Dr Oz: Liquid Lash Extenders, Irvingia & No No Hair Removal Reviews


Dr Oz: Women Over 40 Breakthrough Fixes

Dr Oz did a show called Breakthrough Fixes For Every Woman Over 40 to help deal with everything from weight gain to exhaustion to out-of-control hormones.  Doctor Oz found simple solutions like Liquid Lash Extenders, a Trans-Vaginal Mesh Sling for Incontinence, the No No Hair Removal Device, an Infrared Heat Massager and Irvingia for weight loss.  Dr Oz joined efforts with his Over 40 Task Force made up of Dr Laura Berman, Dr Evelyn Minaya, Tanya Edwards and Cynde Watson.  Here are the details on these fabulous breakthrough fixes for Women Over 40 (and frankly, even women under 40 can benefit from quite a few of these items!).

Dr Oz: Trans-Vaginal Mesh Sling Procedure

Dr Evelyn Minaya has been an Obgyn for over a decade and said that Incontinence becomes a bigger problem as you age because of childbirth which Dr Oz Liquid Lash Extenderschanges your pelvic muscles, and of course weight gain also worsens Incontinence issues.  Dr Oz said that 60% of women do not talk to their doctor about Incontinence problems, but you must get comfortable having these conversations.


  1. says

    Also, just to clear up a few things… Dr Oz very rarely says the brands of the actual products that he shows on his television show, but these are links to what seem like very similar products at the least. I think the bottle of Liquid Lash Extensions looked almost identical to the one below (which I also mentioned above). That is the one that I ordered personally, if that makes any difference!

    Liquid Lash Extender

    Irvingia Capsules

    No!No! Hair Removal Device

    Infrared Heat Massager … or this one looks like it does similar things but costs much less: Infrared Hand Held Massager

    Turmeric & Black Pepper Supplements

    Hope this helps everyone!

  2. janet says

    dr oz where and what brand sells liquid lash extender, and lrvingia? went to local health food store they didnt have irvingia, and cvs didnt carry lash extender? please tell me where to get both products.

  3. Yvette Giglio says

    where can I find liquid eyelash extension? looked everywhere on line and can’t seem to find it.

  4. Estelle Wayne says

    Does Dr. Oz answer these question. Also, a little more details on items would be helpful (example dosage) on the Irvingia and where to get the items he talks about. He does not need to recommend but it would be nice if we knew where to get the products.

  5. says

    Estelle, this website is not affiliated with Dr Oz. We are just a Dr Oz Fan Website for everyone to gather and talk about all of Dr Oz’s advice and shows. So unfortunately, Dr Oz himself never answers questions posted here. Also, he very rarely gives actual brand names of products that he shows which sometimes makes it challenging for people to find them. However, we (wellbuzz.com) do our best to find different sources for the products when people run into trouble finding them. Hope this helps to clear everything up!

  6. says

    Please remove this comment from your website. It is showing in google and I do not want it there.

    Oralee Wright
    May 27, 2011 at 5:44 pm
    Can anyone tell me where I can buy Liquid Lash Extenders that were shown on Dr. Oz?

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