Dr Oz: Liver Disease & Milk Thistle Cure

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Dr Oz: Liver Disease & Milk Thistle Cure

By on October 6, 2011

Dr Oz: Fatty Liver Disease

The liver is the biggest internal organ.  It lies across the mid-section and unbeknownst to most, 1 in 3 livers are enlarged and lighter in color, which is an indication of a diseased liver or Fatty Liver Disease.

Dr Oz: Liver Disease Risk Factors

– Cholesterol

– Overweight

– Diabetes

Dr Oz: Liver Cirrhosis Causes

– Excessive Alcohol Drinking

– Junk Food (simple carbs, fatty foods)

In this segment, Dr Oz performed a quick experiment with the help of Aida, an Dr Oz Milk Thistleaudience member.  When Dr Oz pulled out the gloves, you knew it was the gross body organ segment!  Dr Oz had 2 beakers, both filled with a liver liquid. With the help of Ada, Dr Oz poured in a small amount of alcohol into the first beaker.  Not much of a change.  However, the liver liquid was able to process it. Then he poured in a lot more.  The liquid in the first beaker was not able to handle the excessive alcohol and became cottage cheese like.  He did the same for the second beaker, only this time he used fat.  The results were the same; with a little fat, the liquid was able to process, but with a lot of fat, it could not process.

Dr Oz: Milk Thistle & Liver Disease

The good news is that the liver can regenerate itself to undo damage you may have caused.  To begin the healing process, use a fish oil supplement.  Get 600mg a day.  Milk Thistle is available over-the-counter.  Use 5-7 drops 1x per day.  To make it taste better, drop the liquid into a fruit smoothie.  Yum!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Liver Disease & Milk Thistle Cure

  1. Is fish oil and milk thistle the same? I don’t understand…you said to get 600 mg daily of a fish oil supplement and take 5-7 drops daily of milk thistle….Please explain.

  2. When you say the liver can process small amounts of fat ok. Does that mean at each meal or each day or does the fat accumulate throughout the day or weeks.

  3. which brands of milk thistle are ok to take.

  4. nancy mccarthy says:

    hi can you just take the evening primrose capsules rather than drinking the oil.

  5. if you have been diagnosed with NASH is it safe to detox your liver and too is the fish oil and milk thistle safe as well?

  6. I have polycysistic liver disease. which I didn’t know until after my 4th visit to the hospital where I almost died from infection caused from the previous procedures, draining of the cysts (not effective) unroofing of the cysts which is better alternative and they tried to remove anbd caterize some but those only grew back.I was told I would have to have a transplant to be rid of them. After recovering from the last hosp. stay I started to go downhill again and knew I would be in the hosp. within a week. I started researching this disease and everywhere said Milk Thistle root. I cannot take fish oil it would upset my insides and make me ill and I read that also fish oil and alot of foods, caffine, sugars, alcohol ,even cooking with it, and even proteins, chicken, meat, and turkey cause the cysts to grow bigger and faster. basically you can only eat leafy greens and fruits and vegetables. I still eat these other things but only in moderation.
    I bought a bottle of Milk Thistle Root, making sure that was the ONLY ingredient in it, as some have many other things. I started taking 200mg a day, which was what most sites said was a good dosage, and a womans one a day and in 3 days started feeling terrifically better and I can even excerise now in moderation and tolerate longer walks. my Dr. did not say anything when I told him this, like he wasn’t impressed, but I am. I was on the verge of being hospitalized again and now feel more optimistic and healthier. I do not take the fish oil though it still upsets me and according to everything I researched is not good for this disease.

  7. Jane Whalen says:

    I have just received my blood work and my ALT level was 57 and AST was 36.
    Will mile thistle lower these? What brand? and also what brad of fish oil. Is mega red good?

  8. It worked for me non drinker non smoker normalish weight. For 3 years blood work came back High ALt (108 highest 64 low) normal AST. Doc ran the gamete of blood test couldn’t find the reason. (my suspicion toxic liver from lamasil) . His reason was fatty liver fist year, second year insulin resistance. Long story short . Milk Thistle One Daily 350 mg By Solaray and one Vitamin E pill a day result in 30 days Alt 39. normal ! 90 days later 36 No side effects except the cost of the pills :(
    All worth it.

    Good Luck and godbless.

  9. My Alt was 52 and my AST was 50 too high. Also taking Cholesterol, High blood , Nexium and bone medication . Will Milk Thistle help my liver cells?

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