Dr Oz: Liver Detoxifies You: Broccoli & Garlic for Healthy Liver

Dr Oz spoke about the importance of the Liver during today’s show.  Do you know what your liver does for your body?  Where is your liver located?  And what foods help your liver stay healthy?  Doctor Oz said that as frustrating as it can be to wait in the security line at the airport, without the security line we would not feel safe flying.  The liver is like the security system for your body and it makes sure to keep you safe.

Dr Oz: Where Is Your Liver?

Dr Oz said that if you take your right hand and place it under your right rib cage in the front of your body, take a deep Dr Oz Liver Healthbreathe in, and you should feel a little lump that is your Liver.  If you press too hard, it can be a little tender.  If your liver is inflamed, it will be more uncomfortable.  Dr Oz said that if you have extra weight, then your liver is more likely to be inflamed.

Dr Oz: How Big Is Your Liver?

Dr Oz asked his Assistant-Of-The-Day Priscilla if she thought a liver was the size of a banana, a shell, or a football.  Believe it or not, your liver is the same size as a football!  It is so large because it has to do a lot of work.  Your liver is the Largest Internal Organ that you have.  Coming off of your liver is your Gall Bladder.  Your liver is hard, big, and heavy – weighing around 3 pounds.

Dr Oz: What Does The Liver Do?

Dr Oz said the liver does more than 500 jobs inside of your body like strengthening your immune system, regulating cholesterol, and the most important role – detoxifying your body.  If you drink something bad or eat something bad, your liver works hard to get rid of it.  However, if you simultaneously put a bunch of bad things into your body like vodka, candy, potato chips, over-the-counter drugs, etc., your liver can get overwhelmed and become paralyzed.

Dr Oz: Broccoli & Garlic + Curry = Healthy Liver Foods

Dr Oz said that if you have too many bad things in your body and your liver gets overwhelmed, you should resuscitate your liver by eating certain foods.  Curry is effective for treating liver dysfunction.  Broccoli and garlic protect your liver, so you should try to eat 4 servings per week.  Also, red wine has Resveratrol (an antioxidant) in it which helps your liver.


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