Dr Oz: Liposonix, The Artiste Machine & Levia


Dr Oz: Cutting-Edge Procedures

Looking for ways to look and feel younger in 60 minutes or less? You’re in luck. In this segment, Dr Oz introduced 3 of the new wave ways to give you a facelift and cut belly fat—in less than an hour and without surgery. Today, Doctor Oz puts these new, non-invasive procedures to the test.

Dr Oz: The Artiste Machine Review

1. The Artiste Machine- The machine is used to sculpt the face and make it look younger.


  1. Dennis Maloney says

    The liposonix article appears misleading, it says one dress size after one hour and then further down the article it then says after 2-4 months. Does that mean after the one hour you need to wait 2-4 months to see the effect? Wouldn’t an individual’s weight vary enough naturally to cause a one dress size drop regardless of the treatment given that a dress size on average is a ten pound loss which could happen in a week (hydration/dehydration) as oppossed to 2-4 months? It would appear unacceptable as a viable treatment under those terms.

  2. says

    I did this procedure. It does not hurt. My doctor was very kind. I wish to be treated only by professionals. Yes, of course, the procedure is not cheap, but the result is stunning. Liposuction is a quick way to lose weight.

  3. says

    Yes, you have to wait 2-3 months to see the results. the 1 hour refers to the length of the procedure but i can see how it can be misleading. that is one of the inherent problems with short zippy catch phrases.

  4. Carey Waldrop says

    My dermatologist and I have prescribed the Levia LH-75 device demonstrated on your show. However after online investigation the only resource I found was through Lerner Medical Devices, Inc. Their distributor, Edge Park Medical Supplies charges $9.997.00 for the device (catalog). Where did you come up with $5,900?

  5. eileen lepera says

    High intensity laser, huh? I immediately wondered what is that laser doing to the organs that lie directly under that fat? probably more research should be done. If it sounds too good to be true………

  6. Carey Waldrop says

    After a couple of months of submission and review BC/BS denied the Levia device prescription!

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