Dr. Oz: Lifesaving Tests for Women: How To Do A Breast Self Exam

Doctor Oz was joined by Donnica Moore, author of Women’s Health For Life, to discuss lifesaving tests for women and gave the following steps for how a woman should do her breast exam at home:

How To Do A Breast Self-Exam:

Breast Exam Step 1: Visual Examination

Stand in front of a mirror and look for any noticeable changes visually, especially around your nipple.  If you see color changes to your skin, take note.

Breast Exam Step 2: Lay Down

The best position is to lay flat with one hand over your head, with a towel behind your shoulder.  Use your other hand to examine your breast tissue (which extends as high up as your collarbone and as far over as your armpit).  To do the breast self-exam, use your three middle fingers and move in circular motions around your breast tissue, ending at the nipple.  Make sure to do this on both breasts!  It should take about 8 minutes per breast to do a breast self-exam.

Breast Exam Step 3: Feel For Lumps

If you feel any lumps, talk to your doctor.  The lumps are mainly of concern if they do not feel smooth or perfectly round… bad lumps in your breast tissue will generally be hard and an irregular shape.  The size of a lump may be as small as gravel or the pearl on a necklace… or it can be as large as a golf ball.  If you find a lump, don’t panic, just talk to your doctor.

Breast Exam Step 4: Nipple Discharge

Squeeze  your nipple gently between your forefinger and your thumb.  Again, if there is any discharge (clear, bloody, milky or green) from your nipple, you should talk about it with your doctor.

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