Dr Oz & Lisa Oz: Relationship Diet


Dr Oz: Relationship Diet

Dr Oz brought his wife, Lisa Oz, onto his show to teach everyone a Relationship Diet.  Lisa Oz recently published a book on relationship advice called “Us.”  She said that just like Doctor Oz’s diet plans, when you want to improve your relationships, you cannot just sit back and do nothing.  You must be an active participant.  Here are Lisa Oz’s three steps in her Relationship Diet.

Lisa Oz Relationship Diet

The first step is to Cut Out The Junk Food.  If you do not cut out the bad stuff and the toxins, then you will not be healthy.  It is like fighting all day and Dr Oz Relationship Dietthen being in love at night does not add up to a healthy relationship.

Desire To Control

The first “Junk Food” that Lisa Oz said we must cut out is the desire to control.  It is not going to happen – you can never control another person, and they simply do not listen anyway so you will just get frustrated.  Instead, focus on yourself and how you can personally improve.

Judgement & Blame

The second “Junk Food” to remove is Judgement and Blame, which just creates negativity by focusing on problems rather than focusing on positivity.

Need To Be Right

The final “Junk Food” that Lisa Oz spoke about was the need to be right, which just sets up an environment for competition that is toxic to a relationship.



  1. Mary Allen says

    I appreciate Dr Oz’s shows, they are so interesting and helpful, and shows how much you do want to hepl people live a better life and have better health. Have read Lisa’s book and enjoyed it very much, also have Dr Oz’s book You on a Diet, need to read them again. My husband has also starting watching his show more. He has such a plesant smile and it makes us all smile more. Thanks again Mary Allen

  2. Shirley Israel says

    I love Dr Oz’s program at 4:00 pm. I have tons of paper where I quickly write down all the wonderful vitamins to take, weight loss products, skin help products, etc. He has so many wonderful suggestions but a person can’t take them all. How does he choose which is best for skin, which is best for Alzheimers Disease, which is best for weight, or does he just pick one and hope to get lucky?

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