Dr. Oz & Lisa Oz: Build Family Unity – 3 Step Family Plan

Doctor Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz, recently published a book called US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most and joined Dr. Oz on his television show to help another family to grow closer.  Is your family as close and connected as you would like?  Try Dr. Oz & Lisa Oz’s 3 step plan to build family unity!

The family Lisa Oz was mentoring consists of a husband who is the assistant fire chief, a wife who is the senior program director at their YMCA and works 6 days a week, and a daughter and son.  They want more family time, and always try to have dinner together.  The father is annoyed by how the son is constantly sending text messages, even at dinner.

Dr. Oz & Lisa Oz’s 3 Step Plan to Build Family Unity:

1.  Create a Family Values Document

You should sit down as a family and write down what your family’s values are: honesty, responsibility, trust, sharing, etc.  Lisa Oz said that this gives everybody ownership, including your kids and it makes parent’s commit to walking the talk!  The list doesn’t have to be extremely long, as long as each person contributes at least one adjective.  A few that the family came up with was sharing (objects like laptops, computers, and sharing time to cheer someone up if they are upset), communication (like communicating in formats other than texting), and helpfulness.

2.  Make a Family Date Night

Schedule a family date night and put it down on the calendar.  Sunday nights are a good time, because people’s schedules are usually free then.  Don’t sit in front of the tv for your family date night – do something like bowling, playing a board game or reading out loud.  Do you have fun ideas for family date nights?  Leave your ideas in the comment section below!

3.  Volunteer as a Family

It is important to volunteer as a family to build a stronger connection to the outside.  Part of Dr. Oz & Lisa Oz’s children’s allowance goes to a charity, and they are required to visit people in retirement homes and bring flowers.  The other mother works with disabled children and adults and brings her son.

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