Dr Oz: Lip Balm Addiction & Coconut Oil Lip Moisturizer Remedy

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Dr Oz: Lip Balm Addiction & Coconut Oil Lip Moisturizer Remedy

By on September 22, 2011

Dr Oz: Chapstick Addiction

Dr Oz tackled Lip Balm Addiction on today’s show.  Kimberly told Doctor Oz that she is totally addicted to Lip Balm, so he asked her to stop using it for just one day to see if she could.  Usually she keeps Lip Balm on her nightstand, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but she took the challenge to stop using Lip Balm for one whole day.  Early on she already felt a mini-crack forming and said she was tempted to have something greasy for lunch to try and coat her lips with something.  Kimberly made it through the day without Lip Balm, but she said she would never do it again!

Dr Oz: Why Lip Balm Is Bad For You

Dr Oz showed a diagram to explain why Lip Balm, something that seems so innocent, is actually bad for you.  You have skin cells on top of your lips and they are designed to be shed quickly.  This usually works just fine because new skin cells are being made quickly underneath the old top layer.  However, when you put on Lip Balm, it blocks the surface and so the old skin cells do not shed and the new ones slow down in production.

Dr Oz: Lip Balm Addiction Signs

Doctor Oz said that the following are signs that you have a Lip Balm Addiction: Dr Oz Lip Balm Addiction

– You apply Lip Balm more than three times per day.

– You have more than one Lip Balm.

– You keep Lip Balm in multiple places.

– After a long, passionate kiss, the first thing your mind thinks about is re-applying your Lip Balm.

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Lip Remedy

Dr Oz said that there are all natural products that work very well as Lip Moisturizers.  His top three picks are Shea Butter, Lanolin and Coconut Oil.  Doctor Oz applied some Coconut Oil to Kimberly’s lips and she said it smells great and she really liked it.  Another nice thing about Coconut Oil is that it is a solid at room temperature, but easily “melts” into your skin when you apply it.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Lip Balm Addiction & Coconut Oil Lip Moisturizer Remedy

  1. Interesting, because I’ve been using lip balm since adolescence, found usually I do need it more than once a day — however, some balms appear less potentially aggravating than others. — The ingredients are a bit of a cause for concern; recently– due to discussions in other (human and “media” formats), I’ve purchased pure coconut oil and found it’s great for hair. — Also saw on t.v. Dr.Oz recommend sweet almond oil for the lips, which I’ve been using on my hair, too, for several years.– Both sweet almond & coconut oil are substances I should have been using on my hair, if I’d had access to that information. — Likely, I’ll discontinue purchasing balms unless they’re primarily sweet almond, or coconut oil or shea butter.– Dr. Oz’s credibility, combined with his general lack of extreme egocentricity. incline [our household] to consider many of his health suggestions seriously.

  2. It’s true! I have been addicted to many lip products that almost seemed to make my lips drier so that I had to keep reapplying all day. I like the coconut oil idea. I also discovered that cocoa butter works and does not have the “addiction” effect. I use the one that Palmer’s puts out. I don’t know if it has coconut oil in it, but definitely lots of cocoa butter!

  3. I had never tried coconut oil as lip balm before.

    Bought a bottle of organic coconut oil. applied it to my lips hoping a cool remedy.
    It worked for about fifteen minutes and after that became dry again.

    I have been using other household products as lip balm and they are great.
    They last very long and make my lip like a baby’s lip.

    Wash your lips with lukewarm water. Cover it with soaked warm towel for few minutes.
    Gently wipe dry.

    Apply a thin layer of cow ghee (purified butter) and rub for few minutes.
    Apply thin layer of honey on lips again and rub gently.

    Leave it as long as you can.
    Voila, lips are brand new again.

    You can apply it even before going out and stays forever without drying.

  4. Bagbalm works well as a lip balm, too. Takes care of the problem with one or two applications.

  5. Thanks Mimi.
    I will give Bagbalm a try? Is it available in grocery stores or @Wholefoods?

  6. Hi,
    I have been using Calendula by Hylands since 1978.

    It was recomended by an Osteopath.

    It works great


  7. I have found a product that was intended for a hand creme but i use it for my lips and it works great. To my surprise after watching the Dr. Oz show, grabbed one of my (4) yes… kitchen, bath, nightstand and purse.. bottles. and the first ingredient was sweet almond oil.. Very nice product.. Burt Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme.

  8. Here’s a site that sells Raw Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Lip Balms in exotic flavors such as “Lime in D’Coconut. They are fabulous! And only 3 for $10.00 with free postage!

  9. Oh, I forgot to add it. CoconutRemedy.com.

  10. Sue Fowlks says:

    I am addicted to Spearmint ChapStick brand. I am doing really funky lip rolls to keep my lips moist. It is giving me a headache, I do not know I am doing it and I make strange faces. I use chapstik about 3 times in 15 min. Help, I need to break this habit.

  11. laura payne says:

    I was using CHAPSTICK brand lip balm. Ultra Sunscreen SPF 30. i kept having a metal taste in my mouth. Tried to pinpoint medications, diet sodas in the can, bottled. I finally pinpointed this Chapstick ultra was the problem. Is there zinc in it that would give the metal taste. i no longer use it. i’ve cut down on lip balm usage. Always had very chapped lips as a child so i’ve used it always. i’m 50

  12. Dr. Oz saved my life. I have been battling a constant shedding, scaling, irritation of the lips for 2 months now. I am a serious lip balm addict and have been for years. The brands that caused the most destruction to my lips were EOS. They come in little egg-shaped containers of a variety of colors and flavors. I had them ALL. I’ve tried carmex, blistex, aquaphor, and vaseline, all of which would only provide temporary relief and I believe made the chapping worse. I thought I had angular cheilitis, exfoliative cheilitis, excema, or a vitamin deficiency. I would even get secondary bacterial infections because I would get so upset and rip off the peeling skin. Then I completely stopped all lip balm, all home remedies, all hope, until I came across this video. My lips are in really bad shape, as I’ve only been lip balm free for 2 days, but I’m going to get some Coconut Oil tomorrow and throw away all my lip balms tonight! I’m pretty sure this is the cause and the treatment seems effective. THANKS Dr. OZ!

  13. I have been addicted for years! Used to be chap stick, then was Carmex and now is Lansinoh. Yes, the stuff for breastfeeding mothers! When I was pregnant I kept thinking how I didn’t want my child to smell like Carmex. That would be horrible and probably not good for baby skin. I tried it and have been completely hooked every since. My kids are now seven and eights years old, but you better believe I always have at least one tube of Lansinoh on me at all times. Because if I lose one, it’s not like I can buy it at the corner gas station! It’s not cheap either. Nearly $10.00 for 1.41 oz!

  14. Which substitute for lip balm did Dr. Oz say is also a natural sunscreen. I missed that part.

  15. It’s Coconut Oil.

  16. Hi, I just resently bought coconut oil. And I feel like I’ve been adding more coconut oil then regular Chapstick. It it suppose to be like this at first?

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