Dr Oz Look 10 Years Younger & Save Money

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Dr Oz Look 10 Years Younger & Save Money

By on June 4, 2010

Doctor Oz gave tips for how to Look 10 Years Younger and Save Money with drugstore bargains for Undereye Bags, Laugh Lines & Wrinkles Around Your Mouth and Facial Discoloration.  Here is a recap of the shown on how to Look Younger for Less.  I first saw this episode of the Dr Oz show on March 2, and I have definitely used some of Jeanine Downie’s and Paula Begoun’s advice!  Here is a summary of my experiences with some of the Anti-Aging Secrets from Dr Oz’s Show, but I would love to hear your experiences too!  So please make sure to leave a comment below!  Look 10 Years Younger

Dr Oz’s Anti-Aging Secrets

Undereye Bags:

When Paula Begoun mentioned that allergies could be causing your under-eye bags, this really struck a chord with me.  I started taking an anti-histamine before going to bed at night, and wouldn’t you know that my undereye bags have improved dramatically?  I also have been loving this Under-Eye Bag Home Remedy.

Laugh Lines & Wrinkles Around Your Mouth:

I am known among all of my friends as perpetually happy – I am ALWAYS smiling and laughing.  This is great for my mood (and probably for the mood of people around me), but not so great in terms of laugh lines and what I always call “Smiling Wrinkles.”  I have not yet tried ReavaleSkin or coffeeberry products (although I am really tempted to), but I did try a cream from the Olay Regenerist product line and have really been enjoying it – thanks for the advice Paula Begoun!

Facial Discoloration

I have always been very careful to apply sunblock to my face before I go anywhere (even if I am just going in the car to the grocery store!).  But I love the idea of helioplex, so I have found my new go-to sunblock for my face.  What is your favorite facial sunblock?  It is so  hard to find a sunblock that has good protection, feels lightweight and non-greasy, and that you can still put makeup on top of it without looking cakey!

If you missed the Dr Oz Show, here  are a recap of the Dr Oz episodes, written by your loyal scribe – moi!

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  1. I am a fan of Dr. oz programe. and I would like to know the specific name if possible of the cream with the coffeeberry product . I have very bad discoloration. Both cheeks and forehead looks horrible. I have used everything on the marked prescribed or unprescribed and it fades a bit then comes back darker than before. Name it I have tried it. But never did I hear of the coffeeberry products.Paula Begoun spoke of it on the show and I would like to purchase it and try it out. I use sunscreen all the time but it still comes dark. Some people call it the butterfly patch. any info would be grateful. thanks

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