Dr Oz: Longevity Boosters: Writing Prevents Alzheimers


Dr Oz gave a list of Longevity Boosters, because it is the little things that often count in life!  Doctor Oz reviewed things you can do to help yourself live a longer and healthier life in a game called This or That: Longevity Boosters.  Do you know what helps you to live the longest? Dr Oz How to Live Longer

Dr Oz: Which Can Help You Live Longer?

1. What helps you live longer: watching a comedy or a documentary?

Dr Oz said that watching a comedy is a longevity booster because it increases your immune system response and can lower your blood sugar level.  Plus, 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn up 40 calories.  I must burn tons of calories then, because I am know for laughing all the time!

2. Which supplement helps you live longer: Vitamin D or Vitamin E?

Dr Oz said that Vitamin D helps you live longer by fighting off Cancer, Diabetes and Immune Problems.

3.  Which prevents Alzheimer’s: writing by hand or typing up stuff?

Dr Oz said that writing by hand gives your brain a workout and helps to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.  Writing generally improves your memory compared to typing.  Perhaps I should be writing up all this website and posting my handwritten write-ups!

4.  Which helps you live longer: a plant or fresh flowers?

Dr Oz said that a plant, especially ferns, help to soak up indoor pollutants and reduce stress.  Plus, you feel good about nurturing something, and plant owners have better sleep and less depression.

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