Dr Oz: Lip Balm Addiction & Anti-Aging Lotions: Perry Romanowski

Dr Oz Lip Balm Addiction

Dr Oz: Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm?

Dr Oz’s Secrets Of Your Potions & Potions segment was all about how to look your best without spending tons of money on Anti-Aging Lotions and Potions.  Doctor Oz was joined by Perry Romanowski, author of Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? who has studied thousands of these Anti-Aging and beauty products.

Dr Oz: Perry Romanowski

Doctor Oz asked Perry Romanowski what is the most important beauty secret to remember.  Romanowski said that the Dr Oz Nail Straightenersnumber one thing to keep in mind is that the most expensive item is not necessarily the best product.  If you look at the ingredient list on several products, and the first few ingredients are the same, then you can go with the less expensive product and get the same results.  Dr Oz said that if we can do this with the nutrition facts on food, then of course we should do it for beauty products as well.

Dr Oz: You Can Get Hooked On Lip Balm

Perry Romanowski’s first secret is that you can get hooked on lip balm.  When your lips feel dry, it feels nice to put on lip balm, but this slows down the growth of new skin cells.  This means that as soon as the lip balm wears off, your lips will feel just as dry if not drier, so you will feel the urge to re-apply more lip balm.  Romanowski told Dr Oz that if you look for a beeswax or lanolin lip balm, then your skin can breathe more easily and you have less of a problem with Lip Balm Addiction!

Dr Oz: Hypoallergenic Products Are Not Better

Perry Romanowski said that the word “Hypoallergenic” on products does not always mean it is better, because that word is a “fluff claim” and does not really mean anything.  If you have an allergy to certain products, then it is usually because you are allergic to a fragrance ingredients – so look for the allergens that irritate you in the ingredient list.

Dr Oz: Vitamins In Hair Products

Perry Romanowski told Dr Oz that vitamins work well in your body, but outside of your body they do not do much, especially on your hair which is dead tissue.  The only exception is that there is some proof that vitamin b5 might have a humectant effect on your hair.  However, Romanowski suggests looking for hair products with Guar in it for added moisture.  The interesting thing about this statement is that in previous segments of Dr Oz and The Doctors TV Show, people have said that Vitamin C in face creams and moisturizers are very good for your skin (like here: Dr Oz: Vitamin C Moisturizer and The Doctors TV Show: Vitamin C Serum), so clearly some vitamins do have benefits outside of your body!

Dr Oz: Formaldehyde-Free Nail Strengtheners

Perry Romanowski said that Nail Strengtheners can actually cause you to get brittle nails!  Many nail strengtheners have formaldehyde in them which makes your nails stronger, but easier to crack and more brittle.  He told Dr Oz that we should only use Formaldehyde-Free Nail Strengtheners from now on.


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    Vitamin C has been shown to be good for skin when tested in vitro in lab tests (skin cultures). But when delivered from an actual cream, it just doesn’t work the same. It’s very difficult to incorporate because it is not stable for a long time in a cream base.

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