Dr. Oz: 4 Year Old Lillie’s 4 Step Family Weight Loss


Dr. Oz had a mother, father (Mike) and child (Lillie) on his show.  Lillie is only 4 years old and already weighs 83 pounds.  Dr. Oz says that if you are obese when you are 7 years old, then you have a 41% chance of being obese as an adult.  Childhood obesity is a major problem in America, and we must help these children lose weight and get healthy before its too late!

Dr. Oz had Lillie evaluated by Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician.  Dr. Greene said that Lillie has high blood pressure, her trouble breathing at night could be sleep apnea forming or asthma, and the fact that she is always thirsty is because she has pre-diabetes.

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