fat Test.  Then he complete strength, endurance and flexibility tests and was monitored at night for Sleep Apnea.  Next, Jay met with Dr Oz to undergo a Stress Test.  Here are Jay’s Truth Tube Results:

– LDL Cholesterol is 121, and you want this number to be under 100.  Even being on Statin Drugs does not seem to be helping Jay’s cholesterol levels.

– C Reactive Protein is 4.1, and you want it to be under 1.

– Glucose is 119, and you want it to be under 100.

– Weight is 260 pounds.

– BMI is 36, and over 30 is obese.

– The Body Fat Test done at the University of Texas found that fat is compressing all of his organs and that his belly is 50% fat.

Dr Oz said that at this rate, Jay is predicted to die at 57 years old, and right now he is 43 years old.  Doctor Oz even put together a video for Jay to show him everything that he would miss out on if he died at the age of 57 such as graduations, his daughter’s wedding, grandchildren, etc. and it brought tears to his eyes because he wants to be there for his family.  The good news is that everything is still reversible for Jay and for most of us, so lets commit to getting on the right track today!  Leave a comment below to pledge which of the factors in the Life Calculator above that you will be working on turning around!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Life Calculator: How Old Will You Be When You Die?

  1. On the Dr Oz show today 6/9, he recommended a pill to take two hours before meals to help on overeating. can you please send me the name.

  2. Delma, I think you are talking about Glucomannan Capsules, click here to read a recap of that segment: http://www.wellbuzz.com/dr-ozs-advice/dr-oz-barretts-esophagus-3-secret-weapons-to-live-longer/

  3. On a show a while back doctor oz said that taking 200 mg of valterian 3 to 4 times a day can help with anxiety I started doing that but I was told I’d fail a drug test if I take valterian and would like to know if this is true because I’m looking for a job and don’t want to fail the drug test please respond thanks

  4. Surgery for stage 1 hormone receptor breast. Cancer..had 6 wks radiation.does Dr oz suggest natural remedy for bad menopause

  5. Penny, I wish I knew the answer, but unfortunately I do not. Does anyone else know if Valerian Root can cause you to fail a drug test?

  6. Judith Garner says:

    Couldn’t find test to take to predict age at death. What should I type in for google to locate this test?

  7. Guisela says:

    How can I calculate my BMI?

  8. Ms. Mac says:

    The description of the Jay’s life closely resembles that of my husband Richard. Unfortunately, my husband did not heed the advise of his doctor or my pleading for him to take better care of himself. He took very good of his family but not himself. At one time he was very fit. He played football in college and an all-around good athlete. After the age 30 he gained weight and would go on roller-coaster diets. Both parents died of heart disease at early ages. He had two siblings with heart disease. After our three children became adults we started to travel to other parts of the world and wanted to visit as many places as possible. As we were preparing to leave on a trip to Ghana, he suddenly collapsed with a heart attack and stroke and died right before me 3 months before his 60th birthday. That is the most devastating event of anyone’s life. It has been eight years and I am still getting over it. I believe if my dear husband of thirty-three years had listened and would have thought ahead to the how much his and our future would be affected by his bad eating habits, he would have done things differently. Since his passing, he has missed one of daughter’s wedding (this was extremely difficult for me). He has missed many special events involving our only grandson. Men who were athletes as young people need to know that they they need to make timely adjustments regarding their health as time passes. Thank goodness Jay has learned this and hopefully he will follow through on the information provided by Dr. Oz. I myself have always been somewhat of a health fanatic but losing my health took an emotional toll on my health and I had to take medication for depression. I did gain some weight but I continued to exercise and I now off of the depression medication and I lead a healthy lifestyle. I love the Dr. Oz show and I have a shoebox full of notes from the show. I share the information with all of my friends who are unable to watch the show. Anytime I see a magazine with Dr. Oz’s picture on the cover I purchased because I know there will be good, helpful information inside. Thanks for all of the information. You are helping to save many lives and that is a real blessing for everyone. I am hoping to visit New York so that I can attend the show one day.

  9. Guisela,

    Just google it, and you’ll get tons of BMI calculators.

  10. I think just stressing the LDL number without mentioning HDL is misleading. It is well known that it is the ratio that matters. If you have high level of HDL, you can have relatively high level of LDL to be healthy. On the other hand, even though you have a low (<100) LDL, if your HDL is low (<40), you're still at high risk. For me personally, I have a high HDL (65), my doctor said my LDL level can go as high as 160 and still be healthy.

  11. BMI:
    (1) multiply your wt by 0.45
    (2) multiply your height in inches by 0.025
    (3) square the answer of (2); [e.g. 1.65×1.65=2.72]
    (4) divide (1) by (3); [e.g. 68 divided by 2.72=25]
    If it’s over 25, you are overweight, like everyone else.

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