Dr Oz: List of Foods To Buy Organic: Milk, Sweet Potato & More

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Dr Oz: List of Foods To Buy Organic: Milk, Sweet Potato & More

By on March 5, 2012

Dr Oz: Organic Foods List

Dr Oz revealed the truth about Arsenic in Brown Rice Syrup and spoke about whether or not Organic Brown Rice Syrup makes a difference.  Organic foods may be a little more expensive, but Doctor Oz says there are certain organic products you shouldn’t skimp on. Check the list below to see which organic foods you should keep as part of your daily diet in order to keep your family safe.

Elena, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she tried to buy organic foods and purchased one or two organic items when she shopped.

Dr Oz Organic Foods List

Dr Oz's Organic Foods List

She has 3 kids and bought them organic items like milk and fruit.

Dr Oz: Organic Sweet Potatoes

Purchase organic sweet potatoes to double your benefit. Regular potatoes grow on vines and are sprayed with pesticides. Regular potatoes are also exposed to fungicides, which you don’t want to ingest. Sweet potatoes contain less pesticides and are healthier for you.
Organic price of sweet potatoes- $1.49 per pound.

Dr Oz: Organic Celery & Peppers

Celery and peppers, as well as, other veggies, are like sponges that suck up pesticides—and you can’t peel or scrub that out. Go for organic veggies to lower your amount of ingested toxins.

Dr Oz: Organic Lettuce & Collard Greens

Doctor Oz says when it comes to leafy greens, go organic. Products like collard greens, lettuce, and spinach hold on to pesticides. Since bugs love leafy greens, farmers drowned the veggies with pesticides in order to kill the bugs. Organic leafy greens may not look as pretty, but they are better for you.

Dr Oz: Organic Milk & Dairy Products

Go organic when it comes to products like ice cream, butter, yogurt and cheese. Organic milk products come from cows that are not eating antibiotics and other harmful chemicals so they won’t be transferred to you.

Doctor Oz says that the more people that buy organic, the more the prices will go down!

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  1. Chef Jeremy Goodwin says:

    I hope you get someone who really knows the subject to put together these snippets of half wisdom together. I find it discouraging that you are using your platform to consistently dole out partial truths.

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