Dr. Oz: Lisa Oz’s Us & the Enneagram System for Personality Types


Doctor Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz, recently published a book called US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most.  Lisa joined Dr. Oz to discuss her new book that teaches how to improve your most special relationships.  Lisa Oz spoke about the Enneagram System, an ancient system for determining a personality type and how to determine which of the 9 personality categories you fall under.

Lisa Oz has been married to Dr. Oz for 25 years and said that to be in a healthy and strong relationship with someone, that you have to first be in a good relationship with yourself.  Lisa said that only when you are in touch with who you really are can you open yourself up to be intimate with someone else and you have to look past things like looks, job, money and brains.


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